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I'm disappointed to report that I was less than impacted by No Impact Man's talk. Or, rather, his talk-giving abilities. ALSO. I spent entirely too long fretting over what I was going to wear. I was all, "Phiiiiiiiillip, I have Fancy Clothes and Slouchy Clothes but no WORK CLOTHES" and it was all very stressful. Lots of fretting over Appropriateness. I ended up in a pair of gray pants - pants, because it was a cold morning and all of my skirts are of the casual variety - and a black top with an embellished neckline that was more Happy Hour With The Ladies than Business Casual, but you guys, I no longer OWN any Business Casual. And black flats - flats, because I was planning to do a lot of walking. Seriously, my closet and I were having breakdowns left and right. 

THEN. I get to the event and 1) the organizers are wearing skinny jeans and little cardigans and zebra print flats and cool hair and YES they are just cool girls in general and I will never be as hipster as they are, BUT STILL and 2) plenty of attendees were wearing jeans, this IS Seattle and 3) the SPEAKER was wearing jeans. ANNOYING. And then! I ended up taking the bus home right afterwards, so I hadn't needed to worry about a work appropriate outfit I could wear all day and GAAAHHH. 

Also, I missed my connecting bus, even though I sat at the bus stop for HALF AN HOUR (I'm going with: it never came!) and it was all so frustrating and irritating that I totally deserved a stop over at H&M on my way home. 

Okay, I have to tell you that I almost never go to H&M. I've bought various things from that store at various times, but mostly I walk in there and am immediately accosted by 1) My Oldness and 2) My Distinct Lack Of Fashion Forwardness. Both of these things are characterized by the fact that I can't believe people actually wear half the things that are sold at H&M. But H&M works with my budget and I was needing some retail therapy and maybe I could fake twenty-something style. Yes? 

OH, H&M. You baffle me so. I tried on a sweater that I KNOW was supposed to be ginormous and long and downright poncho-like, but the size medium-large FELL OFF OF ME. And I ended up buying a pair of pants two sizes larger than I buy at other stores. Ordinarily I would be horrified by the mere thought of buying pants two sizes larger (bad for the psyche!) but this is H&M. They are crazy. Who knows what size I am at that stupid store. And I also bought a grayish purplish tank top dress that I am wearing over (gasp) LEGGINGS. 

Can we discuss the leggings thing for a minute? So I remember leggings first being popular when I was pregnant with Molly, and my sisters and I were continually being horrified by tiny teenage girls at the mall wearing three-inch-long miniskirts with (gasp) LEGGINGS. But then I kind of thought a dress with leggings underneath would be an awesome maternity outfit, no? Of course I was too timid to actually wear such a getup when I was pregnant and it wasn't until two years later that I bought a pair of six dollar leggings at Target. Which then sat in my closet for months. Until today, when I bought my H&M tunic/dress and stuck the leggings on underneath. GASP. 

AND I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT. Perhaps I look thirteen. Perhaps I look pregnant. Perhaps this fad is on its way out the door. But I don't care because DUDES. This is like wearing PAJAMAS. Big t-shirt! Elastic waist pants! HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? 

I even wore it out to dinner tonight. I know. I am going to stick my fingers in my ears so I can't hear you. 

AAAAAAANYWAY. That's about the most exciting thing that happened to me all day. Leggings. 

OH WAIT. I was going to tell you how I'm washing my hair with baking soda. Perhaps I was impacted after all! 

So! The baking soda! The results are inconclusive! I've been doing this since... Friday? I think? And you know how I was all "I MUST TAKE A SHOWER EVERY DAY, CHILDREN BE DAMNED" back when I had itty bitty babies? And seriously, I never skipped my shower. You might think this is because I didn't want to smell bad or didn't want to let the spit up ferment in my cracks and crevices, but NO. I have to take a shower every day because I have the greasiest hair in the universe and if I go without washing even one single day my head looks like the Gulf of Mexico. NO LIE. 

But I kept reading about people who started washing their hair with natural products and LO, their hair was beautiful and manageable and completely different in every good way. I had to try it out. Right? So the first "recipe" I tried was one cup of water to one tablespoon of baking soda and no, this did not work. Even though the blogger said that you could even use less if you had thin fine hair (like me). That was my first day and I had an oil slick on my head not two hours later. I know you have to wait a while to let your scalp get used to the new regimen, but that was unacceptable. 

