It was an awesome time, even though Elizabeth decided we didn't need the feathers I went to Extreme Measures to acquire and she should not think I am going to let her forget about that
Only Wednesday

In which the burn out is delayed by naps

I don't know what this time change whining is all about. Do you know what the time change gave ME today? NAPS. Nap PLURAL. About two holy hours worth of no one needing me for anything and LO it was TRANSFORMATIVE. Both kids woke up from their naps (NAPS!) around five (FIVE!) and instead of flipping out about how late it was or how I was screwed for bedtime, I was simply... refreshed! So when I brought Molly into Jack's room and asked them what we should do with our evening and Jack said "play my card game!" I chirped, "WHY NOT?!"

And I didn't just play one matching card game, I played TWO matching card games. TWO. GAMES. With one small person who thinks he should get to look at ALL the cards and one small person who turns over the two exact cards on every turn. I mean, truly, a lesser person would have driven the nearest pair of blunt kiddie scissors into her eyeballs by the fourth turn, but not me! I got NAPS!

The time change meant the kids were up at 6:30, but most days I'm up at 6:30 anyway. And it meant we weren't rushing around all crazylike for preschool. And yeah, Molly fell asleep in the car on the way home from Costco and only woke up when the preschool teacher delivered Jack to the car, but who cares! There were naps! 

The unfortunate thing is that today was probably it for preschooler napping, and it sucks to be reminded of how absolutely glorious it is. SIGH.

But it was especially good since Team Cheung is sort of running out of steam over here. Between work, school, questionable mental health and various bloggy unmentionables, Phillip and I could really use a break. Not really a break from our kids, although all the stuff going on does make it hard to be our best around them. It'd just be awesome to take a day or two and go some place where work can't call you and papers aren't due and anxiety doesn't exist and just CHILL. And talk, since time for conversation is in short supply. 

I hear, though, that that place doesn't exactly exist and perhaps we need to take what we can get, which at this point looks like a weekend at my parents' house and a nice dinner out using a gift card Phillip received for his birthday. Everyone should be so lucky, I know, to have family nearby, and family who WANTS you and your kids to spend multiple nights in their house. It'll be good, but I have this huge bummer of a feeling that this is just what things are going to be like until school's out for good. SEND WINE.


jordan 23

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I can't believe the preschool teacher delivers Jack to the car. That sounds rather awesome.

Keep on trucking.


tomorrow kiddo has school (and daycare) and hubby and I are off from work. We may only get our "own" time from 9 - 5 tomorrow, but we'll take it, and we've already vowed not to do one iota of housework or any other "chores." Heck, we might not even get dressed! Yippee!


Thank GOD for daylight savings! Both my girlies took naps yesterday afternoon. When they woke it was dark, so i dimmed the lights, gave them a drink and snack and ushered them back to bed. i had almost forgotten what a quiet house sounds like. SO peaceful.
My husband and I are overdue for a date night. Magically my mom isn't on-call Friday night and agreed to watch the girls so we can have a night out and perhaps even some actual adult conversation. My vote is to check out a new art exhibition while my husband is desperately trying to snag a second ticket to Marquette bball. we'll see who wins out.


Yes, I am jealous every time you talk about dropping your kids off with the grandparents!

Two naps! Yay!


I actually have plans to have a nice, leisurely breakfast out with my husband with only the baby in tow and I'm psyched. I know how you feel - feeling burned out. I have been having daily headaches of late, which is killing me. I still have all the chores to do, plus my husband has been working longer hours (and not getting paid for them - he's salaried) so I'm doing more alone-with-the-kids time. We have gift certificates to hotels on the beach and can't find a babysitter who is willing to take them both overnight so we can use them!


Horribly, daylight savings time has been a huge nap disruption here. It just threw the whole baby off. She's not eating or sleeping properly yet.

Matt came home from work early yesterday with the flu. And I was like "awesome, we can spend some time together!" And that is how bad his work hours have been lately. So I feel your pain.

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