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Tuesday (!) Reads and Recommends

1. I [finally] finished my Hitler book today. I have thoughts, Internet, many many thoughts, and if you are interested I shall post them here. Actually, I will probably post them even if you aren't interested. You are forewarned! 

2. I read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - I needed a break from Hitler - and I hated it. Like hated it. And I feel really bad about that, because it's being made into a movie and I fell in love with the preview (which is why I read the book) and also I think a lot of people really like it. There were a lot of things that turned me off, though, and I do get sort of irrationally irritated when YA novels include ALL the YA sacred cows. Can't we just focus on one or two? Sometimes I think that I don't really like YA novels the way I THINK I like YA novels. But then I remember that Tiny Cooper is one of my favorite book characters in all the world and I feel a little bit better. 

2. I saw the Batman movie. It was really hard to watch. I was very Aware - you know what I mean. And the movie is SO dark and SO violent. I would have cut a good half hour out of the middle, but I left feeling like I needed to DIGEST it, really turn it around in my mind which is, for me, the sign of a good movie. This just might be what happens when you start reading Hitler books, though. The whole show trial scene, I kept wanting to leap up and say THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! I guess what I'm saying is I probably shouldn't go see movies like that. (It was good. Recommend. Have a stiff drink afterwards.)

3. This article about the first Saudi female Olympian shocked me. Not in a good way.

4. This article about Gabby Douglas and athletes of color and Bob Costas' dumb comment did not shock me. Phillip and I have been discussing the "color" of the Olympics since it started. Just trying to figure out the whys behind certain things. Nathan Adrian, who is from Washington and therefore plastered all over the local NBC station, has a little promo where he thanks his Tiger Mom (his dad is white, his mom is Asian). We got a kick out of that.

5. I'm thinking about holding a bake sale so I can buy myself this dress for the Blathering.

6. I lost my phone this morning and fed up, I asked Twitter to call me, and A'Dell patiently dialed and redialed until I finally found it (in my purse, OMG). Forget parenting without Twitter, try GETTING BY without Twitter. Twitter: RECOMMEND.

7. This is not a reads or recommends, but it turns out the FPC has the sort of baby who screams all night. Please think good thoughts for her. All the doctors say she's too little to try any treatments, so maybe we can all just pray that she hurries up and hits three months so we can drug her up all nice and send the FPC to a spa. 

8. This is also not a reads or recommends, but Charlotte Pants, are you out there? YOUR EMAIL NO LONGER WORKS AND I AM OFFENDED.

9. Consider this paragraph from a NYT article about why American children are spoiled

Children, according to “Life at Home,” are disproportionate generators of clutter: “Each new child in a household leads to a 30 percent increase in a family’s inventory of possessions during the preschool years alone.” Many of the kids’ rooms pictured are so crowded with clothes and toys, so many of which have been tossed on the floor, that there is no path to the bed. (One little girl’s room contains, by the authors’ count, two hundred and forty-eight dolls, including a hundred and sixty-five Beanie Babies.) The kids’ possessions, not to mention their dioramas and their T-ball trophies, spill out into other rooms, giving the houses what the authors call “a very child-centered look.”

That made me feel a little weird. I've always HOPED to have a house where kids are free to go anywhere and play anywhere and I'm okay with a toybox in the living room and artwork taped crookedly all over the house. But I would draw the line at 248 dolls. I actually drew the line at 8 dolls. I gave I don't know how many dolls to Goodwill this weekend. So maybe I am not QUITE who they are talking about. 

10. Did I ever link to my friend Melissa's blog and her tips about running with kids? I can barely get myself to go running WITHOUT pushing 50 pounds of whine and snack demands in a stroller, so I salute her. 

11. I can't remember if I posted this either (it's been a long time since I did one of these posts!) about whether you should do transracial adoption. I REALLY LIKED this. Since I started reading blogs (and, like a lot of other internetters, I started out on infertility and adoption blogs) I have learned a LOT about adoption, mainly that it's not the bright shiny save-the-world piece of cake I used to think it was. At one point Phillip and I were in steadfast agreement that we would adopt from China one day, ideally after our biological children were older. We haven't talked about it in a while, but anyway, I like to obsess over these difficult questions as far ahead of time as possible.





Thinking lots of non-screamy thoughts for FPC!

Also, you should buy that dress. So sparkly! I wish I could go this year! Then I would have an excuse to buy a sparkly dress.


Take this for what it's worth (i.e. Free advice so nothing) - you can take itty bitty babies to chiropractors. Both of mine were adjusted at a couple of days old. I've heard rumors that it can help with screaming, and it can't hurt. The spa is still there later.


Oh, my sympathies for the baby that screams all night. You should get her on twitter so that she can talk to #midnightfeedingclub. And eventually they do stop screaming all night. Elizabeth stopped! She slept all night last night! (She did yell at us repeatedly over the monitor to let her get out of bed for two hours after we put her to bed, but that's happening while I am still awake and much more bearable. Also amusing. She thinks that she can negiotiate her way out of having to go to bed. Ha, child!)

I will buy something in your bake sale! Especially if you sell undecorated Christmas sugar cookies that I can freeze until Christmas. I'm just saying.


That 248 doll family is making me feel a lot better about Claire's four pink bunnies.


That dress is fantastic. You should definitely buy that dress somehow.

I enjoyed the article about Costas. I'm a bit sympathetic to him because I don't think it was a mean-spirited statement, just a dunder-headed one and, having grown up in the kind of lily-white neighborhood in middle America where Gabby trained, I understand that. I don't want to be stupid and ignorant about race, but sometimes I just don't know what's OK. Still, he's a national level announcer. He should have more tact.

Sonya aka Glam-O-Mommy

Sending good thoughts for FPC and baby. The story about the Saudi Olympian really breaks my heart. Poor girl. Thanks for sharing.

Love the sparkly dress. The Blathering sounds like so much fun.


Nathan Adrian... don't tell my husband, but I'm kind of in love...


Rough on the baby who screams all night. Poor thing. I know we've all been there! no fun!

Was going to offer you the chance at hosting a Thirty-One fundraiser to purchase the dress, but that might be more pricey than you'd earn to do it. :) Keep me in mind for next time.

I posted my lost phone issue on FB a couple of weeks ago and got several people to call and a couple more (who didn't have my #) to offer. The internet: saving grace.


Nathan Adrian is from Bremerton, and so am I!! It's worse than that though, his dad and my dad worked together and I have actually met his dad. But I am pretty sure that the kiddo was not yet born, so ancient am I. His dad is rather a big shot in the small pond of Bremerton, WA. I am required to root for him, but this year I did it willingly! What a great kid, and I would way rather hear about him than Michael Phelps. Thank you for retiring, may I never hear of you again. Michael Phelps.


Perks - I LOVED that book when I read it in tenth grade. LOVED IT. Then I read it again a couple years back, and wanted to go back in time and make fun of my fifteen year old self, because what? Did not like. Couldn't even REMEMBER why I'd liked it so much. Funny how some books only seem to work at different life stages (Perks, Catcher in the Rye, most of Ayn Rand's work - for me, anyways).

Laura Diniwilk

That dress is gorgeous! I got married in an Adrianna Papell dress. But now I'm scared because I don't think I have anything that fancy for the Blathering. I am going to have to stalk some archives to see what the heck I'm supposed to pack. GAH!

Totally with you on the running with kids thing. I had to do it with TWO kids and I almost died.

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