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We sent the big kids (yes, J and M are now the BIG kids, gak) to their grandparents on Saturday. I didn't even really KNOW we were doing this - Phillip decided to call his parents late that morning and inform them that the only thing between his Sanity and A Running Long Jump Off The Nearest Bridge was their ability to come get Jack and Molly for the night. 

Now, you know that I would never say or imply such a thing. But perhaps I approved the teeniest tiniest bit of this turn of events. A whole day with just the BABY, and why did we ever think taking care of a BABY was so HARD? These big kids, man, they are slowly killing us with their noise, their roughhousing, their manic manhandling of the baby, their fighting, their whining, and their incessant demanding of snacks. Phillip keeps marveling about how much they've been FIGHTING lately and I have to say, "Um, actually, I think it's the same amount of fighting as usual." Then his eyes sort of bug out of his head, but for some reason he does not immediately run out to Tiffany's and buy me jewelry. I know!

So... I don't think my Preschool As Survival Plan is working out very well. Phillip had a big conference call on Wednesday so I decided to try out preschool drop off/pick up on my own. And TECHNICALLY it was all fine. We made it to all the appropriate places at the appropriate times, but that afternoon I was half passed out on the couch wondering what the heck I'd been smoking when I dreamed this all up. Between the two different schools, the hour between start times and pick up times, the getting everyone out of the car and back in, plus that STUPID baby bucket seat, I was beat. I had to take the whole three hours of free time to recuperate. 

I sound horrible. Me and my "WOE! Three hours of free time! Poor me!" But seriously. The whole preschool procedure is WACK. I was lamenting all of this to a friend, telling her how stupid I was for thinking this was a good solution, when she said, "BUT IT WAS YOUR ONLY SOLUTION!" 

My poor friends, right? SO tired of my dramatics.

She was right. I THOUGHT it was my only solution - within the parameters I'd set up at the time, the parameters I sort of don't care about anymore. Like not wanting Jack and Molly to be in the same class. And wanting to try out the Catholic school (Jack's Pre-K program). EH. Now I just want everything to be EASY. 

After talking to my mom, I took her suggestion and emailed the Catholic school to see what they thought about putting my three-year-old in the four- and five-year-old Pre-K class. I felt WEIRD about it, because I was asking 1) to change the rules and 2) for special treatment and I just ABHOR doing those things on the offchance it will make people think I am HIGH MAINTENANCE or a PRIMA DONNA or otherwise DIFFICULT. I actually put lots and lots of effort into APPEARING to be laid back and easygoing, believe it or not. You know and I know that it's a giant farce, but it's worked out for me so far. 

But it was worth it to me to ask. It can't hurt, right? Of course, no one has responded yet. I don't really know what they'll say. I just BARELY implied that I could take Jack out and put him in Molly's class HINT HINT. 

I just think last year's preschool ruined me for preschool forevermore. It was SO great and SO fantastic and SO soothing to a mom who tries very hard to be chill but is actually a high-functioning crazypants neurotic. I haven't been super impressed with the stuff Jack is doing in his school and Molly's got three times as many kids in her class than she probably feels comfortable with... SIGH. There is no perfect solution to this. And I should probably stop berating myself and second guessing everything because REALLY, I did the best I could with the information I had. I DID. 

I've packed their snacks, but I better go lay out their clothes. Phillip is going to work extra early in the morning - his first full day back and my first full day at home. Gulp. 





really there have got to be other options like a totally new school for both?


I remember when Will was born sometimes Brian would just take Kalena somewhere and I'd be home alone with the baby and think-- This is so EASY! How did I ever think this was hard? It's such a break to only have one tiny sleepy newborn and no crazed toddler!


I totally think that two different schools is crazy. One school. With the same drop off times. In fact, the same class even sounds good. It's just one less thing to deal with.


I totally get why you want them in separate classes, but I'm thinking you might want to re-think it. Because, man, I would go crazy with the multiple drop-offs, etc. and I don't even have a newborn to deal with.

And yeah, WHY did I ever think having just a newborn was hard? Because, while it certainly is different and a big adjustment and all, having a toddler and a baby - so much harder.


crossing my fingers that you can get Jack and Molly into the same school. i cannot even imagine how you handled the separate drop-offs while pregnant, let alone now lugging around a newborn in her carseat. that just sounds like unnecessary roughness on you. good luck!

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