Obvs I need to go open the wine

Optimism! I have some!

Phillip had to be at the airport at 9:45. I dropped him off and headed directly to my parents' house, Sanctuary Of Free And Cheerfully-Given Childcare. I've been feeling nervous about this week of solo parenting for a long time, probably since the LAST week of solo parenting. However! I'm feeling okay about it NOW and here is why: 

  1. We are staying at my parents' house for two nights. TWO. This is one part giant hassle to ninety-seven parts Just Not Being Alone. I LIKE being alone, but not for five days in a row. I may have to type this in front of the Mike Huckabee show, but my mother is rocking my not-sleeping baby in front of the Mike Huckabee show so I CAN type, so I have absolutely no complaints. Besides, Mike Huckabee has his moments. 
  2. The rest of my week contains preschool, a visit from the in-laws, a visit from the Baby Observer Therapist Lady who I would sincerely like to adopt but probably can't until the Year Of Baby Watching is over, and a long-scheduled playdate. 
  3. My week will be capped off by a weekend in a locale some forty degrees warmer than it is here. The thought of reading a book in the sunshine will keep me going for a long time. 
  4. Did I mention a not-sleeping baby? But yesterday she took a long nap, fell asleep at bedtime by herself, and slept from nine to three-thirty in the morning which: HOLY MOLY WHO TOOK MY BABY AND GAVE ME THIS BABY WHO SLEEPS? I WILL KEEP HER! 
  5. I'm not saying this is a trend. I am saying IT GIVES ME HOPE.
  6. If all else fails, I bought a new swing. In which I saw her fall asleep on her own with my very eyes.
  7. We are not snowbound! We can go places! WE CAN GO TO TARGET. 
  8. Also I have some good TV stored up. 

A long time ago @anneoftroy told me that she always planned to DO something when her husband was out of town and what *I* always plan to do is watch GOOD TV SHOWS and EAT TREATS. I'm simple. 

In other news, I just got home from attempting to buy a swimsuit. This was not the PURPOSE of my visit to the store, my PURPOSE was to buy batteries because SOMEONE left the swing on all night even though there was no baby IN the swing... anyway. I was showing my mom where I'm staying this weekend and bragging about how hot it was going to be (at least to a ghostly pale Washingtonian like me) and she said, "are you going to go swimming in THAT pool" and I said "oh God not I am not wearing a swimsuit what are you smoking" and she just pointed at the picture of THAT POOL and I thought YOU'RE RIGHT MOM. Why should I let my thunderthighs, my saddlebags, my love handles, and what breastfeeding has done to the rest of me AHEM keep me from truly enjoying THAT POOL? Am I that girl? Am I really that vain? Am I really going to give up THAT POOL?

The truth is, Internet, I am totally that girl. But I thought I'd give it a go anyway. Perhaps I could find some giant piece of interestingly draped black spandex that covered at least 75% of my body. I didn't find anything like that, but I did try on a few other things. They weren't... SO bad. I didn't buy anything, but I didn't cross off the idea of perhaps looking in a DIFFERENT store. 

And then I ate the chocolate that Phillip was SUPPOSED to take on his trip with him so I wouldn't eat it all but forgot in the car when we dropped him off this morning. OOPS. 


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people who are very optimistic about the outcome of events tend to learn only from information that reinforces their rose-tinted view of the world. This is related to ‘faulty’ function of their frontal lobes.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Good TV and treats - that is exactly what I do when my husband is at work late! It is the best.

The spam comment above this is hilarious, by the way.


I love having full control of the TV when my husband is gone! Full control of the kids...not so much. Excellent plan going to the grandparents for part of the time.


When Matt goes out of town, I try to clean the house right at the beginning and enjoy it staying clean(er). And then I don't make anything for dinner and we hang out with friends. And I tend to forget to go to bed, but that is just a weird quirk, apparently.


Good TV and treats (like yummy take out) is how I always survive my husband's work trips, too.


While I haven't been to said resort, I have been on a few cruise ships. So, I happen to know that you will certainly be in at least the upper 50% of people who SHOULD be sporting swimwear! Seriously, who was the person who thought putting a buffet next to a pool was a good idea?...


When I needed a swimsuit for Hawaii, 9 weeks postpartum, I got one at Ross. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money for one that I looked terrible in. And since I would have felt like I looked terrible in any of them, a cheap one was the way to go!

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