Seven quick picture-less (sorry Mom!) takes
I was a better mom on vacation

I miss them

Oh internet, I have twelve million things I want to tell you but I am All Aflutter over which thing FIRST and maybe not THAT thing and would anyone be interested in that OTHER thing and oh dear maybe I should just post some pictures and be done with it. 

Except uploading the pictures is Phillip's job and he is doing homework. SO. (SORRY MOM!)

Logistically, relationally, weddingly, every possible way in which to -ly, things went as well as they could possibly go. I am serious. From the flights to the navigating around town to the hanging out with people we hadn't seen in forever to the wedding itself. I mean, my mascara didn't even disintegrate and settle into the wrinkles under my eyes like it ALWAYS does. This trip was THAT charmed. 

Probably the most amazing thing was that I managed to go the entire week without a sunburn. 

No, the MOST amazing thing is how events like these always produce tight and steadfast bonds with the people experiencing the event alongside you. The last time I saw Other Bridesmaid was the day we both graduated from college, nine years ago and we weren't really friends with each other so much as just friends with the bride. But she was my best friend this week - a total and near-instant tie. I always knew we would be friends if we'd spent any time together, so this was proof. We talked nonstop about every aspect of motherhood, and I do mean EVERY ASPECT. We talked about our hair and dresses, she tried to teach me the Gospel of Bare Escentuals, we shopped together, ate together, wondered together whether the bride would be annoyed if we spent the hour between picture taking and the ceremony drinking a beer in the hotel bar. She lives very far away and I found myself sort of distraught over the fact that I wanted to keep in touch with her and how silly is that, everyone knows it's only a temporary Big Event Relationship, but then SHE'S the one who mentioned staying in touch when we were saying goodbye and, well, wouldn't that be awesome?

There was a photobooth at the wedding and I have these pictures of myself and Other Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor, and then another set of the three of us with the bride and I have looked at them several times since we got home, feeling sort of sad. Maybe I'll scan them for you. 

I want to tell you what it was like to be the SAHM in a group of women focused on their careers. I want to talk about island-style. I want to tell you what worked and what didn't work with the kids. I want to tell you about the food and the views and show you the shoes and the dress and oh I HAVE to tell you about this wedding because whenever I asked about it and the bride said, "Oh, it won't be too big," and "No, it's not going to be fancy or anything, don't get excited" she was LYING. 

I wrote all that to remind myself. And to warn you, in case you want to skip out of here for a week or so.

My friend the bride is coming up here next month and part of that time I'll be at another wedding, this time in Los Angeles, but when we come home we already have a date at her favorite pizza joint. And I told her that we're coming back to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary, although maybe another island, maybe Maui? (Phillip doesn't know this yet, although I'm sure he'll agree.) And she recommended some amazing resort on Lanai so now all I have to do is win the lottery or rob a bank because people, Hawaii is always somewhere where you have to go back



Maggie, I've missed you! Can't wait to hear all about it! Glad you had a fabulous time.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

It sounds like a wonderful time, which is so what weddings should be: wonderful for EVERYONE. Can't wait to hear all about the trip and the wedding stuff (still, a year and a half after getting married, I love wedding stuff!) and see pictures.


You are right . . . Hawaii is a place you have to go back! I have been trying to get back for 22 years. Hubby told me we'd go for our 25th anniversary and that is in 18 months . . . but we'll be in Germany, so maybe for our 30th!


Looking forward to hearing about it all! You were missed!


Hawaii is definitely a place to go back to. I've been 3 times and anytime I talk about those vacations I start saying stuff like, "well, next time we go..." I imagine it will be MUCH harder to get back when it's not a paid-by-parents trip.


Glad you are back! We missed you! And I'm totally looking forward to seeing pics and hearing all about it for my own selfish reasons. I'm planning my Maui beach wedding for next March, so I totally need to see someone else's Hawaii wedding pics so I can steal their ideas. :)


I am actively quivering with excitement because I want to hear about every single one of those things. Preferably with pictures. So get going.


I'm so glad your back, and so very happy that you had a great trip! I'm excited to hear all the things you have to tell us!


It sounds wonderful and you sound giddy. And if I sound jealous, it's because I am.


I loved Hawaii so much that after dragging my family + inlaws back just a year later, I started trying to figure out how we could move there. Alas, I never found a way. Sigh.


Sounds absolutely fabulous. I cannot wait for the photographs.


On our first family trip to Hawaii, we stopped in Honolulu, Kona and Lahaina. While Honolulu/Waikiki was fun, Kona was pretty (lava landscape), it was Lahaina/Kaanapali/Maui that won us over and that's where we returned as a family. I LOVE Maui. When I can afford a Hawaiian vacation, it will be to Maui. Also, we took a charter snorkeling boat to Lanai (where I believe the Gates wedding was held) and swam in Manele Bay with the dolphins. One of my absolute favorite memories of Hawaii! Thanks for reminding me :)

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