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Friday Reads & Recommends

Quick - two things I want to remember from today.

In the car, discussing what we will order in the McDonald's drive through. Jack wants a cheeseburger, Molly wants a hamburger, but just to make sure I say, "Molly, do you want cheese on your hamburger?" And Molly says, "No, just ham."

Jack is showing Phillip (PHILLIP IS HOME!) a big picture of the nativity from preschool. Phillip is asking who all the people are. Jack is pointing all of them out and when he gets to the wise men he says, "These are the wise men, and their last name is Three Kings." 


I find Chelsea Clinton vaguely interesting seeing as how we're the same age and I even MET her once (at The Northern Italian Military Base That Shall Not Be Named - Chelsea, her mom, the secretary of defense, Sheryl Crow, and SINBAD were all making the military base rounds my junior year of high school. The high school band played at some welcome event - I sat directly behind Sinbad and spent the entire time staring at the designs shaved into his giant head. I wonder if his head still looks like that. BUT I DIGRESS.) So I totally read all the Chelsea Clinton Rock Center reviews and this one was kinda funny. I don't think that girl can win. But does that even matter when you are Chelsea Clinton? I'd be all, "Oh, is the internet making fun of me? I guess I'll just go buy myself another vacation home." 

This was interesting AND funny (my favorite kind of article): Why Are American Politicians Always Switching Religions?

I don't really know why I'm linking to this, other than the fact that it contained this: "mandatory pregnancy is an excessive punishment" which... well, I have NO idea what to say about that, other than I sort of think this XX Factor blog on Slate is a little bit ridiculous. Oh wait! Anyone who reads Jen Fulwiler at NC Register would recognize the name on that blog post. AHEM.

Okay, this one is a little ridiculous too (linked on Facebook by another favorite smartypants Catholic named Jen). Why mothers IN GENERAL are not super excited about working full time (and dads are) seems a little bit obvious to me, but whatever. 


A little bit freaky - photos of a half-built abandoned Disneyland-style park in China

Best New Things of 2011 (Spotify FOR SURE.)

ANOTHER Ryan Gosling postcard site - this one called Ryan Gosling Reads YA. And did I show you the one from the crafty Ryan Gosling site, where hey girl, he has a coupon for Jo-Ann? I still like Feminist Ryan Gosling best, but this one from the YA tumblr is pretty cute.

Okay, now your turn. I am determined - DETERMINED! - to see a movie over Christmas and I need to know which one to see. The George Clooney movie? The Margaret Thatcher movie? What is a good mix of Entertaining and I'll Need To Know About It When I Put On An Old Bridesmaid Dress And Watch The Oscars? (Actually I really want to see this Charlize Theron movie where she's trying to get her high school boyfriend back - EVIL CHARLIZE!)

Happy weekend. I'll be hanging out with my super adorable nephews by which I mean trying to survive the Jac + Nephews tornado. 




Hurray for P being home! And the Molly/hamburger comment- too cute!

L and I were talking today about next week and how we might not survive the kids being on vacation- we will make plans! Do you have days that are better than others for hanging out?

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"Oh, is the internet making fun of me? I guess I'll just go buy myself another vacation home."


The Molly, hamburger thing? Adorable! It reminds me of a story my mother loved to tell about a time I saw ground chuck at the grocery store and thought it was ground woodchuck. Little kids. They are awesome.

Happy weekend!


Go see the Muppets!

I saw that Disneyland one too and it was sad.

I love the story about Molly and the ham.

Luna Sol

HI! I saw an advanced screening of "Young Adult" with Charlize Theron and I loved it! Her character is a total hot mess and she played it well! There are other quirky characters in the flick asll. Best part? The flick is only about 90 mins long!

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