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You know what is not that awesome? Standing around on the empty, bleak, gunmetal gray Washington State coast, in the almost-rain, clutching your thin and useless hood around your chins, and watching your nutjob children gleefully racing the waves with their nutjob cousins, all while listening to your just-married sister extol the virtues of the Disney resort in Hawaii. AKA where Jesus goes on vacation. WAH, I WISH. And then perhaps, if you are me, you come home from your family beach weekend and start looking up prices for beaches that actually live up to the name.

But FINE - my preference for white sand, blue sky, and 80+ degree temps aside, Family Beach Weekend was a good time. The kids CLEARLY don't care what color the sand/water/sky are, they are throwing themselves into it no matter what. Sand? YES, MORE SHOVELS! Water? WE WILL GET WET! Sky? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! THAT'S JUST OCEAN MIST!

I walked out to that stupid beach more times than I really wanted to, simply because the best thing about having kids is watching them be kids. You just have to see those skinny chicken legs galloping through icy surf, listen to the high pitched shrieks of frozen joy, grudgingly participate in the building of a the too-cold-for-water but not-too-cold-for-digging dilapidated sand castle. (And, if you are P Cheung and New BIL, a channel out to the ocean to fill up the moat - excellent engineering, men!) 

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And did I tell you that Phillip goes on a business trip tomorrow? I conveniently forgot this fact myself. Right now I am Thinking Positive: it'll be a good week to get everyone back on my very favorite thing, A Schedule. Would you believe I'm actually sort of excited to put our house back together, get things cleaned up, remember where I put the mop and all that? 

I even had an incredible moment of foresight a few weeks ago and signed the kids up for two separate weeks of Vacation Bible School. The first week fortuitously starts tomorrow YAAAAYYY!!! It's at my friend's church so at least Jack and Molly will know those kids, it goes from ten to one Monday through Thursday, and if nothing else it'll be a few hours each day when all of us are having our own kinds of fun. My friend thinks we should drop our kids off, go find a coffee shop, and blow the rest of the time shopping. I'm not entirely sure if Emma will nap before or after VBS drop off, but I don't see why that should interfere with the coffee/shopping time. That's what Ergo carriers are for, right? 

It's a relief AND a disappointment to know all the big stuff of our summer is over. Until our couples retreat with friends over Labor Day, we are looking at a nice long stretch of Nothing. Usually a nice long stretch of Nothing is exactly the sort of thing to send me into a blubbering angsty-blog-post-writing panic, but it honestly sounds pretty good right now. The only way it could be better is if I had white sand/blue sky/warm water in my backyard.

Yeah yeah yeah if wishes were horses WHATEVER.



I'm the person who LOVES nice long stretches of nothing. Our August is so jam packed it makes me freak out just to think about it.

Doing My Best

My husband's on a work trip too; at least we know we aren't suffering alone ;-)!


She went to the Hawaii Disney resort? I'm so jealous!

I'm ready for a nice stretch of nothing myself.


I don't know how you do a whole week by yourself. The husband goes away for 3-4 days and I'm ready to chew my shoulder.

Good luck and good planning on the VBS!


Our family is quite divided on what makes a "real" beach... the two kids who spent their formative years here in the PNW think it's those chilly beaches where no one actually swims in the ocean (that's what hotel pools are for!). The younger two who spent 4 years on the east coast insist a beach must be HOT and there should be lots of swimming. Me, I'd take Hawaii any day of the year. Not too hot, not too cold...
Have you seen this commercial? it totally cracks me up: http://youtu.be/1XBOorGPE-Q


Woo hoo for VBS!!

I'd love to feature this post on our Northwest-based site because the pictures are awesome! Email me for details!

shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com



We are in the same thing, we have a few little things coming up but that's it until September, and while I love a plan. It's nice to know my days are free to do what we want. I will put together little plans of what needs to be done during the week, but the rest will be open for adventure and fun.

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