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Well, we survived Tuesday

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So, TODAY. Ugh. Not one of my better days, you guys. Jack is... dude, I don't know. Doing the kind of stuff where you tell him to stop and he TRIES to look contrite but is just BARELY hiding his triumphant grin. You know? Or ignores you. Or continues doing whatever you just told him not to do, but with one minor adjustment. OR putting his hands on his hips and HUFFING when you tell him to knock it off. Stuff like THAT. And my standard response today was to just sort of look at him with vague confusion, because seriously, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS KID and WHY WON'T HE JUST LET ME TAKE A NAP ALREADY. I happened to do this in front of both sets of grandparents, therefore earning myself a big fat parenting FAIL, and I just keep running over the [many, various] FAILURE scenarios in my head, wondering what the heck my problem is. Because bad behavior from almost four-year-olds is to be expected, but what is also expected is that the mother DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT FTLOG.

Molly isn't much of a peach either, if I may say so. There was the giant screaming incident over a zipped up coat, for example. The steadfast refusal to use the potty before we left the house, resulting in 1) getting manhandled into the bathroom and 2) using the potty before she actually GOT to the potty. Molly ignores me too - she will even TURN HER BACK ON ME - but Molly eventually caves to the Mean Mommy Voice, which doesn't even register with Jack. 

Also, my husband is Way Far Away and parental lectures via Skype have even less effect than parental lectures in person. If you were wondering. 

ANYHOW. Both beasties are now in bed, all of us promising to have a better day tomorrow. Eh. I keep vascillating between thinking that Jack is secretly attending How To Mortify, Exhaust, and Drive Your Parents To Drink Camp (in this fantasy I envision my younger brother as his camp counselor, giving him special "how to push YOUR crazy mother's buttons" tricks) OR I think that he is emotionally if not intellectually clued in to the giant mess that is life right now and is Acting Out. 

Gah. I'm sorry. I will stop talking about my beasties children. NOW I'm going to talk about carpet. 


So! We are probably going to bludgeon away the weird fireplace in our house, leaving a big hole in the wall to wall carpet. Wall to wall carpet that is not necessarily the most beautiful to look at, but which is NICE and not at ALL in need of replacing. And! They do not make this carpet anymore. Which means we can't buy a fireplace-sized chunk and stick it in the hole. The Carpet Dilemma has been the cause of much marital strife lately, mostly because my husband thinks we can 1) demo the fireplace 2) paint over the green and 3) replace the carpet (which is almost the entire upstairs due to the circular floor plan) in, oh, FOUR DAYS. Me, I am skeptical. (Do you see how our usual roles are reversed! HOW NOVEL!) 

He wants to do this because we pretty much have one weekend to move. THIS IS HOW NUTTY EVERYTHING IS RIGHT NOW. And he wants to get all this big stuff done before we move. But... that is just crazy talk. (Says me.) Even if four days were technically enough (also to CHOOSE carpet and PICK paint and all that, because I'm not doing either of those things without first BEING IN THE HOUSE) everyone knows that remodeling projects ALWAYS last longer than the people in charge say they will. This is pretty much the ONLY thing I know about remodeling! 

At this point I think I have Phillip agreeing to 1) paint and 2) fireplace demo, and putting off carpet selection, if we need it, until later. Because aren't carpet installation dudes USED to moving furniture? But I am also thinking about area rugs (or LOTS of area rugs, or REALLY BIG area rugs, because the hole is in a weird unfriendly-to-1-single-area-rug spot) to cover up this hole. Because as much as a hole would be annoying, paying to replace carpet that does not need to be replaced is also annoying. Right? Right. 


You know what I think about when beasts and carpet get me down? The long narrow pantry cupboard in my new kitchen, with SLIDING DRAWERS hidden inside. This lifts my spirits. I'm sure you understand. 

P.S. If I owe you an email, I KNOW. I am SORRY. Even though right now I'm going to shut the laptop and SLEEP. 




Painting and Demo would definitely be my top priorities. Demo-ing creates mess. There will be dust EVERYWHERE.
And speaking as the wife of a professional painter, painting is easiest (read: cheapest) in an empty-ish house.
What colors are you thinking?


If you MUST demo the fireplace, then yeah, you should probably do it before hand because OMG that is going to be a mess. But I keep hoping you're going to leave the fireplace be. Haven't you seen those houses with that feature on the HGTV shows? I always think it looks so cool. And you know, a fireplace is pretty cool. (yes, I'm from FL, but I grew up in a house with a fireplace and I miss it) Plus, then what are you going to do about the "plumbing" of the fireplace? You can't just have this random hole in your house, can you?


All I can say is good luck!


Photo of fireplace so we can vote. DO IT!


Hmmmm..... I would wait on the whole project. You're pregnant, you're overwhelmed, you're tired. You're not even in the house, and you might wind up liking the fireplace. Why make yourself crazy(ier)?

Prioritize. Get thru what you really need to-- packing, unpacking, settling in, disposing of 72 yards of packing material, getting comfortable. Isn't that enough crazy? It would be for me.

In six months you can do this stuff. It can still be done before baby arrives. Yes, it will make a big mess. But at that point you can just go live with your parents for a week (or three) and get out of the fray. You'll have had time to think it thru, price out the options, etc.


Definitely demo before you move. And wait on the carpet. And is it possible that you could just select part of the room (where the fireplace is/was) and put down a different kind of flooring - say wood, or whatever - and then it's like a "room"... you know like in great room concept houses how the kitchen and family room have different flooring?
Yeah, photos would really help. Post immediately. I'm sure you have absolutely nothing else to do right now. (Sarcasm!!!)
PS... don't worry about the kids and imperfect mommying ... anyone would be losing it with all you have going on and the little sweeties doing their best to test the limits of your sanity. :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I agree with OurLittleAshley. How can we, your Internet Decision Team, make a call on the fireplace if we haven't seen it? Pictures, please!

(I'm sure that's EXACTLY what you need now, what with kid irritations and packing stress, is to have invisible people demand photos of your new house!)


Ok, I know this may be crazy, but I was thinking...is there a spot in the house with the same carpeting that you could take it out of neatly, use an area rug there, and use the carpet you removed to fill in the hole, at least temporarily? Like, if there's carpeting in a side room (dining room, nook, etc.) where a single cute area rug would work, you could just remove it from there and fill in the hole with that carpet. Chances are the answer is no, but I thought I'd bring it up just in case. And I totally know your joy over the cabinets. I lusted after pull out shelves in a house we looked at, and kept thinking about them even after we didn't get the house. We ended up with a beautiful one, though, and much to my surprise, the old cabinets (refaced) in our new house had the old school version of slide out shelves! Granted, I haven't actually had to use them much because of how I was able to store things (big cabinets are so great in comparison to narrow ones), but it's nice to know they're there. And I have a big pantry. Score!


I say keep the carpet for now. Replace it in a few years after three kids have trashed it and it is in need of replacing! In the meantime, you won't care as much when the kids trash it, because its just temporary carpet with a big hole, anyway. Definitely get the painting and demo done before moving, though.


I HATE fireplaces, I am with you. They are pointless! Though, I am with your husband on the carpet, those people are FAST!

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