Well, we survived Tuesday
Packing shmacking

My stupidity apparently knows no bounds

To top everything off, my dryer broke. And I didn't figure it out for three days. See, sometimes our [very old] dryer needs an extra cycle to get everything dry, especially if the load is full of towels like this one. So I wasn't surprised when it wasn't dry, I just turned it back on. 

But then it STILL wasn't dry. So I turned it back on again. Perhaps I thought to myself: Excellent! I CAN'T fold clothes right now!

But then it STILL wasn't dry. This time I pulled out the lint trap and oh dear, it was an inch thick. That must have been the problem. I cleaned it up and started the dryer again. 

Still not dry. I started it again and put my hand in two minutes later: COLD. 

Sooooo... on one hand, I don't care! I'm leaving! On the other hand, I stlil get to live here for two-ish more weeks. And I have small children. I've made arrangements to take my laundry, college student-style, to a friend's house Friday morning and after that, who knows. I may be knocking on YOUR dryer door. 

(Yes I know I should call my landlord. But I don't feel like it. I will make Phillip do this when he gets home. Shut up.)

I wrote about the Catholic school open house at Parenting today. The story deserves a few more details, which I will eventually outline here, but for now I'll just say: WHO KNOWS WHAT WE WILL DO.

Jack keeps whimpering in the middle of the night - I got up three times last night just to see that he was whining in his sleep. So then I'd go back to bed and NOT sleep. I'd think about carpet or schools or the various things on our calendar that I haven't yet figured out how to accomplish and it was all very STRESSFUL. I had to keep telling myself: Self! Go to sleep! Erase the brain! Erase the brain!

Not that that ever works.

I'm skilled at putting a good face on things, and when a friend called last night to check up on me, I told her that anticipating Phillip leaving is always harder than him actually being gone. For some reason I can focus on the day to day and not get too bogged down and it's fine and he comes back and everything is better. I'm certainly doing that this time, but I also feel very aware of Everything Else. I just feel like there is an abnormal amount of STUFF going on and for this reason I have given myself permission to have either a good cry or a doughnut when I get overwhelmed. I haven't cried (YET) but I'm also sort of proud of myself for accepting the fact that things are Hard Right Now. This was a big part of figuring out my anxiety stuff - telling yourself everything is fine when things are not fine is not exactly helpful. And may lead to irrational thoughts, sleepless nights, and inadvisable blog posts.

So everything is not fine, but as soon as I accept that, I go right on to Doing It and I know things will EVENTUALLY be fine. This is a hard part and sometimes I look at websites full of sparkly jewelry so when I tell my husband he owes me I can tell him exactly WHAT he owes me. 

But right now the kids are in the bath tub and we might be late for preschool and life goes on. 



I totally did the exact same thing when my dryer broke - don't feel bad. My husband also decided to move our dryer into the new house 2 weeks before we actually moved in. Which meant I had laundry hanging up to dry strew all around the basement of our rental. I had a weird pinoneer woman feeling about hanging up all these tiny socks.

I remember those sleepless nights before the move when my mind was racing the million gallion things i hadn't figured out yet. yuck.

ok now i'm heading over to parenting to read about the catholic school visit.

Sarah in Ottawa

Pretend that you're a college student - take the laundry to your parents' our your in-laws' house! It's not like you don't have boxes right now. Also - if you don't need some of the clothes you're washing, just leave them in the box for your move. Win win!!

You are a prostar. You are just grinding it out and you know that this, too, shall pass. Go Maggie!

I look forward to the piece over at Parenting, too.


We just moved from where I grew up and we got married to another state about 3 hrs away. It has been hard, but my husband received a job promotion (a blessing in these economic times!) and we sold our old house in 3 months luckily, though for a bit less than we were hoping.

I have a 2 yr old son and 10 month old daughter (I can relate to you so much...they are 15 1/2 months apart!) I just read your piece over at Parenting....we too are planning on Catholic school. So far it starts at Kindergarten 5 full days a week so my son will do Parents Day Out this fall, then preschool at the same Christian school (it comes highly recommended) and transfer over to our church for parochial school for K-8. Yes it is expensive, and I am a SAHM, but we have decided to put a certain amount aside for each child if we can for school each year.

Good luck with the laundry, my son just got over being sick for the last few days and I am finally catching up with my own!


You do have a lot of stressful stuff going on lately. I think you deserve both a good cry and a doughnut whenever you'd like.

What jewelry have you picked out so far? Is it something that I ought to get too? I haven't gotten new jewelry for a long time.

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