In sickness
In which I should really stop window shopping online already

Juuuuuuune Niiiiiiiinth!

There's a teenage boy mowing the yard that backs up to ours and I'm restraining myself from running out onto the deck and shrieking, "MOW OURS TOO!" I mean, I COULD, but I'm wearing pajamas and, well, it just seems a little awkward.

Our yard is looking pretty shabby, but that's just one thing on the JUNE NINTH list. We started making it today, unintentionally. Phillip's clearing off the dining room table and I'm making my patented Half Irritated Sigh about the mess and Phillip mutters, "June ninth." We're looking at the boxes and tubs in our bedroom that really need to go downstairs, once we do a little bit of organizing, but we sigh and say, "June ninth." We dream up new furniture ideas or things we want to do in the kitchen, but shake our heads and say, "June ninth." We talk about the new automatic accounts we need to set up, but when we're done we say, "June ninth." June ninth is going to be one very busy day.

Actually, that's just the HALF of it. Do you know what's happening on Thursday, June ninth? Oh, I will TELL you. Phillip will be in a meeting that morning on the East Coast, fly home when it's over, and head directly, and I do mean DIRECTLY, to his convocation ceremony. I am for serious, people. He gets off the plane, heads to campus, puts on his cap and gown, and I will SEE HIM THERE.

The original plan was to fly home Wednesday evening, but then some important Work Team from Somewhere Far Away decided to visit the East Coast office as well, and that is the only overlapping day of their respective trips, and it's really IMPORTANT that Phillip meet these people, so he delayed his flight a day. When he told me this I just stared in amazement. And then I said, "June ninth. I will be pleasant about everything until June ninth."

We're also still sick, if you're interested. This is the Bug From Hell. Well, the kids are better at least, though it was touch and go this weekend. There was a big family party planned for Sunday at my brother's house in Port Angeles, and we were all dying to go, if only because we've been stuck at home for what feels like YEARS, but Jack was STILL acting miserable on Friday. I am not used to this. I am used to full on stomach flu, about 24 hours, then a miraculous recovery and life as usual. This is more like... half the stomach flu, then a week of Various Types of Intestinal Distress and Many Phone Calls To The Doctor's Office To Ask WTH? Jack perked up big time on Saturday and didn't display any of the, uh, contagious factors, so we woke up early on Sunday and took the ferry to the peninsula.

I'm glad we did, even if I spent half the time moaning on my brother's couch because 1) I still have a stomachache and 2) he has a brand new house full of brand new furniture and maybe I would ALSO like to walk into a furniture store and outfit my entire house in an afternoon. WHY NOT? 

But my family is always a blast and the kids were adorable and Phillip didn't start to feel sick until the drive home. I was almost in tears, you guys. Because I am still not 100% and Phillip has something like nine thousand things to do in the next two weeks and WAAAAAHHHH!

However! As per usual! Phillip's version of The Plague is (so far) a stripped down, sorry impostor. Has HE had to retch over a toilet at four in the morning? Nope! Not that I WANT him to, seriously, I AM BEING VERY NICE ABOUT THIS and YES HE IS STILL FEELING UNWELL and YES I AM TOO TAKING CARE OF HIM but jeez louise. It must be all the fortification via Lays Potato Chips.

We ARE going back to preschool tomorrow, goshdarnit. We WILL go back to Normal-Ish. I might even make plans to see friends this week. HOW NOVEL! Tonight we ventured out to the mall (ooooh!) and it would have been wonderful even if I HADN'T scored the cutest sundresses ever at the Crazy 8 sale, and even if we HADN'T more or less decided on buying a sectional from the Macy's furniture department. (EEEEE!!!) YAY FOR BEING OUT OF THE HOUSE!

And now it's time for my nightly Tums dosage. How was your weekend?



I love the Macy's sectional. I might have imaginarily bought myself one there this weekend. The one that looked most like you could fall asleep on it a lot.

Also, I would please like to know which Crazy 8 dress you deemed the cutest and bought.


I just want to say that I am jealous that you got to go to Port Angeles, sick or not. Because I grew up there, and my parents live there, and you probably went to church with my parents on Sunday, which -- as I am stuck in the Midwest where the heat is disgusting -- makes me want to lie on the couch and whine myself. It was 55 degrees and rainy, wasn't it? Do you have any idea how nice that sounds? It was 97 here yesterday.

So at least some things are relative. You want furniture; I want to be in Port Angeles SO BADLY.


I almost stopped the car a few weeks ago to scream "mow our lawn too!" at the neighbor's gardener.

So maybe June 10th will be nice and relaxing?

Christy M

I remember doing the exact same thing with the date-reciting when my husband was studying for the Bar. Our date was July 25th coughcough years ago.

I'm sending you some patience and zen-ness to get you through till the 9th!


Only 9 days to go! You can do it!

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