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A lot of the, ah, Second Trimester Symptoms I experienced last time around are showing up again. Mainly the ones where my mental health is not up to par. I am on drugs, precisely BECAUSE of the insanity of last time, so it's not at ALL comparable, but I recognize it, I blame it on pregnancy, I know it's not forever, but it still super duper sucks. 

A first-time-pregnant friend of mine was asking if it was normal to feel so depressed and - God forgive me - I couldn't help launching into my Second Pregnancy Mental Health Affliction and sweeping statements about sometimes "PPD" shows up before you are post-partum anything blah blah blah, shut up me! I normally think I'm pretty decent about not having to infect every conversation with My Own Personal Experience (maybe? shush, people who know me in real life!) but I could not help myself and I was ashamed. Especially when it became clear that my friend just had a lot going on in GENERAL, not just PREGNANT-WISE, and clearly did not need to hear my tale of woe. Which had nothing to do with Normal People Depression. Or anything remotely related to HER. Gah.

At least Phillip is coming home tonight and holy wow, tomorrow is JUNE NINTH. I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around The End of Grad School. I think partly because he still has a week-long class in July and partly because he still goes to WORK and all that. I wondered if I would feel a difference, but the last couple weeks when he was home WERE really different. He ditched a lot of school and work because the rest of us were puking our guts out... I suppose that's an extraordinary circumstance. But still. Just the idea of him being home on Saturday mornings is kind of thrilling. 

In other news, my hair has grown out so much and yes I KNOW it's looking shaggy and unkempt, but I've officially decided I have neither the time nor the funds to get my hair cut every month. Besides, being pregnant and all I have awesome hair and maybe it will grow out a little faster and sometimes I kick myself for chopping it all off when I did. I could have waited till it was already falling out all over the place and looking like a stringy wet dog! 

I've also decided I need to own some necklaces. And not just charms on chains. After a lifetime of not wearing necklaces, mostly because I don't need to draw anyone's eyes THERE, ahem, I'm feeling saucy. I'm liking those big colorful necklaces I see on Etsy, and now when I get dressed I always think, "What this outfit needs is a STATEMENT NECKLACE." Ugh. I am rolling my eyes at my own self. 

All of this makes me realize I have no idea what to wear to Phillip's graduation ceremony. On one hand, it's Seattle. Jeans! On the other hand, I LIKE TO LOOK NICE SOMETIMES.

LA LA LA can you tell I'm just killing time before I have to put the kids to bed? Despicable Me is almost over, and since neither one napped today, off to bed we go. After that I have a half a pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream in my freezer and a Netflix streaming account with the entire first season of Drop Dead Diva. I'm more into reading these days, but since I've spent most of my day immersed in Unbroken, I think I need a frothy, high calorie break. 

And oh look! NOW the sun is coming out! At seven o'clock! HOW CONVENIENT! Where were you when I was desperate to keep my kids from killing each other? HMMM? We could have used some tricycle weather then!

P.S. Phillip and I are planning a Post-Grad School Alone Trip, most likely to the Bay Area, in the late summer. But I am sort of thinking maybe there is somewhere nearby? Driveable? That we should visit instead? I think I am taken with a blog post I just read about beach houses. Perhaps I need to fly to LA. 




I know you guys probably never get enough sun to get sick of it, but I am DYING for a non-sunny non-100 degree day. The second I step out my door I'm drenched in sweat and I've had enough! No more sun! I'll try to send it your way.


I just finished reading Unbroken about a month ago. Heavy stuff...but such a good read. Gave me a whole new respect for what Memorial Day is really all about.


Beware, "statement necklaces" get yanked and broken by tiny baby hands.


I've been thinking the same thing about necklaces. And belts. I have this one shirt that SO badly needs a statement belt. But I do not have the skills to choose something like that. (If you want to tell me what to buy, feel free. It's a black shirt with ruffles at the neck.)


I'm with Jessica. And having lived there, I can say right now I'm actually MISSING a grey cool day. But not 40 of them in a row... Oh weather. Isn't it crazy how much it affects our day?
I'm so glad Grad school is just about over for you! It really was such a hard time in our life/marriage. This is going to be a great summer for your family, I just know it! :)


You make me laugh.

I have found myself thinking other people have PPD now, but I have gotten better about keeping it to myself. But it's hard! I am focused on PPD!

I have started collecting cute necklaces this year. They are fun to wear. I recommend getting some!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yes, the statement necklace! I have been completely wooed by TV and magazines and whoever else has planted the idea in my head that statement necklaces are A Must.

Have you ever been to Crater Lake? My parents were just there and, well, it's closer to you than SF is, plus I hear it is beautiful (although apparently still covered in snow at this time).

Oh! Or you could go to Montana! That's... not far! And it's beautiful! I am going in July and I can't wait.


Oh man, so sorry to hear that the second trimester pregnancy crazy is kicking in (albeit in a slightly different amount/form). The thing that kept me going during mine was knowing that it was temporary. That helped me, don't know if it will help you at all.

And in the meantime, you have ice cream! (My son has a million food allergies, including formula, so I am breastfeeding but can only eat six things. That sounds like hyperbole, but it's not. Anyway: I'm envious!) And TV! So yay for that?


My mom bought me a statement necklace because I liked a lot of hers. I feel silly in them, though I've received compliments on it, so it can't look all bad. I'm leaning more towards multi-strand things with little decorations attached - stones or shapes, etc. Stella and Dot has quite a few cute ones.

Oregon Wine Country? I know you can't really drink, but you could swish and spit and I'm told it's BEAUTIFUL!


If you're feeling beachy, but you still want to go to the Bay Area, you could go north of SF to the Mendocino/Fort Bragg area. It's gorgeous, and there's lots of cool little B&Bs to stay in.


I thought about you a lot today- whenever I saw the date on anything, I would smile and think "hurray for Maggie, it's June 9th!"

On the sunshine/California thing, we're in San Diego right now where the sun apparently always shines and it's covered by a giant dark grey cloud. And I think it was misting or sprinkling earlier. Sunshine is avoiding me...


Canon Beach? It's beautiful, and you can do a drive down the Oregon coast that's breathtaking, and you can visit Tillamook where they have AMAZING ICE CREAM.


Me too on the necklaces. And the over-sharing of personal experiences (see: every email I've EVER sent you). Oh! And also? I know a happy little family who TOTALLY VOTES FOR THE BAY AREA for your summer alone trip...or at least a happy couple who would gladly meet you in the city for dinner.)

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