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OH INTERNET. How I've missed you. I'm in a coffee shop just down the hill from my house. Phillip said, "Do you want to get out by yourself for a bit?" and I was all, "OH GOD YES WHERE ARE MY KEYS?"

Okay, so I know LOTS of people do not update their personal websites every day, but I am not one of those people. When I don't post, something is going on. I mean, I have to be REALLY tired. And for me to not post two days in a row? THREE? People, I have the shakes. Strangely enough I was okay without email, but I was rendered physically ill at the number of 140 character thoughts I was unable to insta-publish, made miserable by my inability to tell you about the many injustices done to me this week. I had to resort to the actual TELEPHONE. I KNOW. The finger waggy internet addiction people will tsk about this, but GOSH it was lonely. I MISS YOU!

Our house officially closed today. There is absolutely nothing left inside, except the binder full of manuals and paint chips and phone numbers, the house and mailbox keys, the garage door openers and a bottle of nice champagne. Which I left for our buyers despite the contentiousness of the last several days. I thought I would escape to this coffee shop and sit down and immediately tell you the entire story, but it turns out I'm sort of exhausted and fearful I won't do it justice. I mean, I'm lacking in the self-righteous snark department at the moment (I KNOW, is it even POSSIBLE?) and I think this story will need an awful lot of self-righteous snark. I just don't have the energy. Plus, I think a lot of it is ME and that's never a fun thing to write about. "Dear Blog, Turns out I'm not as smart and awesome as I thought I was! Lame!"

Oh, and don't let me forget about the U-Haul part. I'll give you a quick summary: U-Haul sux.

And now I am in a snooty university area coffee shop with two hipster dude baristas, one of whom needed his smelling salts when I requested decaf. Suck it, Buddy Holly Glasses. 

Our new house is as awesome as it can be. Every time I think I've made a lot of progress with the unpacking and setting up, I realize I have another ninety-seven boxes to go and I get a little bit Despairing. But the kitchen is done done done and I love it. Love it love it love. Then again, some things already feel small, some things already feel hard, but most of it feels like just where we are supposed to be. I'm not sure how to DO things - like, I'm used to getting two kids ready in the same room with all their stuff in that same room, and I'm not sure how to do it with two kids who live on two different floors. Stuff like that, that you would seriously never think about if you weren't a parent, or even the parent who does 95% of the morning routine. Speaking of things you would never think about, our new bathtub may be a horrid peach color, but it does not have sliding glass doors getting in the way of bath time ANDILOVEITSOMUCH.

Perhaps you want to know how the kids are sleeping? Since that was the whole rationale for the move anyway? They are sleeping AWESOME. They are even sleeping later in the morning, which, THANK YOU JESUS. Of course, this might be because a certain someone rejected his nap two days in a row, unprecedented in the Cheung household, and his mother was nearing institutionalization. However! He napped for freaking ever this afternoon and who knows how bedtime is going tonight. Who cares! I'm not there! Whee!

Yeah, things have actually been pretty hard with the kids. And you know I was not dealt an extra batch of patience during this entire process either. So poor kids. But poor me too! Molly is so horribly annoyingly frustratingly clingy and Jack is... well, the last time I remember Jack being so consistently difficult to deal with was when Molly was born. Which should give me a clue, right? But it's taken me three days to consider the fact that maybe he's adjusting. I'm such an idiot. But honestly, it's not like refusing to listen to a word I say correlates with moving. I mean, I would understand, "I miss sleeping in the same room with Molly!" or "I really preferred the hardwood floors!" or "THIS carpet isn't as much fun to pee on as our OLD carpet!" but no, my boy is not that articulate. He just resorts to plain old Little Sister Bullying and Mommy Crazymaking. Remember that post I wrote a while back about feeling guilty when I leave the kids with Phillip? NOT TONIGHT! 

That said, every once in a while you get an isolated moment when they're the definition of adorable. Our new kitchen has a back wall of windows and while the kids eat I am constantly updated on "Hair Pane!" and "Doggie!" and "Cah!" and "Look, Mommy, everything's WET!" 

So anyway. The sale is official. We're all good. We're very tired. I miss the internet. My husband, by the grace of God, does not have to go to class this weekend. I have amazing friends and family, without whom this move and the preservation of sanity during said move would not have been possible. Also, I now live within walking distance of Crate and Barrel. How can I go wrong? 



Sonya in San Antonio

Welcome back! The Internet has certainly missed you! Can't wait to hear more about the move, but for now, all I can say is, WOW! If I lived in walking distance of a Crate and Barrel, I would go seriously broke. That store is like dish kyptonite to me...must buy more platters and wineglasses please!


We missed you too! Can't wait to hear all the gory details!


I missed you lots too. And please tell all the gory details, especially how Molly is adjusting. Little Miss will be just about the same age as Molly when we move in 5 weeks, I need to know what I'm in for!

Marie Green

Have I mentioned that I'm a weensy bit jealous of your move? I mean, not the packing/unpacking/paperwork/continuous-headaches-over-details part. But the settling into a new space part. I love my house and could honestly live here until I die (or get too old to handle the stairs), but there are SO MANY OTHER houses I would love to live in too.

Here's to hoping the unpacking continues to go smoothly!


Welcome back! I missed you!! So glad the worst is over and now your life can settle into a new normal. (Walking distance to Crate and Barrel? Hoo boy that would be dangerous for me!)

P.S. ... K~ asked me last night, "Does your friend still want to read my blog?" ... I don't think I can even tell you how priviliged you would be (she won't let ME read it. But I can't complain because I don't want my mom to read my blog either!). So, when you get your internet back, if you feel like reading the deep rantings of a 14 year old, let me know. :)

Amy --- Just A Titch

"Suck it, Buddy Holly Glasses."

Oh, Maggie. I adore you.


Oh, my! I do hope you enjoyed your decaf and that you get some extra rest (HA.) this weekend. I mean, I know you probably can't, but. Try. In the bathtub maybe. Happy New House!


So glad you're back! I feel I am doing a virtual throwing my arms around you here. I've missed you! And as you all adjust, things will only get better. Right?


Oh, my goodness, moving is so hard. SO hard.

I know how you feel about missing the internet. I keep wondering "but what is everyone DOING?"


My kid (and a couple of the kids I babysit) go into total misbehavior mode when their world changes substantially. Daddy's out of town this week? I'm going to turn into monster child. Spring Break messes with the routine? Let's start ripping out pages of our books, just for fun. So yeah, I imagine Jack's just dealing with adjustment issues. It will get better.


Maggie! DO you know how much I've missed you? (I found myself saying to the screen, "you didn't call ME!" and then I remembered you don't have my number. Or my time zone. But anyhow...) Glad you're back!

And I cannot WAIT to hear the snark about how the closing went, etc. Very excited to hear it. Truly.

Hugs! I'm sure things will get better w/ the kids adjusting after a few more days. But I sure am glad they're sleeping!

Kate P

Glad to hear everything is good, even the weird peach bathroom! You are often thought of (kindly) and missed! :)


Glad you're back! Looking forward to you getting back in the posting routine. Congrats on your new house and good luck with the settling in!

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