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I've been pretty disappointed with the new houses on the market this week. Or should I say LACK THEREOF. I was SO looking forward to post-holidays when people would start selling their houses again, but so far this week there's been all of two or three matching my requirements and they're all duds. Not like we're planning to move any time soon, and I am seriously happy to stay in our rental another year or two, but I have an OBSESSION and it is called REDFIN. I am not happy when there is NOTHING TO CLICK ON. 

And then sometime today I landed on a new listing and I immediately emailed it to Phillip with the subject line: "if we want to live in Suburb Town, this is the house." And it is. It is the right size, the right condition, the right location (for Suburb Town) and, most importantly, the right price. The price is so right that we think something might be wrong with it. 

What I did NOT expect was for my husband to get all excited and want to call the realtor to go see it this weekend. GAK.

And then tonight I had coffee with a friend who lives in Suburb Town and she was enthusiastically making the Case for Suburb Town and it was all sort of cute and maybe a little exciting and then on the way home I was all DUDE! NOT READY FOR THIS. 

Because even though I've been thinking about (and writing about, I am very sorry) City vs. Suburb for what feels like years on end, I still can't decide. I don't want to call a realtor because I can't even narrow down what I want. I don't want to move to Suburb Town, not just because I like the city, but because of all the CHANGES. New preschool, new doctors and dentists, new schools, a new church! That's HUGE. A new church would be so freaking huge. I don't want to think about that!

But we will never find a house of that size THAT WE CAN AFFORD in the city. That is that. 

One day I will have to make this decision. But I do not feel like making it this weekend. 

You are saying: you're just LOOKING! You're investigating! You're checking it out! You are not MARRYING THE HOUSE! 

And I am saying: HAVE YOU MET ME?!

Ugh. You know this is all because the price is right. Otherwise I wouldn't even mention it. 

AAAAANYWAY. Total subject change: my children are loud. Like, LOOOOOOUDDDD. And it is making me crazy. Jack's always had a bit of loud in him, but now he's shouting all the time and Molly, his second in command, Batmangirl to his Batman Jack, his peon, his minion, his number one fan, his mini-me, must be loud as well. IF NOT LOUDER. I cannot stand sitting with them while they eat. Shout shout shout! And then I have to shout to tell them to stop shouting and then they think I'm playing along and OH DEAR GOD IS IT NAP TIME YET? The last couple days Phillip has come home to find me with my hands over my ears, forehead resting on the kitchen table. I don't know what I'm going to do next week when he's gone. Buy earplugs I guess. 

Wait, I'm not finished. It's not just shouting, it's being shouted AT. I've always been shouted at, but it used to be the exception, not the, you know, normal way to get my attention. I can be standing right next to them and I'm STILL shouted at for milk. I swear, every other sentence out of my mouth is, "How do you ask me for that!" And of course I have to shout it, otherwise they don't pay attention. I am SO outnumbered. 

I REALLY want some chocolate, but instead I'm going to go upstairs and eat one of those awful "healthy" cookies I tried out of the Weight Watchers cookbook today. LAME.


Erin Marie


Whisper. My Sunday School teacher did it. It worked.

And the main phrase that comes out of my mouth all day long is "Try again." because my 2 yr old is also a yeller. And a bossy one at that.


Maya has taken to shouting "NO!" to everything I say, even when she means yes. What are they trying to do to us?!

Oh, the suburban vs. urban debate... you probably know we just chose to do the opposite. We'll see how we like it, how we deal with less space. Now that we just found a house, I think I'm going to have to force myself to NOT look at craigslist anymore, lest I find something "better."


I was about to say the same thing that Erin Marie said! If you whisper to them, they have to shut up for a minute to figure out what you're saying. They might even start whispering back, and think it's funny/fun. :)

I've tried it with success a few times. My kids are loud, too. I'm always telling AJ, "I'm RIGHT HERE! I can hear you." Rrrrrr.


I was relieved when I found out we couldn't afford to move because I didn't have to find a new daycare and pediatrician. I understand what you mean about not wanting to make that decision yet.


I like the whisper idea and my trick is to tell Fuss that I can't understand/hear her when she whines (I have more of a whining problem than a shouting one, thank goodness.) I told her that my ears don't work when she whines and so she has to stop whining to be understood. It (often) works.

Melissa T.'s me! Every now and then I have a minute to check in on your blog.

I call it HOUSE PORN. Jim does it all the time. I mean, we had just moved to the 'burbs and he was already back on it. I guess it's a hobby.

I sometimes miss the city, but then again, it's really not that far away. I never really went too south of the U district anyway.

Happy New Year!


Have you had their hearing checked? It seems like I knew someone else (but can't remember who right not to SAVE MY LIFE) who had children that shouted constantly in lieu of normal conversation only to find out at some point that they had hearing loss and then the parents felt terrible for not figuring it out sooner. Just a thought.


Oh, we had/have the shouting here. My favorite thing to do, when I get a "request" shouted at me, is to ignore it. Yep. My ears turn off when a certain volume is reached. The kids figure out to use their normal voices pretty quickly. Especially when I leave the room after they shout for more milk.


I don't have the shouting problem yet. I think because she's the only one and knows that she has my full attention. I did have the shouting problem when I was teaching. That is when I stopped liking background music at home and started liking silence.


If I have a vote in what goes on in your life (and Ifully realize I do not) I would vote for you to stay in the city. You actually live in a cool city for one. It's not like you are choosing b/t (cough) Cleveland and Cleveland suburbia. Seattle! It's one of the cool cities! Stay!'s the same everywhere and it has it's perks but I will tell you, last week I looked at what we spent on gas last year and it was so much, and that was before I added in the costs of having a 2nd car. LAME! And also last week I visited my brother in Toronto (also a cool city) and he lives right in the heart of it and it was Just! So! Cool!
Alright I have to go drive 7 miles to dinner at a chain restaurant now. Later! Good luck with the yelling. :)


Shouting sucks. I've got whiners in my house. No fun either way - especially when you are flying solo for hours and hours on end. I feel your pain.

I say go look at the house, especially because Philip is excited about it. If you hate it, you hate it, but at least you went to see it.

We randomly set up a showing at house that was priced too good to be true and ended up closing on it in less than 2 weeks (it was a short sale on the brink of foreclosure).
Sure the house has it problems (leaning retaining wall, pet stained carpet, ect.), but every house does. As you fix it up, you are making it into your own home. Since you are renting now, you've got plenty of time to fix the essentials before you even move in.

Our house is technically in the suburbs, but its actually an historic town with a small town feel. We are 3 blocks from Main Street, with libary, locally owned hardware store, grocery store, pharmacy, pizza joint and 16 mile off road recreational trail.
We are closer to our church than we were before we moved. And there is public 4k, 5 mornings a week with a bus. (Unfortunately our church closed its school several years ago because the public school district is so strong.)

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