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Friday Reads & Recommends: The Mad Men Edition

I don't know about you, but MY week was at the top of the Spectacularly Rotten column and who wants to talk about that? On to the links!

People are taking out loans for kindergarten. HOLY GEE. 

Phillip sent me this article from Lifehacker: 10 Tips and Tools for Budding Web Designers. I usually find these "10 tips" articles tiring, but I thought this one was really helpful. Not that I am a budding anything, but I like to dabble, and this piece had a lot of great links and resources. 

This Why Do We Love Don And Hate Betty article isn't that awesome, but the one minute "Betty Draper's Guide To Parenting" embedded within it is AWESOME. 

Yet another article about too many interventions in childbirth, but I thought this one was really thought provoking in different-ish ways, and also I haven't seen anyone talking about it. Surely the internet is not tired of this subject! I agreed with most of it; then there was this chunk: 

Ethicists love to talk about women's birthing choices as if they are informed and autonomous, but I can't count how many women have said to me that they "chose" pain medication during birth even though they were never told the risks of pain medication, never had anyone express confidence in them that they could birth without medication, and were never offered a doula to walk and talk them through the pain. What kind of "choice" is that? As Libby Bogdan-Lovis told me, "Today's average childbearing woman thinks the notion of an unmedicated birth is the equivalent of suggesting that women should eagerly embrace torture."

This bugs. I would really REALLY like to read a pro-unmedicated-birth lady's blog post about a truly hellacious birthing experience. I'm tired of the "oh, you could have done it if you had a doula!" or "your body is built to this!" stuff. I want someone to say, "Actually, it WAS torture. However! I would totally do it again!" I would gobble that up. I would respect that opinion. (Actually,  LifeInTinyTown did this. And I respect that lady.)

Clearly I am still a teeny weeny bit sensitive to my OWN unmedicated birth experience and CLEARLY I have just deleted about ten paragraphs because this is not a blog post about unmedicated birth, this is a bunch of links! Shut up, Me! FTLOG!

On a completely different topic, I loved - LOVED - this post from Jen at Conversion Diary. I wanted to write a whole Catholic blog post around it, but I haven't had time to do much critical thinking today. Unless you count thinking up 900 different ways to yell at your kids to stop doing something. No seriously, I LOVED THIS POST.

Leonardo Da Vinci wasn't a Dumbledorian wizard type? This review of a Leonardo Da Vinci biography makes me want to read it yesterday.

I really liked The Hunger Games movie. David Thomson did not. Here's the first paragraph:

There are several spoilers in this review of The Hunger Games, and I’ll get them out of the way early. The film shows precious little hunger and no sense of game. It’s a terrible movie, but it grossed $68.25 million on its first Friday. So that’s where your teenage daughters were over the weekend—or what they told you. And that’s why film critics sometimes feel their own futility. 

Spoilsport. (I did not love the books. I have several theories as to why I liked the movie so much, chief among them: it wasn't all Katniss's perspective.) (I hate it when movie reviews make me feel stupid.)

Last, I think this Eleanor Clift essay about Mad Men, but also about her experiences as a researcher at Newsweek in the 60s is SO FASCINATING! (Actually, have you seen Newsweek in the stands? With the retro design? Even their website got the 60s facelift. Fanboy much? Note: do not click on the My Lai article. I've lost my appetite and faith in humanity for the next ten years.)



I hope you have a better weekend than your week was!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I love your links posts. You read all the coolest stuff. But then I forget to come back and comment because I'm busy READING.

Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend and that you get some rest and relaxation.

Sarah in Ottawa

I, too, love these posts. So much food for thought!

And even though I had a doula, I think that unmedicated birth is hard. Really hard. And I've had super fun times with shoulder dystocia with both kids, as well as scary bleeding; my midwife made me PROMISE I'd never attempt a home birth. But that said? I would totally do it again.


I had an unmediated birth. It was really really hard, and painful, and I'm no athlete, or pain junkie, but I would totally do it again. We took Bradley method classes and had a jet tub, both helped a lot. I also helped a friend with her epidural birth last year. And you know, they were both incredible experiences! Because babies came into the world! There are lots of ways to labor, and it's just one moment in your parenting experience. That said, it's an important moment and it would be nice if more people had realistic expectations around it. Prepare for whatever kind of birth you want, and be ok with whatever variables happen along the way.


Birth is tough, no two ways about it. My first one was 37 hours of back labor, excruciatingly slow progress ending in a hospital transfer and pitocin to finish dilating. I remember all too well moaning about how tired I was and how much it hurt and questioning whether I could actually do it. Second one was a quite similar to Emma's birth (and actually just a few days before)--a scary and unexpectedly quick five hours, start to finish, with a car ride to the birth center while in transition and arriving just in time to deliver the baby. I definitely had that OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING TO DO THIS AGAIN feeling. But now? I have good memories of my first birth (two years tomorrow!) and also really excellent ones of holding my son for this first time even though I still think that labor was no fun at all. The difference between them that makes me remember the first one rather fondly and have a little more trouble with the second is 1. Time. The post labor mommy hormones make you forget a lot about labor but some distance helps too. 2. Sense of control. By the time my first baby was born, I had been in that labor groove for so many hours that I was very focused on the pattern of getting through each contraction. I didn't have one but helping you achieve this focus and peace with the process is probably what makes a doula really worthwhile. I just never got to that point with my second.
I look forward to having another baby more than I look forward to having another labor. But I still find the process rather fascinating and would certainly plan on going unmedicated again. Does that help?


I planned to have an unmedicated birth the first time. As it turned out, my baby wanted to come out so quickly that by the time I got to the hospital there was no time to give me an epidural, even though by that point I was kinda thinking that maybe I should get one after all. I pushed for an hour an a half with no pain meds, but the doctor kindly gave me some kind of numbing shot down there at the end. It was still painful. However, since I did it once, I figured I could it twice. I had no pain meds at my second birth, and again the process went really quickly. And even though I didnt' want the meds, I still started screaming (something I thought I would never do) at the end because it hurt so much and why wouldn't the doctor get her gloves on quicker??? I remember thinking that i was so glad i would never have to do that again. It was 3 AM and I am sure I woke up everyone in the ward. All that being said, and having talked with women who had epidurals, I think that my recovery after the births was far quicker. I could get up right away to go pee in privacy. Although, at that point, everyone has seen everything anyway! Childbirth definitely stripped away any shred of dignity I thought I had.


Chiming in with my birth story. You can read the whole thing here (, but i did with no drugs and was complaining and yelling the whole time, but i much prefer it to an epidural, which i had with my first.

I'm off to read some links!

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