Poetry Saturday
Quick note before I crash

There is just one moon and one golden sun

I started packing tonight. I figured this was a good idea, seeing as how the kids are staying with grandparents tonight (foisting children off on the grandparents on the first night of daylight savings: BRILLIANCE) and we've already spent a small fortune at Target on snacks, travel-size toiletries, a few extra clothes, and child-size headphones (that was Phillip). Oh, and borrowed my in-laws' brand new suitcases. WHY NOT?!

I've been religiously checking the Anaheim weather and stocking up on cheap little clothes (aka LAYERS), but I'm still sort of baffled as to what we'll actually need when we get there. We're planning on hitting the park in the mornings, coming home for lunch and naps - the hottest part of the day - and going back at night for parades and shows. So... MAYBE we'll need a few pairs of shorts? But it's not really going to be HOT. So also sweatshirts and long pants and maybe a vest when it gets colder? Or a full on jacket? Do we need the full on jacket? I have their rain jackets, if only to get us to OUR airport. I have several different kinds of shoes. And I have extras of every layer because I am not fully convinced we can get through a day without pants-wetting. So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm OVERpacking, partly because I have to and partly because my in-laws bought some pretty giant suitcases. 

As for Phillip and me, we're going light. If only because neither of us has any Disneyland-appropriate clothes. One of us is too fat and the other only owns khaki pants and approximately 573 dress shirts with blue stripes. 

Oh, and going on what I learned last time, I'm bringing most of the food with me. Cereal and peanut butter and snacks. You can buy those things when you get there, but you will need to take out a loan. 

So I THINK everything is going okay. Phillip has a Big Day at work tomorrow, so he's upstairs Stressing, and I am downstairs staring at a couch full of miniature clothes. Except not anymore, I am writing to you about being stressed about miniature clothes. 

BUT NOT REALLY! After we foisted the children we had a really nice afternoon. We decided NOT to look at houses. We decided napping and general Lazing Around was a much better idea, then we took ourselves to Target and dinner at an Indian restaurant and, be still my heart, bubble tea for dessert. 

This does not bode well for tomorrow's First Doctor Appointment. I'll have you know that I totally watched what went into my mouth yesterday and I LOST weight (I HAVE IT TO LOSE) but today there was, well, Indian food and bubble tea. Sigh. I keep telling myself that the nausea = eating will not last forever and the bubble tea was for Impromptu Date Night and also I am going to DISNEYLAND where I will be walking about nine thousand times more than usual. If I don't keel over from exhaustion, that is. We shall see. 

Also, I cannot decide if I'm nervous about this appointment. It's the Heartbeat Appointment, but I feel pretty zen about that. I think I just don't want to GO there and I don't know what ELSE they'll want me to do and whine whine whine. I don't know. I THINK I am zen. I have no reason to NOT be zen. Except for the fact that it's been well established that I am not at all a zen type of person. BAH.


Stephanie M

I live near Anaheim, in Yorba Linda. This weekend it's been cool/comfortable, but sunny. Looking at the weather, it seems like that's going to be the status quo this week, and you should be prepared. Now, at night, you'll definitely want sweatshirts/long sleeves, but it's not really cold, just...cool? Yeah, I know, not much help, but really I just wanted to say the weather looks fabulous for a week at disneyland, and while I know you don't know me (and I don't even know if I've ever commented before?), if you need access to something while you're here feel free to email me. :)


Pants (if Molly has yoga-type pants, they worked well for Fuss) and t-shirts with a sweatshirt will probably be a good idea. If the kids have hoodies, all's the better. If you've got 'em, pack both a long sleeved t-shirt and a short sleeved one for mishaps. And extra pants. I only know Disney WORLD from experience, but that it my packing when the weather is iffy. If you've got the room in whatever bag(s) you're bringing into the park, bring an extra whole set of clothes for you and an extra shirt for P. Walking shoes. For all of you. My 3 year old just did an entire day of Sea World (10-6pm with no naps, heaven help us) in her sneakers and did great and I was glad to have mine (even though I made the mistake of wearing my Shape ups, they were still more comfortable than my Crocs, I think)
I pack a back up bag whenever we'll be away from the house for any length of time and I have begun packing for myself too. Other people's bodily fluids all over you a time or two and... well, I know you know the drill.
Fuss had been successfully potty training for about 36 hours when we left for Sea World a couple of weeks ago and she did AMAZING, so here's hoping your kids do as well!


I just wanted to say YAY! for Baby #3 because I haven't already. I'm 14 weeks with Baby #3 myself now, although my first two are quite a bit older than yours, so I think I've got it a lot easier. And I totally admire you from afar. Heh.


And a smile means friendship to everyone!

Now, we were in Florida, but we needed shorts for our Disney trip and didn't have them. We did not need jackets. I used to live in LA and you'd probably be okay with just sweatshirts. I didn't own a jacket until I went to college.

I am very excited about your trip! We had such a good time on ours!


Have a great trip- enjoy the sunshine!

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