A fret over my girl
Notes For My Sister On Having A Baby: What To Do When Breastfeeding Is Hard

Sometimes I can be creative!

Between the rain and gloom, DST, Phillip working late, Emma taking marathon sick baby naps, and the two big kids slowly going berserk on each other, SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE. 

May I recommend repurposing an enormous box your husband has opted not to deal with, on the "grounds" that there might be something wrong with his Third Baby Life Crisis retail therapy purchase and he'll have to return it? Even though he purchased it three months ago and has since attached it to the living room wall? 

Photo (69)
You could fit about ten Jack and Mollys in there.

Clean out its innards.

Photo (70)
Garbage is our very favorite thing.

Open it up, have your children pose weirdly inside their new house.

Photo (71)
Are you thinking DEAR GOD, SOMEONE GIVE THAT CHILD A HAIRCUT??? (Foreshadowing!)

Fashion a roof for your new house out of plastic sheeting, then furnish it with modern white seating and a tasteful white rug.

Photo (73)
The rug was his idea.

Then spend a looooooooong time decorating. A really long time. Long enough for Mommy to watch the newest episode of The Good Wife. 

Photo (74)
Maybe I won't divorce their father over this stupid box after all. 

And then, if you come upstairs in the middle of Mommy's show and she gets REALLY AGITATED...

let's take a bubble bath! 

Photo (76)
That's half a bottle of bubble bath, right there. I needed at least 20 minutes, folks.

Not you, though. You get to moon over Will Gardner with me. 

Photo (75)
Oh Emma. I fear there are no photos of you taken with an ACTUAL CAMERA.

Also, this is AFTER I had Jack sit in his underpants on a wooden chair in the bathtub so I could CUT HIS HAIR. Which I have never done before. I cut my brother's hair once or twice when I was in high school. But, uh, otherwise totally unqualified. But it's HARD to get to the barber with 3 kids, one of whom is constantly needing a nap or a bottle. And I HATE paying however much it is that we pay (not THAT much) when I never ever like how they cut his hair. I think this is because he has coarse-ish hair that sticks up all over no matter WHAT. And I figure if it's going to stick up no matter what, MIGHT AS WELL TRY IT MYSELF. 

I think I did okay? It still sticks up a little and you can see all the lines... you know, where I sliced with my terrible scissors. But honestly, you can see that after a PROFESSIONAL haircut. So. I don't know. I did have to trim it up a little after his bath - luckily my brother-in-law had stopped by right then and gave me some pointers. (Apparently he used to cut his OWN hair? With scissors? HOW?) He showed me another way to hold my hands, because I am a moron, and I got the back a lot shorter, but... I don't know. I suppose it works for now. Not sure I'll do it again, though, simply because it took forever and Jack was patient, but probably only because I was wielding a very sharp instrument near his little pink ears.

Photo (77)
I don't think the in crowd at preschool will be able to tell, do you? 



My sister, the hairdresser, tried to show me once how to use scissors to cut the boys' hair. I nearly poked out her eye with the scissors when I fell off the porch where we were having our teaching session. She finally just told me to stick to using clippers on them. So, my poor boys only ever get sheared like sheep. Someday, I might take them to a real barber.


I have been tempted to try cutting Elizabeth's hair myself. I keep telling myself that it is curly, so how can I screw it up that badly? Anyway, I think Jack looks just fine.

Genius idea with the house.


Sara just asked if she could decorate her house, too! I guess we're going to be needing a box.


I think the haircut looks nice! My aunt used to be a hairdresser, so she cuts my kids' hair for free. It's awesome.

The Sojourner

That picture of Emma just KILLS me.

I cut my husband's hair, but he wears it long so it's easy, just trim straight across the bottom. He likes it only just long enough to keep in a ponytail. You should see his younger brother's hair, it's almost as long as mine. (And mine is really long.) I think they're both in rebellion against when they were children (boys #3 and #4 of 6...) and their mom kept their hair really short all the time. (I will have to ask her if she cut it herself or just had the barber trim it as short as possible so she didn't have to go back as often.)

Um, this comment was not meant to be a cautionary tale against lining up the boys and shearing them like sheep. I'm all for that. They'll do whatever they want once they turn 18 regardless.

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