I AM planning to sing "Preschool Musical" as I escort him to the front door

What is this feeling, so sudden and new?

I have tried to start a fairly serious blog post about ninety times at this point, and now my Wicked Soundtrack Pandora Station busted out the 'Seasons of Love' and I'm having a really hard time not laughing. I mean, apparently the universe doesn't WANT me to write a Fairly Serious Blog Post. I can't imagine WHY, I mean I am so GOOD at Fairly Serious Blog Posts!


Okay, maybe we'll just suffice to say that I? Am doing better. A lot. I know this is true because I talked to something like nine thousand people this weekend and not once did I think to myself that I would rather be cleaning horse barns or doing math or running sprints. No, I actually had FUN talking to OTHER PEOPLE. This is a good sign. 

Oh my gosh, now it's playing Come What May from Moulin Rouge which is the Moulin Rouge song (okay, maybe ALL of the songs from Moulin Rouge) I turn up to Eardrum Blasty in the car and BELT OUT even though I sing like a chipmunk with pneumonia. Oh man. Maybe the universe wants me to be angsty and serious AFTER ALL! I mean, suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste!

Tonight we visited some friends who just built a new swingset in their backyard and all the dads were outside with the kids and the moms were inside talking and it was so much fun that I was all WAIT. Why don't we do this MORE OFTEN. Which is a VERY good sign, don't you think? 

It's hard being an introvert, you guys. The extroverts are always, "Dude, what is UP" and then getting all frustrated/confused/offended/bored when you can't articulate what is Up, even though you would very much LIKE to articulate what is Up. Sometimes it's so hard that you pretty much stop talking to people altogether, not that I have much experience with this, AHEM. 

But I talked to people yesterday and I talked to them today and I made plans to do more talking this week and oh, things are much better. I have to tell you about the talking I did at the bed and breakfast but I think I'll save it for the Catholic blog because, well, I may have to mention the words "Dobson family" and I'm in too much of a seasons of looooooooooooooove! mood for that right now.

Oh wait, did I tell you about the bed and breakfast? So it was Phillip's birthday last week and I wanted to do something Fun except I only had so many dollars for Fun and what to do with the kids but it has to be DIFFERENT and blah blah blah I ended up finding a bed and breakfast in my parents' town. So we left the kids with the grandparents and went to the fair at night and stayed at a bed and breakfast. Which sounds kind of awesome, right? Except for... oh, so many things. Better known as: stop trying so hard you big fat dork. 

So for our HONEYMOON we planned this incredibly... I don't know, I think at the time I thought it was ROMANTIC, so this ROMANTIC trip down Highway 101, which is the highway that follows the Pacific coast. We were going to drive 101 and stay at bed and breakfasts on our way to San Francisco, stay a few nights, then zoom back up I-5 in time to go to work the following week. ANYWAY. What a BUST. Turns out we are so not bed and breakfast people and we are ESPECIALLY not bed and breakfast people if they are all Victorianed out. Which, as you know, 99% of them ARE Victorianed out. Plus, you have to eat breakfast with PEOPLE and sure we like people most of the time, but we are not there to CHAT and you have CHAT and once we checked into the Westin in San Francisco and had ourselves a proper honeymoon experience, we figured this out. Bed and Breakfasts: No. Swanky hotels: YES PLEASE. 

And yet! We keep trying this bed and breakfast thing! Or, rather, *I* keep trying it. I keep thinking it will be COZY! And ROMANTIC! But it's just... FUNNY! Like this place, I mean, it's hilarious that there's a bed and breakfast in my parents' town AT ALL. And it's this exact replica of a Parents' Town Semi-Famous Person and decked out in the MOST hideous Victorian stuff and OMG the owner sat down and talked to us all through breakfast WHAT WAS I THINKING. 

(I am doing better, but not THAT much better.)

It totally sounds like I drank thirty-seven coffees or at least threw back a couple of G&Ts before I wrote this post, doesn't it. But I didn't! Am totally sober! 

Anyway. We managed to find it all funny instead of lame, which was good. And I sat and ate funnel cake on a bench at the fair while Phillip and my sister went on these rides that made me motion sick just watching. Fun times! 

Pandora is now serving up Jump by the Glee cast and now I need to go, I don't know, do some high kicks or something. Woo!



I will NEVER understand b and b's. My mom is all over us to try one, and we are like, um no. Glad you are feeling better!


Glad you're feeling better! And this Pandora station you've got going on sounds like something I could TOTALLY get behind. Must try!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

It does sound like you threw back a couple of G&Ts! But I like this exuberance! So glad you are feeling more Up!

My husband and I keep trying the bed and breakfast thing, too, even though we are ALSO not talkers... But we have a vacay coming up and we will definitely be staying at a bed and breakfast. But it's a fairly swanky bed and breakfast, so hopefully it won't be as flowery and old feeling as some.


I don't think I've been to a bed and breakfast in the US, so I don't know how I'd like it. It might be weird. But the bed and breakfasts we went to in Ireland were awesome. Sometimes I dream of Irish breakfasts... And talking to the owner is much more interesting when they have a nice accent and you have specific things to talk about (what touristy thing should we go see today?)


So ... I have only had one B&B experience, but it was very very nice. If you ever decide to try again, I recommend this place: in Oakhurst, CA - you can go into Yosemite during the day, and at night there's a very good sushi restaurant in town (I recommend staying away from the barbecue joint). If you go to Houndstooth, rent the "Summer House" and no one will bother you ... it's amazingly beautiful and you could even take the kids if you so desired - there are about 5 beds in the house.

We stopped in on our honeymoon (we did two weeks starting in San Francisco, then wine country, Yosemite and finally, Vegas) but this was our one accommodations splurge and it was well worth it. Fantastic! And we never spoke to anyone, except upon check in.

In other news, I think I'm an extrovert in an introvert's body. I wish fervently that I could be that type of person, and I was in college, but somehow in the last 6-7 years I've lost the ability to communicate to new people. Or people in general, except my regular group of friends.


I have only been to one B&B, but it was really more like a hotel but with the best food ever! I don't know how I would do with forced breakfast interaction.


I think Matt might die if I took him to a bed and breakfast. He has enough trouble talking to people we know.


Never stayed in a B&B, nothing to add there. But I am LOVING the music you're listening to! "Come What May" was on my wedding cd, and the reference in your title is great!! I have really only heard "What is this feeling?" and "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, but I luurve them!

Glad you're feeling more chipper! (And the singing like a chipmunk with pneumonia? Hilarious!) Keep smiling!


SOME B&Bs don't require you to talk to total strangers. The B&B I stayed at for my honeymoon had more of a restaurant-type breakfast area and we sat at tiny little tables for two and ate decadent things like eggs benedict and cafe au lait. It was the PERFECT way to spend a honeymoon. You could talk to other patrons if you wanted, or sit in a corner/section by yourselves and have an intimate breakfast. So what you're looking for does exist. But I've also stayed at several of the type that you're talking about... sometimes it's fun. But I could totally see that especially on a honeymoon that would not be an ideal environment.

ccr in MA

Well, woo to you! The highs are nice, aren't they? I'm not exactly on a life high right now myself, but at least I've got a knitting high going! And once I find a new job, that will be a major high. Cross fingers...

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