So the next morning I used QUITE a bit more baking soda, but still dissolved it all in water and that went much better. And I've been doing that for a few days now and I have to say I kind of like it. My hair feels pretty greasy right now, actually, and I usually really hate that feeling. BUT. It doesn't LOOK greasy. Which is weird. And the FEELING of greasiness actually makes my hair a lot easier to DO. My hair is so flat and stringy and weird and now it's... not. I don't know. I don't like the greasy feeling, but I'm going to give this at least a week, preferably two. I'll report back. Anyone else doing/done this?



I did the baking soda thing for a year or so and it was... Fine. Definitely cost effective! I think there is an "adjustment period" where you and your hair figure things out. I think I ended up making a paste in my hand and then massaging (so fancy!) it onto the scalp region. I think the reason I stopped was kinda lame: I wanted my hair to smell nice. I'm not a big fragrance girl AT ALL but well, something fresh-smelling, I guess.


I'm so lame I don't even know who Nina Garcia is.

I go to H&M, but that's because K really likes it. And fwiw, she has no idea about the jean sizing either. :)

Emily in IL

I have a lot of long, fine blonde hair that gets greasy if you look at it wrong - so I can totally relate to the 'need to shower every day' thing.

A few months ago, I must not have rinsed the conditioner well - because my hair felt NASTY by about 2pm (and I was at work so no luck fixing it). I washed it w/ baking soda & water slurry (seriously, you could have cleaned the tub with the mix I made) and then rinsed with vinegar, followed by a cold water rinse (to get rid of the vinegar smell).

I was amazed with the results - even the next morning I just wet my hair in the shower (because it looks like a rabid raccoon was nesting in my head when I wake up in the morning) and my hair looked FINE - not greasy at all.

I haven't done it since - mostly because it was kind of a pain in the ass - but I think it was the vinegar rinse that did it for me.


So the other night while standing in the kitchen cooking dinner I say to Garrett (after reading about this baking soda business online) "Hey you wanna start washing our hair with baking soda and conditioning with vinegar? It sounds fun." And he walks over to me, grabs my shoulders, looks me right in the face and says "Holly, we need to help you understand this 'fun' stuff a little bit better." I guess that was where he drew the line with me and my cockamamie schemes...

So yeah, we haven't tried it yet, but I still TOTALLY THINK IT SOUNDS FUN, because I'm lame mostly. :) But I would love an update of how long it takes to get out of the greasy phase, because there is nothing worse than looking like you fried bacon in your hair 2 hours after you wash it.


Me. And I got bullied into using shampoo again while I was just visiting my mother and I immediately regretted it because now my hair looks TERRIBLE.


Okay, you and Ashley and everyone are making me totally want to try this no shampoo thing. And not just because I am almost out of my Aveda shampoo and conditioner and hate ponying up $45 per (huge) bottle. Does anyone know whether the baking soda and vinegar routine is okay for color-treated hair?


Never heard of it. Might make my husband try it first - he uses cheap shampoo anyhow, etc. I buy one of 3 brands - whichever is on sale when I need some. But we're talking under $4 a bottle, so it's been less of an issue. We shall see.

I LOVED leggings in my teens - and wish that the style had stuck around, but now that I am so fat (even pre-pregnancy) I can't find something that looks good. It's comfy, for sure, but the one tunic dress I tried on a year or so ago w/ leggings, I looked HORRID. I was so sad. Seriously. I loved leggings. So, if it looks good on your skinny body, go for it!


I am super close to trying the baking soda thing myself, because since moving to MA I have been having major dry and itchy hair/scalp issues. I have not changed any of my bath products, so I guess I am allergic to something in the water? Would baking soda eliminate something like that?


I use Nexxus shampoo, but shower every other day. On the off days, I use dry shampoo, which I LOVE. I'm assuming its similar to baking soda, except my dry shampoo cost me 18 dollars at Sephora. Although I've mostly heard dry shampoo compared to baby powder. Washing every other day has made my hair LESS greasy. Before, I'd look greasy within half a day following a shower, but now my hair lasts all day. And I like my hair much better on dry-shampoo days.

The baking soda sounds intriguing. Once someone mentioned the vinegar, I got pretty interested. I use vinegar for EVERYTHING. I use a vinegar/water mix in a spray bottle for cleaning and vinegar in every load of clothes washed to get the boy stink out of hubby's stuff.

Jen @ The Short Years

I am very intrigued by your baking soda shampoo thing, because my hair is thin and flat and greasy too. Keep us posted.

Oh, and I love leggings now too. It took me awhile to get on the bandwagon, but now I have not one but TWO pairs. As long as it's with something long enough to cover up my rear and thighs. I see some of these girls with 3-inch-long skirts, or even leggings with shorts! And that I will not do.

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