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Hey Internetters! Thank you all for the Yay Phillip! comments. Phillip LOVES it when he gets a mention. His department convocation ceremony was Thursday night, Friday night we had a bunch of friends over for pizza, beer and kid-wearing-out (turns out the circular-ish floor plan in our house makes a great track), and Saturday night we made dinner for family and demolished a Costco cake. It was super fun to see friends Phillip hasn't seen in months and pretty awesome to finally have enough room (barely - the dining room isn't QUITE big enough) to host my parents and brothers and sisters. Plus we made GROWN UP FOOD that everyone actually seemed to LIKE. This is a big deal for me, since I basically know how to make five different kinds of pasta and... toast. And I suppose I should mention it was Phillip who actually COOKED the salmon, but I did find the recipe and make the glaze, if that counts. Also the arugula salad. Am not totally incompetent food-wise.

But today I crashed. I thought I was doing well, but after church I just sort of sank onto the couch and wasn't sure I would ever get up. Kind of a bummer, since we'd talked about taking the kids down the trail at the end of our street. It leads down into a ravine with a creek at the bottom and I've been nervous to take both kids by myself. Well, Phillip ended up taking both kids by himself while I draped myself across the sofa and watched another episode of Drop Dead Diva. Apparently the creek was The Awesome so I'll have to go down there eventually.

Anyway, I feel like I should have a nice summing up of Grad School, but I think it's going to be a while. Maybe years? Especially processing the last several months - I know I blogged it all (and good thing, because I'll probably block it out) but I'm not at all ready to really THINK about it. And I know you have to have plenty of space and distance before you can really analyze how something affected you. When I was tweeting from the graduation ceremony some of you were all "it went so fast!" and honestly I was thinking the same thing. It's over already?! But then again, parts of it dragged, and I think we'd both say that the last two years have featured some of the roughest stretches of Being Married.

What I think I CAN say, at this point, is that by the end, even though the end in many ways was the most demanding (what with the unexpected house stuff and the unexpected weeks of illness) we were understanding each other. There was a pronounced difference between the spring of the first year, when I was Angry All The Time, and the spring of the second year, when I'd sort of made my peace (or become used to it) AND I felt reasonably confident that Phillip understood my concerns. Growth! Is lovely!

Also it's been a treat to have Phillip all to ourselves all weekend. No Saturday classes, no group meetings, no phone calls, no Skyping... how novel! I didn't know if I would really NOTICE that he was around more, but I definitely did this weekend and you guys, it's so great! For one thing, it's so nice to have help. Someone to entertain the kids while I'm making lunch or cleaning up, or someone to help carry the groceries in, or someone to help break up fights. For another, he's just much MUCH better at playing with the kids. He and Jack rode bikes this afternoon, he builds with them and does puzzles and reads and just generally lasts much longer than I do. It's also nice being able to leave one kid at home and take the other out - just Molly and I went grocery shopping tonight and did some bonding in the bakery department.

It's looking to be a busy summer - in a few weeks the annual Old Friends From Italy Plus Out Of Town Relatives Marathon begins at my parents' house, requiring a lot of visiting and driving. We still have to plan our retreat weekend with friends, our weekend away without kids, and (Phillip doesn't know this yet!) my weekend with my girlfriends in a downtown hotel (where we will sleep, eat, and sleep some more.) Oh, and that week-long class Phillip has to take at the end of this month to OFFICIALLY graduate.

And I'd say that life will go back to normal in the fall, but Third Baby will arrive... I guess there's never really going BACK to normal, just starting NEW normals.

Small Item of Bloggy Business: my laptop refuses to cooperate with our new wireless, so I've been blogging from Phillip's laptop, Jack's laptop (my old one) and now this one from Phillip's work that he somehow inherited. I've noticed that on two out of the three I can't create paragraph breaks the normal way and I have to create section breaks (<br />) and I have a feeling this is what causes Elizabeth's Occasional Emails of Consternation re: no paragraph breaks in the feed. But they are there on the blog! So I don't know. Phillip has promised to put MY laptop back in working order, which I think means rebuilding the entire thing, which I can't really think about. But anyway. I'm sorry if you're encountering any Annoyingness.



At first I had thought you were doing some new style of writing but it seemed very unlike you, and eventually I clicked over to the blog and realized it was just something weird. I will never understand computers.


Yay again for being done w/ Grad school.
It's interesting that sometimes the hardest phases of marriage often bring in some of the nicest bits of growth and understanding between the partners. And sometimes, isn't that really what you need most - some understanding?

Life of a Doctor's Wife

That whole paragraph about "I should have a nice summing up..." That is how I'm feeling about residency ALREADY. Quick but also drags in places. Trying on the marriage. Really needing some distance from it before trying to discuss it thoroughly. Bleh.

Which is all to say I am SO GLAD for you that it's over.


Sometimes I wonder if there ever is a normal in life. It seems like there is always something that chases after me.


I like how "fix my laptop" equals "rebuilding the entire thing." We have a similar problem here too, "buy Shannon a cheap laptop for blog reading" somehow equals "research the latest in dual core processors." Seriously. :) Congrats about grad school!

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