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My stupidity apparently knows no bounds

Well, we survived Tuesday

You know I love you, Internet, but the Fireplace Decision is already Decided. Unless the contractor triples his estimate when he goes in and punches a hole in the box to see what's inside, we are getting rid of it. Because no matter the handful of people who cock their heads at it and say, "I think it's... INTERESTING," WE, Team Cheung, think it's a bunch of wasted space. 




What do you DO with that space? 


Anyway. Obviously we made an offer on the house knowing that it CAME with the fireplace, but once the inspector told us that the box wasn't structural and the contractor's initial estimate was within the realm of possibility, we wanted it out. 

Today hasn't been terrible. Which is an improvement! Maybe half as much yelling? And a dinner picnic on the floor of the playroom with a new Tom and Jerry in the DVD player? Not bad, Me! 

Also, I bought this for Molly at Target:


I initially passed on this because it was sleeveless and we won't have sleeveless weather until August (MAYBE) but then it turns out that ALL the dresses are sleeveless. And this one was at least in a non-offensive Eastery color (what is with all the orange and coral and olive green?) and wasn't OVERTLY plasticky or shiny looking OR too grown up looking and my sister said it was cute. So it's the dress For Now. Sorry the picture is terrible. I bought a little white shrug to go over it and my mother bought her an Easter bonnet. Win. 

In other news we are going to a Pre-K open house at the Potential New Parish School. I'm not interested in Pre-K, mainly because I'm happy with our preschool and the Pre-K and Molly's schedules wouldn't mesh well, and with a new baby I am just not up for that, yet, I think, WHO KNOWS. But when I called about scheduling a tour they told me to go to that, and then someone would show me around the rest of the school. SO WE SHALL SEE, EH? I feel nervous. Which is stupid. Whatever.



Glad today was a better day.
I'm totally with you on the fireplace demo. That is the strangest placement I've ever seen.
The only usefulness of the space behind it would be for running laps around the room or secretly spying on people.
Molly's new dress is adorable!


That fireplace is totally weird. But maybe you can just stick your couch over the hole in the carpet!


I agree, the fireplace is weird. But that dress, SO cute!


@Katie - The only comment Jack made about the new house was that it had a "good hiding place" ie: behind the fireplace. So there's a use we didn't think of!


Ha! Jack and I are on the same page because the first thing I thought of was that it would make a great fort


Girl, I would LOVE to be in charge of a sledgehammer for you. AM STRESSED. Goodbye and good riddance, weird fireplace!!!


I definitely agree the fireplace has to go. I didn't realize the hole in the carpet was going to be that big, though. That's a lot of space! I still wouldn't replace it yet, though. Your two-area-rug idea sounds pretty good.

Christy M

OK, that was totally not what I was imagining. It has to go. I was thinking it was just on a peninsula out into the room, which is weird but not such a dealbreaker as Out There In The Middle Of The Room With A Dead Zone Behind It. That room is going to look so much bigger!


The space behind it is sooo weird, yo. Hide and go seek is the only possible use for that space.

I'm just so curious about it. Like, WHY are there eight outlets back there? What did they DO with that space? Is it made out of brick? How does it not burn up when the fireplace is on?

Things like that.

Also, Molly can be a flower girl with that dress! Get her a gig.


Oh, that's weird. Maybe bookcases, but then you can't access them very well back there.

Maybe after it's taken out you can just put your couch and a rug over the hole in the carpet. That looks like a lovely place for a couch. Once the fireplace is gone.


Now that we've seen the pictures, wow what a peculiar place for a fireplace! I was thinking that Flor carpet tiles would be good for the hole in the carpet. They come in all sorts of awesome patterns and colors and you could make them decorative or blend in. (Can you tell I read a lot of house blogs?) By the way, love the dress! I have two boys so I have dress envy over all the Easter dresses.


Definitely see little ones running laps around that thing. Oh northwesty people thought they were SO "innovative" back in the 70's and 80's...
I think a huge area rug will cover it up just fine! :)

And hooray for new Tom and Jerry videos to make dinner seem FUN! :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yay pictures!!! And yes, clearly you need to get rid of it. What's under the carpet? On HGTV, they always find pristine hardwood lurking under the carpet. Does that ever happen in real life?


I feel like all little girl summer clothing is sleeveless, and it is driving me crazy. I live in Minnesota, for goodness sakes! But I do like the orange and coral stuff. =)


If I had to keep that fireplace in my house (which you don't, but I am not a "changer" in houses, for some reason--which is, ummm, laziness), I would probably get some custom shelving put in back there, double sided and very deep, for toy storage. You know, sort of like the Expedit shelves from IKEA. It would hide them nicely so you wouldn't have to actually look at them. But if you have the toy situation covered elsewhere, that extra floor space would be HUGE.


That is just terrible placement of that fireplace. I did think it might be a good toy in storage area that is relatively out of sight yet accessible to the shorties. Have fun with your demo!


That is the weirdest place for a fireplace that I have ever seen. Of course, it would be good for hiding toys behind, but seriously wasted space.


First, I agree with you about the fireplace. It would be one thing if it were in the middle of the room with living space on either side, but it creates a weird sort of hallway for no reason whatsoever! Ineffecient. Also, it looks as though that room is sort of separate from other rooms (but I don't have a full perspective, so correct me if I'm wrong). So, if you want to replace the flooring but don't want to re-carpet the whole house, maybe you can just put a different floor in that room only, at the logical breaking point. Laminate? Inexpensive hardwood? Something to think about.

Also, you should let me know what size your Molly is wearing and I can send you at least two perfect Easter dresses. Seriously. My kid has a whole attic full of hand-me-downs. I just took out the Spring clothes in her size (mostly 5T) and found no less than eight dresses (!) that would be perfect for Easter. And she's had this happy problem every single year. The people who pass their clothes to us like dresses. A lot.

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