Juuuuuuune Niiiiiiiinth!
Mothering myopia

In which I should really stop window shopping online already

It was nice to have healthy children today, but I'd forgotten how LOUD they are. I know Jack was also just being a little twerp too, but MY GOD, CHILDREN. Must we narrate our entire day? In song? At the loudest decibel we can muster?

After an hour of solitary retail therapy at my local Pier 1, I am now home eating a giant bowl of Egg Over Rice. (All of my favorite comfort foods are now dishes Phillip's dad used to make for him when he was sick. But dudes! Fried eggs! Rice! Soy sauce! Spoon! YUM!) 

Not that we've really had the opportunity to take ACTION on sprucing up the new house, but we HAVE given it a lot of thought/discussion. And occasional moments wandering around Target or furniture stores, looking for The Piece that will make us say: Oh yes! That is what we want things to look like! Finally this weekend we decided that we had to stop this unfocused browsing and go with something large. Something big. Something we could make all the other decisions around. And since we really really really want a giant sectional couch, on account of having ROOM for one, we picked one out. We didn't buy it - oh no, that's what accumulating coupons and waiting for sales is for - but we know which one we want and now I can think about other stuff. THIS IS VERY EXCITING. 

See, there's stuff we just kind of want to replace, like our smaller red couches and our small-space friendly ottoman, and there's other stuff we just NEED. Like a TV stand and a rug to go over the fireplace hole and a rug to go in the giant entry way and some sort of little breakfast table for the space off the kitchen and tons of lighting since this house has none and things to put on the walls because we have a LOT of wall. And no, none of it is urgent or all that necessary, but you can't help but LOOK, right? And prioritize. Right now I'm thinking the priority is: sectional + living room floor lamp + living room rug. Specifically, these:

Elliott Sectional   (sorry, it won't let me save a picture and I'm on a weird computer without my Tools)





I LOVE this rug. It's pricey and Elizabeth says rugs like this often get worn out pretty fast, but my heart is sold. Our walls are a very pale yellow, the prospective new couch is slate gray, the carpet is brown... I think it could work? With some bluish or yellowish couch pillows? You think? 

Of course there are other items I have my eye on:

I want this rug for my entry way. 


I might as well post pictures of everything else at World Market. We will probably pick out a TV stand from their collections as well. Eventually. ONE THING AT A TIME, MAGGIE.

I stared at this lamp for a very long time tonight:


But it's not a Right Now item. So I came home with two of these (in white):


Also not Right Now items, but I was out for RETAIL THERAPY, which requires purchasing SOMETHING, and these were within the retail therapy budget. I hung them on the hooks outside on the deck. 

This table and chairs set (AND the sideboard, I could not have this table WITHOUT the gorgeous sideboard) were adorable, but nicer and pricier than I was intending for the space off the kitchen. And we're not out to replace the dining room table (yet) (and when we do, we will be buying A Huge Table, not a cutesy round one.)


I have no idea what to put on the walls. I have a lot of pictures, but they all seem SMALL. Eventually we're going to need a couple of Big Things. My only idea thus far is to snap up one of our artist friend's Way Cool Paintings, but as they are also Way Expensive, we're not worrying about that right now. 

The owners left all the window coverings, either shades or curtains (or both) and miraculously, I really like the curtains. They're all some sort of heavy, textured/patterned white on black or espresso rods (I can't tell). I like them. I won't be switching those out. I might want to add some curtains in the living room though, and the problem will be matching the rods. Again, not a Right Now Item. 

I also think about paint colors, bedroom furniture that will bring us out of the College Era, and decorating a girly nursery, but none of that's going to happen any time soon. Molly never got a girly nursery, on account of living in our closet until she was seven months old, and Third Baby won't get one either, on account of her brother and sister living in her room until we HAVE to move Third Baby in and shove the older kids into the bedroom downstairs. 

And this is before I even get to my FAVORITE things, which are Table Linens and Serving Dishes and Centerpieces. God help our bank account.


Kate P

Both rugs and the lamp are mesmerizing. Plus I like the colors.

That's pretty nice you got the window coverings that were left behind, and they're good. I ordered new curtains for my huge patio door and am on the fence. . . they might be a "not a right now" item, too.


Maggie, I couldn't believe you were eating the egg on the rice. That's what I eat everyday! We call it EggyBob(bob is the rice in Korean). My husband says next to me, "Don't forget a drop of sesame oil!" I can't wait to see your completed interior! We all need some HGTV to get inspired, don't we? Have fun decorating! I am glad your kids are doing better, mines are in the middle of it.


Pretty! I am working on doing the same kind of decorating for our house, but in a much more disorganized manner.

Susan Codone

Maggie -- first, I really like your blog. I have been writing fruitlessly for two months and only my friends read my blog, which I am hoping is funny, because it is only about stories of my 3 kids, who generate new material every day. I would love for you to read it and let me know if it is funny. I'm a professor too and write academically, but that is really kind of boring. I like the blog writing better. My blog is http://raisedallright.blogspot.com. I actually teach web design, so if I get more traffic I will make it prettier and perhaps even get my own domain. I would love to get your feedback. I live in Macon, GA, but am not from here, so that is one of my least favorite questions too! I completely understand. Please do let me know if you read my blog. My email is codone_s@mercer.edu. Thanks!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Love the rugs and the lamps and the lanterns. So much fun, all this "necessary" shopping!

Christy M

That first rug? It is SO AWESOME. I want it right now.


Ha! That couch is also the couch we have picked out, save for we want the couch chair combo. It is comfy. Go Maggie, I like your choices.


I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant, which means NESTING HAS COMMENCED. Luckily, my husband nests along with me, so he's the one who took me to the furniture store last week to pick out a new couch---we're becoming a family of six, we need more seating in the family room!--and he's the one who wants to get me a new desk so our youngest can have my desk, and I am DROOLING over the desk he wants to get me, because it has a CPU storage area, which means stupid cables and things will be hidden, ha ha!

And then my crock pot broke--because i was tired and accidentally banged it against the sink, and well, it was cracking anyway and we needed a new one...so I dragged the kids with me to the store today and came home with not only a new crock pot, but new oven mitts (need) salt shaker (want), measuring spoons (want) and drink pitchers (want).

This baby should come soon before I burn through our retirement fund.


I love that sectional, and I thing that first rug is amazing!


Oh dear. Now I want a kitchen table, chairs, and sideboard. We don't even have ROOM for a sideboard.


I love that sectional. Exactly what I was looking for (only not a sectional because our house is not ideal for a sectional, unfortunately.) I also love the rugs.

I did my first baby's nursery gender neutral because we knew we wanted more kids, we only had a 2 bedroom house to begin with, etc. I absolutely love it, but I also wish I could have had the fun of doing gender-specific nurseries.

My dining room table is my absolute favorite piece of furniture. It is a pub-height table that when pulled out to it's fullest size is 6'x6'. When it's in it's smallest state it's 6'x4' and it's SO awesome for dinner parties, large and small.)


As a fellow lover of World Market, I can say that I own and love that second rug you posted--have had it for about three months. It is beautiful. And I can say, hands down, DO NOT buy that rug for your entry way!!! Do not. It is adorable and perfect. But it has a white background. A natural-fiber, flat-weave white background. Which means? It does not hide anything. And it is not washable. Unless you have a VERY strict no-shoes-in-the-house policy, it will be filthy in mere seconds if you have it in an entryway. And when I say no shoes in the house, I mean like you have people actually removing their shoes on the front porch, before they so much as touch the rug, and that includes everyone from family members to visitors. Just wanted to warn you!

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