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Hey Internet, I don't think I gave you the conclusion of the Great Weight Check Appointment - although pretty much every time I do not Conclude a Blog Storyline, you may assume all ended well. Because what's the fun in writing about POSITIVE stuff, eh? 

The doctor was hoping for a gain of seven ounces and EmJ delivered ELEVEN ounces. That's my little overachiever! If you're interested, one week of alternating breastfeeding and formula feeding was enough for me to heal, and now we're up to 90% breastfeeding. We'd be doing 100% if I kept pumping, but let's face it, pumping is lame. Also, every time I sit down to pump one of the older kids needs something. (The doctor recommended I pump after every feeding, but realistically I was able to pump once or twice a day. But that was enough! Problems = solved to my satisfaction.) 

While the baby fattens up, my goal is to slim down. LONG DRAWN OUT SIGH. Yesterday was my first attempt at Not Eating Everything In The Kitchen. It went moderately well, by which I mean I ate LESS but not necessarily items containing any nutrition. But I lost two pounds, so there's that. (Yes, I am at a weight where just not eating that fourth bowl of ice cream seems to make a difference.) I plan to set up a weight loss blawg this week to keep me accountable (that's your job) and also figure out how to fit in exercise. 

So... exercise. YEAH. This time around it's not a matter of hopping on the treadmill and walking and then realizing I COULD run if I WANTED to and maybe I should give it a TRY... see, now I know exactly how much running hurts, so I'm WAY less inclined to start. Does that make sense? The last time I did this was kind of a See How Far I Can Go type of thing. Now I know how far I can go AND I know what it takes to get there. PAIN AND SUFFERING. 

It's not like I'm NOT going to do it, I'm just not as gung ho. Even though it would be in the best interest of my relationship with my closet to get going as quickly as possible. I still have the maternity stuff, but maternity jeans, in my opinion, are just as saggy and falling down after pregnancy as they are during. Shirts that looked fine when I was pregnant now show off a different kind[s] of bump. And of course none of the old stuff fits. 

I've been trying to find something to wear to E's baptism (next Sunday) that isn't a maternity dress AND I could possibly nurse in it AND won't embarrass me in pictures. Such a thing does not exist. I've ordered expensive nursing dresses and hid out in a Target dressing room - both disasters. I really do hate this part. I don't feel like myself, but this IS my Self. Bleargh.

Anyway, I am up typing this at Way Too Early, Even Before The Kids Are Awake, because the baby woke up to eat and I couldn't go back to sleep. Mainly because I've caught my first Preschool Cold and couldn't stop coughing. I should make myself some hot water with lemon and honey, but I got distracted by the computer and now I'm thinking I could just go back to bed. Maybe. Shove the baby over, ignore her snuffling and grunting (because she has a cold too) and try to catch another twenty minutes before Jack and Molly wake up all, "MOMMY IT'S SEVEN I HUNGRY CAN I WATCH A SHOW WHAT WE DOING TODAY MOMMY." 



EmJ is an adorable nickname! And YOU are such a rockstar momma for sticking with breastfeeding AND pumping AND supplementing with formula.

I still have 3 more months before Baby Three arrives and I am already dreading the post-partum wardrobe the past i've been stuck in the awful awkwardness between baggy/sloppy maternity clothes and before baby clothes for 9 months after the baby is born. it blows.

good luck finding something to wear for baby's baptism! i think i usually end up in a freshly pressed button down top and elastic waist skirt. can never find a dress that looks right.


I ended up wearing a non-breastfeeding accessible dress to my baby's infant dedication and feeding him immediately before leaving. He made it through. Some breastfeeding moms pumped and brought bottles (there were several babies dedicated). Clothes are hard!


Man, this post is resonating with me all over the place:

a) I am 13 months post-baby, and while our immediate post-baby circumstances were vastly different, I am now officially well beyond my "normal" weight (and size). And I have almost no motivation to stop eating.

b) Related: my in-laws are throwing a red egg and ginger party for the baby in 2-3 weeks (late due to various not-so-interesting circumstances). I have nothing to wear, and I don't mean that I don't like the things in my closet. I mean, there is literally nothing in my closet that is both dressy and that fits me. I cannot tell you how unenthusiastic I am about spending money on clothes when I am the size I am now.

c) Oh, exercise. You may or may not recall that I also have the crazy, in what sounds like more or less the same flavor that you do. I also used to run, and - even though I would feel better afterwards - I would avoid doing it. Then, I forget exactly how, I started doing yoga.

Two things happened: I lost inches (not weight, but I prefer losing inches), and I evened out, mentally. I only went to about 2 classes per week on average, and (at the risk of sounding like a complete evangelist, though I guess I am) it completely controlled my anxiety. My son is finally (finally!) well enough that I can get back to yoga, and I can. not. wait.

I don't think yoga is a cure all, or necessarily for everyone, but I do think that exercise that you are excited about is so much more helpful than exercise you have to work yourself up for, just because it is more likely to happen.

Anyway! At the risk of sounding like Bill Clinton, I feel your pain. And now I am going to shut up and eat some ice cream while looking online for a yoga class to go to tomorrow.


Go, Emma! Way to get all big!

See, now you've just reminded me that I intend to try to start to run. And now that I am reminded, I have to actually start doing it. Blah. I like sitting so much better.


Yay for Emma and her weight gain! Not to be an additional drain on your resources, but I would love to here more about the painting....have you painted your whole house now? Am impressed with all the painting talk and now you are adding exercise. This is exactly the combo I am attempting to rock so I am very inspired.

Sara @Belle Plaine

I just..the weight loss..oh god. Why can it not just DISAPPEAR? If you're starting the Not Eat Everything in the Kitchen plan then that means I have to as well. I'm already behind! Ack!

Go Emma! Get fat! Go Maggie! Go boobs!

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We specialize on representing those who have been injured on the job and deserve prompt medical treatment and compensation for their lost wages.

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