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And I LIKE my curtain headboard, OKAY?

Explanation for tonight's post: Phillip is working late

I've been designing my sister's wedding invitations. I wasn't going to do it (three kids! new baby!), then I decided why not (it's probably a better use of my Pinterest time, eh?), then I was going to use Kate's cafe lights, then I decided those weren't going to work, then I made my OWN cafe lights, then I hated them, then I went through several different versions of cafe lights, then I was unhappy with the text placement, then I sent my sister so many proofs she lost track, but I think this ninety-seventh version is the right one, or at least the done-is-better-than-perfect one... My sister and I occupy the far and opposite ends of the Caring About Invitations spectrum and where she is all, "Looks fine to me!" I am all, "But the lights aren't GLOWING RIGHT" and looking up graphic design courses at the local community colleges and budgeting for the proper software and despairing that I will ever EVER be good at anything EVER. 

Thank God the next step in the process requires only the fine motor skills necessary for applying rubber cement.


I'm re-reading Prep. Not for any particular reason - I just ran out of things to read one day and it was the only book on the Kindle that I thought would do the trick. But I kept reading it and I think I am as struck as I was the first time. I was talking about it with the FPC tonight and she said, "It was good, but it was so depressing, I wouldn't want to read it again." But for me, it's more that there are depressing things about yourself when you are a self-absorbed teenage girl, and this [still] self-absorbed [former] teenage girl continues to be absolutely riveted. 


Phillip wants you to read this article about Jeremy Lin. Also, he wants to tell you that he, too, was [still!] personally offended when Jet Li did not close the deal with Aaliyah.


My kids like this book and I enjoy reading it to them:


My sister, the one getting married, apparently got super bored that week everyone was snowed in and started buying books online for her niece and nephew. For a while we were getting a book every day. This was one of them. I think Minerva Louise is my new favorite book character. She is certainly my new favorite character who is also a chicken. Honorable Mention goes to Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash.


Now I'm going to sit here and watch more of the Inspector Montalbano series (in Italian) (with English subtitles) that my parents bought me, my parents being the people who installed and encouraged my devotion to Italian murder mysteries. What is fun is that they are filmed in the town next door to the town I lived in when I was ten and eleven years old and I can practically taste the pizza. Excepting the fact that TV Montalbano does not look a THING like book Montalbano, they're half decent. In case you were wondering. Which I'm sure you were not. Fine then! Go have more fun than me on Thursday night!



If your kids like "Minerva Louise" books, I suggest "Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve." My daughter loves it. It's about how Minerva Louise is confused about Christmas: she mistakes Santa for a farmer and ornaments for eggs on the tree. Super cute book I enjoyed as well.


I almost wish I were getting married again in the Internet era so that I could do cool things like design the invitations and all that. I picked my invitations out of a catalog! How boring!

Jenny Ryan

I am all, "But the lights aren't GLOWING RIGHT" and looking up graphic design courses at the local community colleges and budgeting for the proper software and despairing that I will ever EVER be good at anything EVER.

It's like we're twins separated at birth :)


Even though I have started twitching involuntarily at the very mention of the name "Jeremy Lin" (my dad is a HUGE sports fan and is visiting this week and he and Ethan spend hours watching clips of basketball games online and chanting 'Jeremy Lin' and discussing it endlessly with Daniel in the evening), that is a good article. I'm glad the rest of the world is catching on to what you and I already figured out- Chinese men are HOT and darned sexy. :)

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