No baby book and only gritty iPhone photos
In which a decision is made and I promise to stop whining about it all the time

Cheer up, sleepy Jean

It snowed today. And I thought about what it would be like to move to southern California. I feel like I've been thinking this a lot lately, more than I usually do during the winter months. No, MOM, we're not moving, but seriously, sometimes I just wonder.

Or maybe I'm just tired of hissing at my children to be! quiet! all the livelong day. How does a person who weighs thirty-five pounds make more noise going up the stairs than I do? Why must they both run EVERYWHERE? 

It doesn't matter. Phillip is taking care of them right now. Emma just went down for the night. And I am in my beautiful bedroom with the curtain headboard which I still have not taken pictures of I KNOW I'M SORRY and I almost feel like I'm off the clock. 

We're going on a kindergarten tour tomorrow. I am... ambivalent. The Catholic schools are out - for now, anyway. The choice/option/magnet schools, whatever you want to call them, aren't really a "choice" for us seeing as how the tiebreaker system makes them essentially neighborhood schools. I just want to go to our neighborhood school tomorrow and see a lively kindergarten class with a nice teacher so I can feel okay about sending my kid there next year. I won't care about worn out carpet or ugly portables and textbooks that have seen better days. Just the school itself looks run down and tired from the outside. But if there's one thing I've known since birth, it's that Schools Never Have Enough Money. That doesn't mean it isn't staffed by awesome teachers. 

I also called up Jack's old preschool today to see if there's a spot for Molly. Now, I'm not really sure what preschool teachers and staff are supposed to be like, or what they're typically like, or, really, ANYTHING about the people running preschools. But where I feel like Jack's program is lacking in creativity and mess and energy, and where Molly's program was bursting at the seams with only two teachers who never spoke to me, Jack's old preschool is bright, welcoming, interesting, and hands on. Jack brought home such neat projects, his teachers always had a quick note to share about him at pick up, he did such fun things. The communication at that school puts the newsletters and emails from our current preschool (and Molly's school) to shame. I MISS IT. 

I figured out that I could drop Jack at kindergarten, go directly to the old preschool, and drop Molly off. I no longer care that it's farther away - although this issue is somewhat moot as the staff told me they're looking for a new building! We'll have to see about that. But I feel like I sort of failed Molly this year. I don't feel guilty about it - I really feel like I did my best - but in hindsight, sticking my clingy-ish, quiet-when-her-brother-isn't-around daughter in a class full of 20 kids, most older than Molly, was not the brightest idea. I don't feel so bad about Jack - his program isn't what I hoped for, but Jack sort of rolls with everything and loves his class. But Molly... I want Molly to have a good start. I want her to like going to preschool. I want her to have some time doing her own thing. Again, I'm SO not worried about her learning specific things or getting into the right schools or getting ahead or whatever, but I want her to have FUN and to know that school is a FUN PLACE. (At age four, at least!) I could keep her home again, but I'm positive she'd enjoy it - in a smaller, warmer setting. And that's Jack's old school. 

SO. I only got to play phone tag with the director (who totally remembered Jack AND Molly and "would LOVE!" to have Molly attend) but they're moving to a new building and there's a lot to figure out still. I'm hopeful. 

Which of you have kids going to kindergarten next year? Have you done the tour or "Kindergarten Round Up!" or whatever they call it where you live? Or maybe everyone here is super tired of hearing about school. ME TOO. 



We've got another year before #3 hits kindergarten. I hope the preschool thing works out for Molly. Driving isn't a big thing where I live, it takes 30+ minutes to get just about anywhere.


Our twins start kindergarten this fall. We don't have many options, so when we moved 3 years ago, we moved to the town based on the rural school district we wanted, and I'm quite content with it thus far. That being said they haven't started there yet...!

Angela (@Aferg22)

I am obsessed with thinking about kindergarten right now. My son will be going this fall, and I just attended kindergarten round up last night! It was actually the second round up event for this school- the first had the kids come along with the parents, and the kids went to the kindergarten class where they were paired up with a current student to work on an art project while the parents got a tour of the school and talked to the principal. I love the school- it is right in our neighborhood, is only 2 years old, and I have heard nothing but good things about it, but I am a ball of stress!! I need my son to go to full day kindergarten, but there are a limited number of spots, and if that school gets more applications than spots, it becomes a lottery system. And anyone in the district can pick any school to attend, so if the school is your neighborhood school, that doesn't matter. So there is a possibility that he will have to attend another school for kindergarten, then move back to our neighborhood school for 1st-5th grades. I don't think he will be scarred for life or anything if he does have to go to a different school, but it breaks my heart to have to tell him "Hey, you know that school that we drive by every day that I told you would be your school next year? You won't be going there now, and you will have to make new friends two years in a row! Yay!! (SOB)" I am feeling a little bit better about our chances because the 2 moms I met last night were both interested only in half day, plus someone else I talked to said she knew 7 or 8 people that wanted half day. We don't find out until April, so the ball of stressness will continue for the next month or two. Feel free to talk about kindergarten all you want- you have a sympathetic listener in me!!


My soon to be 5 yr old starts kindergarten in the fall. He will go to the same small Catholic school my 10 yr old attends. He goes for the Brigance test next Friday. This makes me so nervous. Not sure why, other than pencil grip and writing he seems at least on level. Still, they test him when I can't be in the room. My oldest went to public kindergarten and there was no testing. I feel your anxiety about the whole thing Maggie, hang in there.


My son starts Kindergarten in the fall too. He'll go to the public elementary school a few blocks from us. Our district is all full day Kindergarten which causes me some anxiety because his preschool is only 2.5 hours, 3 days/week. Going all day will be a huge adjustment for everyone. We don't register until next month but we've been to the school and the kindergarten classrooms because my sister in law teaches there.


My daughter starts kindergarten this fall also. This year our neighborhood school decided to try something new-- they moved the parents' info night to the daytime. We got to bring our kids, and they went off to the kindergarten rooms for ~90 minutes while we heard the spiel from the principal.In terms of physical plant, sure, the school is not the best. It's kinda old-- it reminded me of my own elementary school. But the principal, the teachers, even the school nurse.... AH HA! We DID make the right choice, picking a tiny house in a great school district. Love, love, love. So relieved. And my daughter came out of there beaming. Now she has her "first day" over with already, and she knows what to expect. We signed up for a "buddy group", too, which will be three other girls who we can set up playdates with between now and when school starts. So excited! Hope you wind up feeling the same way- I bet you will.


I still have a year and a bit before Eluzabeth goes to school. And I am mostly just planning on sending her to the neighborhood PreK where my two neighborhood friends are sending their kids. It is really handy to have these two other kids that are older than my kid to test out the waters for us.

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