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In which I steal my own private jet

TypePad is SUPPOSED to email me when someone comments here, but I didn't get any emails about yesterday's post and I was feeling pretty dumb. Until I stopped by my little command center to write something new (have to get that embarrassing post off the front page! gah!) and saw all the nice things you said and all the people who were totally cool about those wacky Catholics and SIGH. I really love my dorky little corner of the web. 

Tonight I am looking at airfares. I have to say, I don't really recommend it if you're already of a high strung nature. Points being: 

I had EVERY intention of tagging along on Phillip's latest work trip, a couple of days in Sacramento to tour some workplace facility (it's where they house the robots? keep the secret codes? I don't know) and you know this is where my favorite Princess Nebraska lives and I was IN! But then holy cow, it's $300 to fly from Seattle to Sacramento and also the trip got cut to one day and BOO. BOO I SAY.

Next I was looking at flights to NOLA for the Blathering and YIKES. Five hundred dollars! Worse: no direct flights! So I'm looking at leaving at the crack of dawn and arriving with hardly any time to hang out on Thursday night. Unacceptable! I'll start my letter writing campaign tomorrow. 

THEN I was looking at flights to St. Louis. Becaaaaaaaause I am kind of sort of super leaning towards attending Urbana the week after Christmas. Urbana, for those of you too lazy to click, is this ginormous student missions conference that happens every three years. I never went to it when I was in school, mainly because 1) it cost several hundred dollars and 2) I spent my Christmas breaks in EUROPE not MISSOURI and 3) I was going to be a starving unpublished author when I grew up and starving unpublished authors are far too navel-gazing to do missionary work, are you kidding?

Do not fear, Internet, I am far too navel-gazing NOW, in addition to soft, lazy, and extremely fond of American convenience food, to become a missionary. I actually have the opportunity to attend as a full time volunteer for prayer ministry. Remember my friend Pancakes and how she is a muckity muck in the NDCF - she has to go to Urbana for WORK. And somehow she passed me off as a worthy and dedicated alumni so I could go with her. I just got the This Is How You Register! email from the prayer ministry lady today and now I am in A State. 


  1. HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE! OH SO AWESOME! I can't even imagine what it would be like to pray with these hard core prayer people. This really is an incredible opportunity for me. If my mini-experience in Portland is anything to go by, I would learn SO MUCH. It'd be intimidating, but I think it's fair and not TOO dramatic to say it's potentially life changing as well. 
  2. Pancakes and I would have a big fat huge BLAST.


  1. It's six days/five nights long! Gah! I have never been away from my kids that long. Phillip has never taken care of them on his own for that long. I'd leave early Thursday morning and come back Tuesday night. THAT IS A LONG TIME. Even with the weekend in the middle of it, meaning Phillip wouldn't have to take a whole week off, even with help from grandparents, that just feels like a LOT of hard work and time for something that is essentially a Fun Trip Just For Me. 
  2. I'm responsible for airfare, lodging, and meals. I'm not all that worried about hotel and food expenses, but airfare is pricey. Again, all that money (or frequent flyer miles that we could save for that ten year anniversary trip with the kids) JUST FOR ME.
  3. AND I'LL HAVE JUST GONE TO THE BLATHERING! As I type this I'm reading responses to my "Woe is me, tickets to NOLA are so expensive and have horrible timing!" tweet and one "solution" seems to be to leave a day early and stay overnight in a connecting city, or even road trip, and OOOH THAT SOUNDS FUN TOO! But no! That is too much time! That is too much fun! That is too much for just MEEEEE. 

Self-indulgence... it weighs a lot.

P.S. My husband, because he is made of amazing, is Pro Maggie Going Pretty Much Anywhere To Do Anything Awesome. I mean, he is a TEENY bit perturbed about SIX DAYS AWAY, but he's been really supportive about "what a great opportunity". And he DOES have a bazillion frequent flyer miles, right? Think a bazillion is enough for two nearly-cross-country flights? 

 Blargh. I have to decide this soon.



I vote yes for Urbana. I don't think it's self indulgence, I think it's a huge crazy risky adventure. And I am pro-Maggie having crazy praying adventures.

Sarah in Ottawa

I think that you should do BOTH. I mean, NOLA goes without saying, but couldn't you take a Wed night redeye to Chicago or Dallas or somewhere and get in early Thursday? The road trip idea (leaving late Wednesday) sounds fun, too.

You've been so supportive of all of Phillip's endeavours, and the prayer one is something you've always felt called to do. If you can swing it (and if you continue to feel called to go), then I say go for it. I bet that the grandparents will help P. out if he needs it, and this could be so transformative for you.


I've never commented before, but I wanted to say that you should totally go to Urbana. I went when I was in college and it was the absolute best expierence. There's nothing quite like it. You should go to NOLA too!


I know it's to take time for yourself, but you deserve it. If Phillip is on board and you and swing it I would go for both. Mommy guilt is a horrible thing, though it does pass. I leave and come back (day trip) I am always better after and never regret that I went.


Why shouldn't you have the time to recharge and grow as an individual? You'll return happier, more fulfilled, more ready to face the daily challenges of the life you have chosen. That's a good thing.

Between this post and the last one, it seems that you feel that your value is somewhat less than that of rest of your family. Or that perhaps your only value lies in the service you provide for your family. That is very precious, but it's not your only value, kwim? You are a unique creation of God. Amazing! Your value is intrinsic. And you have every right (perhaps responsibility?) to develop as an individual while you are a dedicated part of your family. So go if you can!

Doing My Best

I vote for allowing your husband to bless you by helping you get away! It will make him happy to be able to do this for you, and it will make you happy too! I find I am a MUCH BETTER mother if I can get a break for a few days every so often. I also find that, although my husband appreciates and values what I do at home, he has a VERY CLEAR understanding of my daily challenges by the time I return =).
You don't call it "self indulgence" when you take your car in for a tune-up, or go to your yearly check-ups, or do what you can to make sure your husband doesn't work himself to death. Mothers, especially with young, relentless, demanding children, NEED time to recover and regroup. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!


Come to NOLA! My mom lives in Or and comes down every few months. Honestly $500 isn't too bad for airline prices these days. She got stuck with near $700 for a ticket recently! It's crazy. And NOLA in Nov. is gorgeous! One of our best weather months :-)


Book those flights already!
Absolutely positively without a doubt, you deserve time away.
If there's anything my little sister's taught me is this: the price of a flight is never regretted when you take a trip to discover a new place and/or nurture friendships.


I haven't looked at flights for the Blathering yet. Oops. I'm scared to look!

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