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Friday Reads & Recommends: The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh Away Edition

Apparently yesterday was just a breather. One good day, then another stinker. Today I treated my four-year-old to a college-level lecture on the word "disrespectful"; also he was ordered to write "I will not talk to my mother that way lest I be sent to military school in Far Siberia" one hundred times. 

I am so tired and I am SO! DAMN! MOODY! It's got to be hormones, right? I feel like a ragey crazy wackadoo. Except when I am filled with glorious cheer, as I was this morning when I 1) managed to haul three kids to the dentist and 2) there were no cavities and 3) they were all perfect angels on account of which I received 4) more than a few compliments. SO WHY CAN'T THEY BE PLEASANT AT HOME?! 

(Also? I got all weepy (!?) about weaning so GUESS WHAT you guys I NURSED MY BABY and as far as I can tell, the only thing I'm going to get out of continuing to nurse once or twice a day is NEVERENDING FLUXY HORMONES GAH.) 

So, uh, I would link to the blog post I read this week that made me feel really super bad about the whole weaning thing (even though CAVEAT! that was not its intention! of course! gah!) but, I'm ALREADY weepy SO. 

How about I tell you how Phillip wanted to take half our savings and buy Apple shares! OMG. Phillip has been "playing" the stock market since we were in college and EVEN THOUGH he's actually been quite good at it and EVEN THOUGH he bought a few shares of Apple back when they were something like fifty bucks AND NOW THEY ARE $500 HOLY GEE, I said ARE YOU KIDDING ME NO FREAKING WAY.

Inside dish on Oscar parties (via the Fug Girls)

This was cute: apologies to parents I knew four years ago (via Manda (I think?) on Facebook)

Two new discoveries for me: Open ClipArt and Inkscape. The graphic artists among us are all, "Really? It took you this long?" but I am SUPER EXCITED about this. I am a devotee of clipart on Etsy, but this stuff is FREE! (Not all of it is awesome, but still!) And! Inkscape! May be the freeware I am looking for. I don't really want Photoshop, I think what I really want is Illustrator, but Inkscape is FREEEEE! Now I just have to learn to draw! HA HA HA

Someone retweeted this Joseph Kony link on Twitter. It's like I always say: when celebrities are promoting a Cause, make sure you know all your facts!

If the Peyton Manning rumors become truth, I may have to become a football fan.

And while we're talking sports, the end of this article about Jeremy Lin and Tiger Moms is the best part. (Oh yes, we are still talking Jeremy Lin around these parts.)

This article about the QWERTY keyboard is crazy: "... because of the QWERTY keyboard's asymmetrical shape (more letters on the left than the right), words dominated by right-side letters "acquire more positive valences" -- that is to say, they become more likable."

I haven't read this one yet but I couldn't help posting it here because REALLY: Was Frankenstein Really About Childbirth?





Wow, there were lots of interesting ones in there and I don't even know which ones to talk about. :)


OMG, If those rumors are true I WILL FOR SURE start watching pro football again...being a Seahawks fan is a hard knocks life.
[although, I think the dude should retire. didn't he have about 100 concussions this year? Or was that the brother? Yeah, college football is where it's at.]

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