A really excellent way to end your actual anniversary day
And to think I used to HATE setting the table!

Hawaii weddings: highly recommend

So, this wedding was pretty fabulous. Not least because my kids were so stinking cute.


I even bought Molly a teeny little plumeria to clip behind her ear. SO CUTE.

When we met up with the bride and groom for dinner the night we arrived, she handed me an envelope full of three different schedule spreadsheets - one of them was five pages long. Lest you think I am making fun of her, I AM NOT. No no, I stand in REVERENCE. Had I only the courage and will to force five-page schedules into the hands of my sister's wedding party, perhaps I would not have been coordinating a grand Wedding Attire Scavenger Hunt mere hours before the ceremony. 

But you know, when you are a bridesmaid, and an out-of-town bridesmaid at that, you don't have many responsibilities other than making sure you show up with your dress and your shoes. So I can't say I paid a lot of attention to the spreadsheet, but that is how I knew everything would be orderly and lovely and smooth. And except for the part where the slideshow wouldn't work properly and the groomsman assigned to me was dragged up to the microphone to tell hilarious stories about the groom to fill the silence, it was. (And even that was a highlight, in my opinion. I love goofy groomsmen.) 

It was at a pretty fabulous hotel, in the garden where the hotel holds its luaus. Which means the biggest of the hotel's several private garden areas. Which means: REEEEEEEALLY BIG.

Um, this is maybe a THIRD of the tables. 

The ceremony itself was held in a smaller lawn area behind this huge covered area. 

Um, this is maybe a 42nd of the number of chairs required for all the guests. 

But before all that started we were getting our hair done and hanging out in a hotel room with this view:


Other Bridesmaid and I mostly sat around in this otherwise uninteresting hotel room not knowing what to do with ourselves, as we were the out-of-town bridesmaids and therefore useless in every way. We did hold a lot of flower boxes, I suppose, and say many an encouraging thing during the Get The Bride Into The Dress Process. Oh, I did pin the flowers in the bride's hair. My one contribution to the wedding! Go me! 

And then it was showtime.


There would have been more sobbing if I hadn't kept my head down almost the entire time, trying to avoid blindness by sunlight. I think they lined us up by height too, in which case: sorry for ruining the picture symmetry, Bride! Oops! 

You can't really tell from this picture - 

So! Many! Tables!

- but one of my favorite things were the table decorations. They had floral centerpieces, but the "runners" were banana leaves, and at either end of the tables were fruit centerpieces. But the fruit had all been cut up and put back together with little toothpicks, so you could eat ALL OF IT. Which basically meant our table decor was demolished ten minutes into the reception. 

Oh, I also loved the music.

Hana hou!

For those of you not in the know, Hawaiian music is either the ukulele 'Over The Rainbow' type thing you've heard on occasion, or it's my dad's easy listening radio station slowed down about nine thousand beats per minute.

And once all my hard work was over, you bet I used up those drink tickets. 

Don't mind if I do! 



LOVE the picture of the kids, so cute!


Awesome! I want to go! Maybe I can convince the brother-in-law to get married in Hawaii next year? They are thinking Cancun or something, that ought to be close anyway.


I swear I read and enjoyed the whole post--but I am just stuck on the adorableness of the very first photo. Holy lord.

Mrs. Contemplation

Sounds like a wonderful time. Our wedding song was "somewhere over the rainbow" by IZ. Beautiful!


We eloped to Maui - and it was AWESOME! Despite the cries of despair from my family and friends, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Glad you had a wonderful time - that photo of your kiddos is the BEST! And the edible centerpiece is giving me ideas for my sister's affair in October. Thanks!

Sarah in Ottawa

Oh my goodness - the kids are so adorable in those outfits. And generally, but those outfits are awesome. Look how grown-up Molly is getting!

Alas - all of our upcoming weddings are in less fun locales. That said - a girl can dream. Maybe I can convince my maid of honour to get hitched in Hawaii? Worth a shot.

So glad that you had fun!

Kate P

What cute pictures! Did you do your own makeup? It's lovely. Sounds like a great wedding and well-earned good time by you.

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