Seven thoughts at the end of a very long week
Notes before I crash into my bed

A butterfly, Spiderman and a Wookie walk into a bar...


That's our friend Lucy in the picture. We also had a ballerina, two fairies, a dinosaur and a fireman in attendance last night and I am BEAT. I am also doing a Chocolate Detox. Or I would be, if my husband had brought the Halloween candy to work like he was supposed to. 

(On a related note, I think my busy street contributed to our two total trick or treaters - one age seven or eight, one age thirty. I AM NOT EVEN JOKING.)

Anyway, I have nine million things to do before I leave Thursday morning, so no post for you! Maybe some pictures! 



Perhaps he is in detox today too. 




They are so adorable! Jack's costume is making me reminisce to last week's Modern Family... :)


Your kids are so cute its ridiculous. Lucy, too. Are all the cute kids in Seattle?


I think all the cute kids live in Seattle. LOVE the last pic and caption.


Love the photos of the kiddos in their costumes! We had exactly ZERO trick-or-treaters for the 3rd year in a row. Good thing we are moving to a home in family-friendly neighborhood and out of the rental on the busy road. Good luck getting ready for your trip. Be sure to pack plenty of layers and warm clothes. Dare I tell you that snow is in the forecast this weekend?

Morgan S.

Cute pics!!!!!


My goodness, your children are cute. Elizabeth recognizes them from their pictures now, she yells "Jack and Mollwee!" And that is like the cutest butterfly ever, the stripy leggies totally make the outfit.


Love the pictures- your kids were adorable! Liz was saying how well Jack did with his mask and everything. Belated happy halloween!


Oh my gosh! So cute!

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