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Temporary, as-soon-as-I-post-this-I-will-be-fine blog freakout

First, I will tell you that Phillip came home from work, was unfazed by the fact that the kids slept till five and his wife did not have dinner ready, and took the children to Costco for hot dogs. As soon as I write this out I will be scooping myself a gigantic bowl of ice cream and watching The Good Wife on Hulu. 

He also went to Costco to buy luggage. I knew he was going to be out of town all next week. What I just found out tonight is that he'll be gone all of the following week as well. I thought it was a two night trip. It's four nights. 

I wrote about this for Parenting and was afraid to read the (hardly any, natch) comments because HELLO, AT LEAST MY HUSBAND HAS A JOB, AM BIG FAT WHINER. But, uh, now I am REALLY freaked out. 

Because while he's gone I still have two kids, a third one sucking all available energy, and an entire house to pack up. Phillip gets home from his second trip three days before our house closes. (And he'll be traveling after that week as well.) 

I've decided that I need to actually think about this and plan stuff out because OMG two weeks. So. Okay, first thing is I need to get back all the moving boxes from the last person we lent them to, so I CAN pack up. I need to buy packing tape. This will keep me occupied. And I basically did it all by myself last time (although I wasn't pregnant) and I wouldn't say packing is Phillip's forte anyway sooooo yes, this will be fine. 

I will hang my head and flat out ask my friends to watch out for me. One of them always has us for dinner when Phillip is gone and obvs I will be taking advantage of that. I need to be better about planning morning playdates in advance. 

My mom is working right now, but we can probably do an overnight at their house if I'm really exhausted, especially because the second week is preschool spring break and I won't have to figure out how to get Jack back to Seattle in time. My in-laws are still Monday superstars, which is good because I have appointments on the Mondays. And I have a sister with a weird work schedule - maybe I can bribe her into hanging out with us a few times. 

I will not feel bad about the television. I will pray for nice weather so the kids can play outside. I will stock up on chicken nuggets and cereal. 

Anything that happens with the house will be better by virtue of our kick ass agent. 

The whole time I can look forward to being in our big new house in just a few weeks. 

I will not stress too hard about the state of THIS house. 

Okay. I feel better. I can do this. And now I'm going to eat ice cream and listen to the quiet. 


Sarah in Ottawa

DO NOT feel guilty about calling in reinforcements for the next little while. I'd be calling in my parents AND asking my inlaws to come up to help, plus calling on local friends. You = pregnant, mother of two shorties, grad school/business travel widow, trying to pack up and move while current residence is for sale. Do whatever you need to do.

Can I do anything to help?


I wish I could send you some of my boxes - I carefully stored them all in the attic because buying/finding boxes totally and completely sucks.

You can do it - two weeks is so manageable and if you narrow down your list of objectives to Keep Everyone Alive and Pack The House you will be really impressed with yourself if you manage to, say, eat a pan of brownies. (Hey! Sounds like a great idea to me!)


Oh your house moving sounds just like mine! We were suppose to close at the end of April- we're closing next Tuesday b/c our lender is afraid we're going to lose our interest rate b/c of the possible gov't shut down. So Tuesday it is! Which is so soon that we can't find an affordable plane ticket to fly my dad out to MA to help us. So it's just me, Konrad and the toddler, moving by ourselves, over Easter. Like you, I am scared. And just like you, somehow I know we can do this. :)


You can do it! Pressure is a great motivator! My husband traveled constantly before we moved and I had a similar freakout. My realtor actually new a woman who was willing to help sort and pack for $10 an hour. Best $150 I ever spent! She even helped me figure out what to donate while packing and drove with me to the donation center to get rid of it. Ask your realtor if you need someone like this.


I hate packing. Hate it. I don't really mind unpacking, but packing is the worst. This last move, we had packers and I wanted to kiss each and every one of them.


oops I meant knew a woman.

Christy M

If I lived anywhere near you (you know, like instead of 3000 miles away), I'd offer to come over and help pack. I'm a freak who likes packing, but I REALLY like unpacking. I have a friend who advises to always move when pregnant, because people feel sorry for you and will come do all the work. She said she had relatives coming out of the woodwork to help and she barely had to do anything. I wish!


You will get it all done. Don't feel bad, we all need help sometimes.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

YES. That sounds like an excellent plan. And I know that while I dislike ASKING for help, I am always glad to GIVE help. I am SURE that your friends and family feel the same way.

ccr in MA

Yes, you can do it. And yes, ask for help. You can do it! You can do it!


Oh, I feel for you. Our oldest was born a year after our wedding, and during his first year of life, my husband decided to finish his PhD (he was ABD--all but dissertation), a project that required the building of a telescope from scratch, and lots of research, all the while holding down a full time job in industry. At a company that was irritated when he took time off for his son's BIRTH.

Now, ironically, he's a professor teaching grad students, and he understands how hard that life can be on families.

Definitely ask for help. You're MOVING, for heaven's sake! And pregnant! With two small children! TV is your friend. I know it's mine when my husband is out of town.


You can do it, Mighty Maggie! We'll be moving (hopefully) soon, and it is so freaking daunting! There's so much stuff! And kids don't exactly help... like at. all.

Good luck!


Oh friend. You're not a big fat whiner. We all have our struggles and this is something that you're going through right now. It is very real, it's a big deal, and it's HARD. Hard x3, actually: pregnant, moving, traveling husband. Combine them and it's just plain old crazy hard. And that's okay! You're right - having a job is a huge blessing...but it doesn't make any of these crosses feel any less heavy. I think that having a strategy is very smart. Schedule schedule schedule. And take EVERYONE up on their offers to distract you all. It's gonna be a long month, that's for sure, but I have every confidence that you'll make it through just fine. XXOO

Kate P

I dunno, you sounded as if you were gaining perspective by the end of your so-called freakout! You definitely have your eyes on the prize, the new house. Best wishes that it all goes smoothly.

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