But I AM sending him to Timbuktu
Ten Things About My Beloved And Me

AND no one bothered me about seeing the house today. SCORE.

If the handful of Tums I just downed are anything to go by, I had a delicious evening. I highly recommend teeny tiny BFFs-Only birthday parties, complete with Costco lasagna, a preschooler dance party, and make your own sundaes. I wish Phillip had been there. It's a really awesome thing to see your friends' husbands swinging your kids around in the air, to do the Twist with your friend's two-year-old, to welcome any random kid into your lap. One of my biggest hopes is to see all these kids grow up together, till they're so grown up that they all come to visit their parents on the same floor of the same old folks home. 

Things are moving along with our home-before-we-head-to-the-old-folks-home. Today I got two phone calls. One to schedule our signing (GAK) and another to tell me to bring a cashier's check for $OMG dollars and fifty-six cents. So it appears this house really will be ours, with or without green walls and awkward fireplaces. It doesn't seem real. The more I think about it, the more the unrealness has to do with the fact that this is The House. It's not the starter house or the rental house or the house we hope to be in for five to ten years. Well, some people have recommended that's what we shoot for, the Next Five To Ten Years House, but honestly? Twenty years sounds good to me. Longer even. I don't even live there yet, and already it feels more permanent, more MINE, than that sparkly new townhouse ever did. 

I'm pretty tired. I finally got the kids in bed, and YAY FOR ME, it was cake. I finished up my dorky Easter blurb, held my nose, and sent it in. I threw all the clothes Phillip left on the bed into the hamper and crawled in. Preschool's on Spring Break, but where God has closed the preschool door he has opened a window full of sunny weather. It's SUPPOSED to stick around. At the very least I hope the "occasional sunbreaks" happen during naptime, when Jack is completely content to roam around the backyard making mud, picking dandelions, and digging in the rocks. Plus there's just something about sunshine making everything better. 

Oh I suppose I should tell you I had another dr appointment today. I forgot my phone so I was not only bored in the waiting room, I was convinced it was A Sign. Something bad would happen and I would not have my phone to call Phillip, call a friend, call my inlaws watching the kids, call someone to drive me home, ETC. I know this is ridiculous, but I've already been feeling guilty that I haven't spent much time thinking about Third Baby AND feeling more twingey and crampy and uncomfortable than I was at this point with the other babies. 

Everything was fine - I know how lucky I am to be able to say that. Not only that, my doctor, whom I adore, was extra adorable ("it's my BIRTHday today!") and when I hid my eyes on the scale the nurse chirped, "124! Awesome!", and then it turns out that I've only gained three pounds since my last appointment. Which is some kind of record. And/or magnificent feat given my diet of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and frozen waffles. 

When I think about everything all together I want to hide under the covers. But each day is so tackle-able. And so many good things show up. Ugh, I am making my own self want to barf. Or maybe it's the lasagna. EITHER WAY. I am now going to [Perk Of Absent Spouse!] fall asleep in the middle of last week's The Good Wife. See you later.



How exciting to be in THE HOUSE, and no longer have to be a part of the whole housing market handwringing kerfluffle. Er, well almost there...SOON. You can do it!


So glad you had a good day!


Writing that check is scary, isn't it? It always felt like I shouldn't be allowed to write such a big number on a check.


Seriously? You weigh 124 lbs? I haven't weighed 124 pounds since... well, it's been at least 10 years. And you're pregnant and had 2 kids? I know you did the whole diet/Hot By 30 thing, but geez. Maybe I can't like you anymore.


Good job on the weight- you're doing amazing! And I'm with you on hoping that the sun sticks around- Daniel said it actually snowed!!! in Bellevue yesterday!


Glad to hear you are mothering superbly this week - one day at a time!
Sounds like the birthday party was absolutely wonderful! Bummer that Phillip wasn't there to share in the fun.
The amazing thing about pregnancy is how easy/carefree it can be. Your little one is growing just as God intends he/she to. All you have to do is make sure to take care of yourself.
There'll be plenty of time to shower your baby with love and attention once he/she is born.


OMG my hubby is away too and I agree the main perk of no spouse around is being able to hog covers, sleep uninterrupted by snoring, and spread out comfortable. That and watch whatever you want on streaming Netflix.
YAY that things are going well!!!


Wait, hold the phone... you're only 124 pounds? And you're preggers? Do me a favor. Go eat some more cookie dough. Or a chocolate shake or something. Serously. Just wow.

ps... glad you had a good day! :)

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