Wherein I make the arrival of Baby FPC all about me (and you are unsurprised)
Why did I give the FPC all the brownies?

Things I Have Bought And Things I Might Have Bought If I Had A Money Tree In My Backyard Instead Of An Enormous and Terrible Lavender Bush

I did some shopping today. I picked up a few things.

These shoes:


Target sandals (also in blue and orange), $20. This was definitely a case of going to Target for formula and diapers and coming home with shoes and notecards and brownie mix. But I will definitely wear these. I wanted blue, but 1) they didn't have blue in my size and 2) I HAVE blue sandals already and 3) perhaps I should Branch Out. 

Note: I attempted branching out in Yellow, having purchased two suitable bridesmaid dresses from J.Crew. My favorite was this one: 

J.Crew Ramona dress in bright lemon, on sale for $180. 

But I tried it on for my mom and she liked the dress but hated the color and also how much I paid and I was all BUT THIS IS THE DRESS and she was all OKAY FINE and then a few days later I got a voicemail saying that she and my sister decided I should return it and just wear the green dress I bought back before I knew it was supposed to be a LIME green dress. It looks like this:


Calvin Klein square neck pleated dress, clearly not in green, $99.99 on the website but $40 at TJ Maxx where I found mine, in emerald green.

Actually, I KNEW emerald green was probably not the right green, but it was only $40 and I loved it and decided it would be my Goal Dress. That was 5 pounds ago and I could stand to lose another 5, so, GOAL: lose at least 5 more pounds by my sister's wedding in July! MUST FIT INTO DRESS!

Also, I really like those shoes the model is wearing, except I want mine in hot pink. Green dress, hot pink shoes. YES.

When I returned my yellow dresses today I finally saw that bubble statement necklace that people keep Twittering about. 

J.Crew bubble necklace in turquoise, one hundred fifty dolla omg

Now. I thought this necklace, when I saw it in links online, was super cute, terribly overpriced, but no matter, it's cheap on eBay! EXCEPT. Then I saw it in person and HOLY HECK that thing is monstrous. It hangs down WELL into one's cleavage and you guys, I have spent my whole life attempting to DETRACT attention from that area. So. No bubble necklace for me. Sheesh. 

I ended up buying a black dress on final sale from Banana Republic, nowhere to be found online. I'm not sure where or when I'll wear it, but it's a conservative and modest yet stylish LBD, with cap sleeves and a belt and pleating on the bodice and it was only $24 and it just seemed like the type of thing you should have in your closet. I was worried that it made me look like a flight attendant, but my friend scoffed at the idea and also, $24. Done. 

I wanted to buy fancy hair stuff at Aveda and fancy face stuff at Kiehl's, but... SIGH. 

I took a picture of shoes I liked, with every intention of finding them cheaper online:

And I did. But I haven't bought them. Maybe later. Miz Mooz Dulce mary janes in blue (again with the blue!) $99.95 at Zappos. 

I hated everything at H&M. If you must know. 

Now if you'll excuse me I have some brownies to make for delivery to the FPC tomorrow morning. (I used to be SUPER SNOBBY about making my own brownies from scratch, but then I tasted a Ghirardelli brownie and then I found out it was from a BOX and I do not make brownies from scratch anymore. Let us all bow down before Ghirardelli.)



Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yay! Shopping! I love your purchases - very cute! And I made brownies from scratch yesterday and they were very ho-hum (read: SO DISAPPOINTING) so I really envy you your delicious, inexpensive, and probably non-labor-intensive brownies.


About the bubble necklace! I saw a knockoff of the coral one on Etsy. I just checked and they totally have the blue ones. Perhaps you could ask that the seller shorten it some?

Several on there, just search for "j. crew necklace", but here's one, and CHEAP.


I think may have to go buy those shoes from Target. Tomorrow. They'd better have my size.

I am always willing to bow down before Ghirardelli. I used to ride the train into San Francisco with my friend and go to Ghirardelli.


Yes OMG their brownies are THE BEST! That double-dark or whatever it is flavor, and they come out chewy and moist and OMG NEED BROWNIES NOW.

I love the yellow dress, too! If I wore dresses I would totally get that dress.

High School Diploma

I appreciate your help. You really helped me.


I like the blue color best in the above pic.

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