Awww, you're the best
First sick day

And now I'm going to fill out Jack's book order. SO! INTERESTING!

I just wrote the boringest post in the WORLD. Seriously. Because I love you I deleted it, and now I am having a glass of wine and thinking NOW WHAT? It's not as if I have a plethora of Interestingness going on over here. 

As evidence: I am drinking my wine out of a water glass. This is because I 1) broke the single wine glass I keep in the kitchen for solo wine drinking purposes and 2) I am too lazy to fetch another wine glass from the sideboard in the hallway. Even though it is precisely four steps away from the kitchen. And I sort of LIKE drinking my wine out of a water glass. THIS IS HOW INTERESTING I AM. I AM SORRY.

Today was a good day, mainly because the in-laws had the kids and I had time to do whatever the heck I wanted which was, namely, shop. I spent so much money this weekend. I'll have you know that half the things I bought on Sunday I returned on Monday, but that did not lessen the joy of buying things. I know that's a horrible thing to have joy around, but OH, a new sweater in just the right color is TERRIBLY joyous. I am just stating FACT.

I am also proud to note that I went for a run. It was a gorgeous sunny day, I was all alone, Ke$ha was brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack and I was not stopping to walk. So, to sum up: I played volleyball Sunday night, I ran today - what will I do tomorrow? Running is out of the question as I am proper stroller-less, but I might do a shred during preschool, or maybe take Molly on a long brisk walk if it's nice again. Either way, the goal is to do SOMETHING. Oh! This reminds me: the treadmill people are coming to fix mine on Saturday. They were EXCEPTIONALLY friendly in their response (email! I got to EMAIL them!) and reassured me that they would figure it out (perhaps I sounded a smidge desperate in my email?) and they are coming SATURDAY. Woo hoo!

In other news, I am a holiday planning QUEEN. First of all, we are going to stay in our new neighborhood for Halloween (the last couple years we've gone to my parents' house because they live in one of those perfect for trick or treating neighborhoods) AND we've decided to do it with friends. Do you know me? Come to my house on Halloween! EAT MY CANDY! I've even put up decorations, you guys. We are prepared. 

THEN we started discussing Thanksgiving and how sad is it that neither of us can remember what we did last Thanksgiving? We alternate families and I SWEAR, I cannot remember whose house we were at. All I'm going on at this point is my sister who says she doesn't remember me at MY family's Thanksgiving, which means it's their turn. So we have that figured out. And spoiled wittle Phillip will get to have a second Thanksgiving on Friday because his parents are super accommodating and want to make sure he's properly fed, ie: sticky rice stuffing. I am not being snarky either - have YOU had sticky rice stuffing? It's really the only Thanksgiving food I look forward to, well, that and peach jello with the ice cream on the bottom. GOOD STUFF. 

AND THEN we started talking Christmas! Are we productive or WHAT! (By "we" I obviously mean "I".) We're still not sure what we're doing for the actual holidays, as that's always a big confusing pile of driving and Mass times and staying the night, but guess who ordered invitations for her Christmas party? You're invited to that too. 

LA LA LA life moves forward even when you're anxious. 

P.S. I know you're thinking that THIS post was pretty boring too, but trust me, it's only the SECOND most boring post in the world. 



Any post with jello in it is ok by me. I want to know about the ice cream jello! And how to make it. And I want to know more about this alleged sweater.


Hey, you are on top of things! I have Halloween and Thanksgiving planned, but other than the "we're hosting and everyone is invited" general plan of Christmas, that's all I got for that thus far. I will need to look at that some more in the coming weeks.

And the shopping thing... OMG. YES! Sometimes I just get the need to SHOP. And I am right there with you when you mentioned "a new sweater in just the right color is TERRIBLY joyous" because, yeah! Obviously. I did a tiny
bit of that last week and I'm hoping to do more soon.


Not as boring as mine!


I'm jealous. Holiday planning is a NIGHTMARE with our families.

If only we could plan ahead, but NO ONE wants to do that.

Last year, we had to have 10 different Christmas celebrations in 4 days. I do NOT want to do that again!


Can't you check the blog for last year's Thanksgiving? Wait, I just did, I am pretty sure you went to the in-laws. This is what blogs are good for.


I read this post yesterday and I've had that Ke$ha song stuck in my head ever since...

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