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What I did today instead of running on the treadmill

Because Emma took a CRAZY long nap today (JESUS LOVES ME) I had tons of time to do stuff like... fold all the laundry! Run! Prep dinner! Write that post banging around my head for the Catholic blog! PLAY WITH MY KIDS!

Ha ha ha I did none of that. Instead I made an Advent calendar. EYE ROLL. Also: do not get excited! I know you crafty types! This Advent calendar does not involve felt or doors or embroidery or even heartwarming suggestions for Adventy things to do that day! 


Photo (36)

Okay, I just didn't have time to write out the heartwarming Adventy things to do. But that's the point. Those are little paper pockets and each day the child who is not driving me to drink will pull out the Thing To Do That Day. The Thing To Do That Day may or may not involve eating chocolate, because what is an Advent calendar without chocolate?

I don't really stress too much about Christmas or how to do it well. I'm not sure why, because I certainly stress about everything ELSE. But maybe it's because I throw all of that energy into our party every year? I LOVE hosting stuff, but I think I get to do all of that with my party, and then I'm happy to do whatever my family ends up doing for Christmas. Which is almost always: descend upon my parents' house on Christmas Eve for wine-fueled present-opening. And until this year we've gone to Phillip's parents' house and had a very low key Christmas Day - this year they're coming to OUR house. But it's still going to be low key. I love my big family and all the bigness that involves, but I've also REALLY come to appreciate the laid back smallness of Phillip's family's holidays and hosting or not, we shall retain the laid backness! 

But Christmas is always Christmassy and always good, even if we're tired of driving and the presents are overwhelming etc. I always have a good time, I always feel like we celebrate the True Meaning and all that. How nice for me to not stress about something!

YOU people, though, YOU people keep writing about how you're doing Christmas and GOSHDARNIT after wrapping a few presents that showed up on my doorstep today (Christmas: Brought To You By Amazon.com) I decided I was not done with the wrapping paper. 

We have about a dozen Christmas books that I save and box up every year. I'm going to combine those with the other dozen I bought from Jack's preschool book order this month and the kids will open one new Christmas book every night. (We'll reuse them next year.) Beyond that I'm thinking of VERY VERY EASY THINGS to go in those little pockets. Like things we will do no matter what (decorate the tree) (decorate cookies) (play Christmas songs on the piano). I'm not sure what else, though. I should probably put some churchy stuff in there. Christmas is not ALL about the party. 

Speaking of, the kids and I went to Target today and we spent a good ten minutes trying to decide if we were going to buy the WHITE tinsel tree or the RED tinsel tree. This was a HEATED DISCUSSION and we COULD NOT AGREE so we did not buy a tinsel tree after all. I'm feeling a little bereft about this now. I NEED a tinsel tree. Preferably a HOT PINK tinsel tree. Get on that, Target!

Emma has fallen asleep on my lap. Some combination of full tummy + intense leg jiggling... wanna see?

Photo (37)

Yeah, if you're ever wondering what your Trusty Blogger looks like when she's churning out brilliant after brilliant paragraph, this is it. One handed typing at its finest. Also, you can't see it, but Spit Up has a starring role in this picture. Anyway, I better go put this kid to bed and cut out the rest of my numbers. Night night. 



Maggie, not that you have ever looked old but you look SO YOUNG in that picture. Ok maybe not relative to Emma (she looks quite young) but relative to the population at large. Not that this means anything. You look good, is what I am saying. Not that old people look bad. Oh geez, how does one end this sort of comment?????


We bought a white tinsel tree this weekend. The kids picked it out for Daddy; this was after steering them away from the pink, purple, green and teal varieties of tinsel trees at Big Lots. They promptly came home and told Daddy what he got for Christmas though, so we have another tree for decorating this year.


Ok, I've spent the last (unnameable amount of time) reading back through your blog since the kiddo was born (it had been a while since I was reading regularly). You are so funny. You make me want to work harder on my own blog. And on my own life, for that matter. I have three kids too, but the youngest will be 11 in May and the oldest two will turn 18 on Tuesday. I don't find myself dwelling on what I'd love to do to my house or making a feast worthy of Martha Stewart for supper. I come home from work at 6pm, tell my kids there's pizza in the freezer and spaghettios in the cabinet, and then I go flop down across my bed and read a book. There is next to nothing on my walls and we've lived there 2 years. In other words, I am quite jealous of your level of energy and the extent to which things matter to you- that being, enough to get up and do something about them!

Anyway, even though you often seem to drive yourself crazy wondering whether you're doing things right, trust me- you are far outstripping people who don't have half as much going on, so congrats on that!


That Advent Calendar is awesome. :) It is so cute.

And I second Lindsay about the whole you looking particularly young and really good in that picture. So, um, I guess spit up becomes you. ;)

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

I love the cover! I love both covers, ours and theirs! So different, but both great.

I would love to be shipped Down Under or to NZ for a little trip. Maybe you could save a big box and some packing tape for when I have a little free time.

Congrats on those editions going out!

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