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How do I love thee, Birthday Cake? Let me count the ways!

I guess the third time's the charm

Tomorrow I think I need to commit to being a grown up. I've been spray painting and vacationing and hanging out with old friends a bit too much and tomorrow I need to, you know, pay some bills. 

First thing: I have to call my doctor. A nurse left a very vague message on my phone today and when I called back the office was already closed. I've already decided that I failed the glucose test and am stuck doing the three-hour test. The amount of anxiety I have over this is pretty noticeable, and I feel more angry at myself than distraught that I'll have to low carb it until October. (I mean, I was planning to do that afterwards ANYWAY.) Is there anything else horrible you have to do when you have GD? And yes, for all I know the nurse could be calling because I... okay, I have no other ideas. I MUST have failed that test. By the way, I love how it's "FAILING". Gah. I will probably have bad dreams about this. 

Second thing: I have to call Jack's preschool to see if I can switch the days he's attending. I can choose any three days out of the five, and since Molly's preschool switched the days on me, I now need to switch Jack's days. This wouldn't be such a big deal except I have TOTALLY procrastinated on the application and registration fee (these Catholics need to know EVERYTHING, the application is like a BOOK) and I just don't feel like copping to that. Which is stupid because they already KNOW. They ALREADY called me this summer to make sure I still wanted him to attend! And I had to say, "Yeah, I just haven't mumblemumble found a copy of his immunization mumblemumblebye." So get over myself, yes?

I also have this cardboard box which I've been using to store every important-looking document that comes in the mail. On occasion I rummage through it and pull out anything that looks like a bill and pay them off. I used to have a system for this. I was very organized, once upon a time. But then we moved. And all our account numbers changed. And I got confused and also I still have no idea where to put Important Mail. Well, anywhere that is not our dining room table because the amount of crapola on the dining room table is GETTING TO ME. 

So I need to do that tomorrow. Make sure I have not forgotten to pay people money. Basically the first thing you should learn as a grown up. I've been doing it for a while, but I can't say I've always done it well. 

After those things and ONLY AFTER THOSE THINGS am I allowed to go to the party store and buy sparkles and feathers and other party accoutrements. 

Oh, that reminds me, I introduced my mother to Pinterest today. I'm happy to say she was properly enthralled. Although seriously, WHO WOULDN'T BE?

Last thing: I got a Boden catalog in the mail today and I am in looooove! I've heard other people talk about Boden, and also mini Boden, but there is seriously every combination of SUPHER cute sweater/skirt/dark tights/tall boots in the WORLD in that catalog and WANT WANT WANT. Even if each item is $100+. Don't care! Want! What I probably SHOULD care about: the fact that I am not a ninety pound stick like the girl in the pictures, with her skinny little stick legs in her boots. Those boots probably wouldn't ever zip up over my calves. Even when I've lost all the baby weight. WHICH I WILL DO, STUPID GESTATIONAL DIABETES THAT I AM 99% SURE I HAVE. WAH.



Oh my gosh! I have the same box with the bills...but seriously, now I just pay them online. It is SOOOO much easier, you just have to remember which ones are due when....sooo..
I also love Mini Boden, but although I have drooled over the catologue I have yet to buy anything, way out of my price range!
When I was in the hospital on bed rest with Kobe just a few months ago, I was put on their gestational diet, which basically was the GD diet...even though I didn't have GD and boy do I feel for you! It sucked an all I wanted was carbs! I even ordered Raman of Amazon so i could have noodles!:P And they delivered it to the hospital room!


Maybe the nurse called to reschedule your next appointment. They just did that to me.

I have to go through my pile of stuff to do too. There are probably bills in there. But I am going to go to IKEA instead.


I will send NO GD vibes your way. That would be teh suck. Please keep us updated (I know you will!).


When I was pregnant with Ren, I cried when I found out I failed the one-hour test. I literally sobbed. I remember saying, "Ice cream is the only thing that makes me happy!" But then I passed the three-hour test. I don't know the exact percentages, but more than half the women who fail the one-hour test pass the three hour test.

I just stack bills and pay them late. More often than I am willing to admit. I get most bills electronically, so it's usually medical bills that I end up avoiding.

I love Boden too, but I don't even look at it anymore because of the prices.

Ji Campbell

I do all my bills online, most of them are automatically scheduled. Since my memory is fading away being a third trimester preggor, I try to do it on 1st of each month so I don't forget. I write down every bill (due date) on my text edit file and schedule/pay all the bills at once.

AND also I got the vague nurse's voicemail regarding my glucose. She told me that everything is good except my iron was low. I hope yours was like that, too! Happy Virus from Phoenix to You.

Kate P

Here's hoping and praying that they tend to leave vague messages for EVERYBODY. (Maybe it's a HIPA thing.)

I wish I had a suggestion for the cardboard box organization system, but I have to be a grown-up and go tackle my dining room table, too!


Oh, I failed the one hour test with my fourth pregnancy (first time I ever failed!) and I passed the three hour test, no problem. It was a pain, but I just brought plenty of magazines to read while I sat there in between blood draws.

Or, they could be calling about something else, to reschedule, OR they can't leave any info, good or bad, on voicemail. Some doctor offices are like that.


Gestational diabetes is torture. Deny a pregnant chick a cookie? Heresy, I say. I did find some "sugar free" cookies at Smith's that were tolerable. Good luck!


I failed the one hour test and my OB wouldn't LET me take the three hour. She said "let's just assume you have GB and put you on the diet." And I? Cried. A lot. And went along with it. And then my baby was born and he was 7pounds 11 ounces and she said "Well I guess you didn't have GB after all" and I wanted to kill her. It's been 14 years and I still haven't forgiven her.


GB? What the heck is that? I meant GD or Gestational Diabetes. I swear, I should not be allowed to write comments whilst there are men in my kitchen installing granite.

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