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No one ever asks me if they're adopted, probably because of the hair

Jack's homemade sitting-in-the-bathtub-in-his-underpants haircut was taunting me. It didn't look so bad if you just glanced at it, but since I had to LIVE with it, I saw every uneven line, the lopsided sideburns, and the long hairs I missed wisping out of the back. So today I took him to a cheap little salon down the street and BOOM. Now he's ready to ship out. 

Photo (81)
This is what Jack does when I tell him to look cute for the Internet.

So anyway. That is that. I'll get him a little military outfit - a flightsuit, YES! - and it'll be super cute. 

And, like the salon we used to go to near our rental house, this new salon is staffed by very nice Asian ladies who are CLEARLY discussing you while you sit there totally ignorant. Well, not TOTALLY - with all the attention they were paying the kids, I had SOME idea of what they were talking about. They gave them lollipops! Patted them on the head. Everything they were saying was said with a smile. (Oh, and Jack, who was SUPER PISSED about having to get his haircut was a NEW MAN when introduced to his lollipop.)

Anyway, they were all chat chat chatty chat and then one of them cocks her head and says, "Your husband, he..." And I TOTALLY know what she's going to say and I start nodding my head and she goes, "Korean?" I don't know why I thought that was so funny. But it was? I don't know. And I said, "No, he's Chinese" and they all go, "Aaaahhhh."

Usually the Asian ladies leave it at that (because it's ALWAYS the older Asian ladies who ask me about their dad) but these kept going. They wanted to know where in China Phillip was from and I told them he was actually born here and there was another, "Aaaahhh" though I didn't quite know what that one meant. Then they started talking about how my children would be movie stars in China and Jack was so handsome and the Chinese people would want them to model and I'm all YES YOU HAVE MY BUSINESS FOR LIFE. Flattery gets you EVERYWHERE with me, people. Take note!

They also said something that didn't translate very well, something about how "people are confused" when they see my kids because I have dark hair. I'm not sure what they meant by that, but the Asian Ladies Who Comment On My Children also often reference my dark hair. Sometimes I think I know what they are saying, but then I lose it and THEN I decide I am Reading Into Things So Stop It Already.

Somewhere in the dark deep depths of this blog is the story where a Chinese girl is very suspicious of my American-ness because I have dark hair. Aren't Americans BLOND?

Anyway, there is nothing deep to be gleaned from all of this, just another "experience". Also because I don't have AMC and therefore cannot watch Mad Men which is KILLING ME. 

P.S. Phillip is leaving in the morning which, eh, whatever, but EJ is sick (again) and I'm kind of nervous about the nighttimes. Light a candle for me! 




I will light some candles for you! Sure hope the other kiddos don't get it again.

I am loving that solar system rug. Where did you get it?


Love the picture of Jack- too funny!


That's interesting because I get asked ALL THE TIME about Elizabeth's hair. I get asked if my husband is blond (no), well where did the blond hair come from then (who knows, but several close relatives on both sides have been blond as children), do I curl her hair (oh my heavens who has the time and patience for THAT) and where do her curls come from then (me and yes, I know my hair is straight now, it is artificially so). Apparently children's hair is a big topic of conversation.


What's funny my Chinese husband ALWAYS gets the comments from people (particularly Asian Ladies) about our son's hair. Genetics be damned, my half-Chinese son ended up with auburn hair. So when my husband is out with him he constantly gets asked if my son is "mixed" and "What color hair does his mom have?"


I attempted to give Jacob a hair cut and after two failed attempts, my mom took him to a Cost Cutters and let them take a turn. It's nothing amazing but she was much faster than I am, so I'll just leave it to the "Professionals" from now on.

Sarah in Ottawa

The "all Americans are blonde" thing totally corresponds to some experiences we had in Japan. My tiny, blonde friend Keri was CONSTANTLY being propositioned by random Japanese dudes while we were on transit. Stuff like "You come home with me? What? American girls are EASY, no?" LOVELY. Also - CANADIAN.

Keeping you guys in my prayers this week. xo


Thinking of you this week and praying you get some visitors to lend a helping hand in the Entertain The Preschoolers, Hold The Baby, Make A Meal or Give Mom A Break categories.


My husband and I both have dark brown hair and neither of our children do at this point. I'm just as surprised as anyone else.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Jack is too cute!

I had never heard that before, about being questioned as to one's Americanness due to hair color. Very interesting!

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