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Friday Reads & Recommends and a little bit of party planning freakoutyness

I finished Ratking by Michael Didbin and... yeah, it was good, I guess. I do love my Italian detective stories. But I love them more when they feature Inspector Montalbano or Commissario Brunetti. Actually I think Inspector Montalbano is one of my favorite book characters EVER. What does this say about me? 

I haven't read any other books lately. AM BUSY. I do have The Rules of Civility on hold at the library, if they haven't given up on me and sent it back into the system yet. That happens a lot. 

Phillip sent me this one: Some Asian Students Don't Identify As Asian For College Admissions. SO MANY THINGS I want to say. But: AM BUSY.

(It reminds me of when I met My Neighbor Ursula's husband, who is a teacher of a Fancy Musical Instrument, and he was talking about his students and how the Asian ones were all great but the REALLY dedicated ones were the white homeschooled kids. Chew on that, Internet.)

Things we are eating at the Christmas party: veggies and dips, different kinds of breads and spreads (ooh, I like how that rhymed), the spinach pinwheel Christmas tree as seen all over Pinterest (in fact this entire party should read BROUGHT TO YOU BY PINTEREST), brie, mini quiches, cream puffs, Christmas cookies, heaps of fudge, homemade lumpia, meatballs for my husband, and an antipasti platter. Plus an open-ish bar (open defined as: whatever I feel like having on hand), champagne pomegranate punch, wine, beer, and a hot chocolate bar (which is not going to be as mix-in heavy as A'Dell's because MY GOODNESS AM BUSY.)

Actually... since the FPC and my BIL are doing all the FOOD... perhaps I have a little more time than usual. But that just means I have more time to get sucked into Pinterest!

Emma will be wearing a little red sparkly dress from Target and her sister's old white tights and mary janes. I am wearing a black sack. SIGH. But also red shoes and sparkly tights and a really ridiculous red satin headband with a BOW, but I kind of ENJOY being ridiculous sometimes, you know?

Phillip is at the store right now because I am out of eggs. OUT OF EGGS. Bah! 

Also, if you are reading this, you are invited. We'll organize some kind of airport shuttle, okay?



We're out of eggs, TOO. Except at our house it's because a certain two-year-old dumped them on the floor.

So. What day should I fly in?


I'm so sad that I'm going to miss your party because of my pathetic non-running/5K the next morning. Party extra for me, okay!

Sarah in Ottawa

I WISH I could crash your party. Have a wonderful, wonderful time!


I have 45 minutes before preschool pickup and have been reading blogs and perusing the internet for awesome cookie recipes for a swap I'm going to this weekend. Now, I've got to search pinterest for the spinach pinwheel Christmas tree. So much for laundry and vaucuuming.
I think your party sounds awesome and I can't wait for you to post photos (hint, hint)


I am SO HAPPY that someone is doing that pinwheel sandwich Christmas tree thing. And a lot of my life lately ought to have a Brought To You By Pinterest stamped on it.

Reading (and chickens)

This is completely and totally unrelated to this post, but I always forget to comment on the relevant posts where you talk about Catholic school v. public school. So! If you have questions about the parish school, email me! Or not! Either way. My older boy is in 1st grade there but started out in public school in kindergarten, so we have done both. (Although you probably don't have terrible choices of public school like we do.)

The Sojourner

I have 32 eggs in my apartment right now. Because the husbandly person and I eat omelettes all the time. (I kid you not.) They were 99 cents a dozen at Meijer this week.

The "I'm a responsible grown up" concept is probably negated by the fact that I'm preening about my for-sale eggs on somebody else's blog.


Oh, I saw that article about the non-identifying-as-Asian (at least for college applications) kids. Some of the quotes made my heart break.

Of course, from a practical perspective, I remind myself that the males in my family have traditionally eschewed college, so I may not need to worry about my boys choosing anything at all.

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