If only child-wrangling burned as many calories as it SHOULD
He comes home tonight

Short (and lazy) but sweet

Things I Should Be Doing Instead Of Sitting On My Couch Eating Yogurt And Writing - Though I Use The Term 'Writing' Loosely - A Blog Post:

  1. Folding clothes
  2. Picking up toys
  3. Cleaning a bathroom
  4. Figuring out what to do with the random bookshelf full of random junk
  5. Putting the dry dishes away
  6. Being at ALL productive

You know I just wrote that list out to make myself feel a little less guilty. Because if I have made a LIST at least I am on top of what needs to be DONE and I can SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY.

I spent my day Optimizing My Kitchen. That means I was buying cute yet functional storage containers, filling said containers with kitchen items and reorganizing nearly everything. This is quite possibly My Bliss, you guys. If only I had unlimited funds and an actual eye for decorating but woe, it is not to be. 

Well, not the WHOLE day. I did walk the kids down to the Fancy Stores (that's what I'm going to call it from now on, where Fancy = Too Rich For Me, And Yet I Cannot Help Myself) and we poked around the play area and the fountains and MAYBE I bought some drastically overpriced HOOKS at Anthropologie, I admit nothing. 

And then Jack yelled at me. Yelled. As in, he did not WANT to be strapped into the stroller and did not WANT to go home and if I was going to make him sit there well then I better give him some FRUIT SNACKS and I will just say that Jack will be lucky if he gets to see Three. He sat in his room a good long while for that performance. I sat on the couch, much like I'm doing now, but in a desperate-ish state of mind, wondering how to conjure The Fear Of God.  

I have some good news on the baby front, though. Wait. That didn't sound right. OTHER PEOPLE'S BABIES. Calm down. So one baby I haven't told you about, he is going to be born TOMORROW. Holy cats! He was originally scheduled for Jack's birthday, which I thought would earn him plenty of good karma, but since Jack is being so THREE lately perhaps the karma is not all that great. EITHER WAY! Tomorrow's baby has been held up in prayer since we heard about him. He will have to undergo some difficult procedures once he has arrived and I know you know even those stupid heel pricks are heartwrenching. So think good thoughts for tomorrow's baby, will you? 

And the other baby I DID tell you about, although I can't find the link and it was a very long time ago. And it wasn't even really about this baby. See, I was very worried about a friend, but wasn't sure if I was worried about the right things and didn't want to pry and REALLY didn't want to say anything if just the fact of my at-the-time two-year-old and brand spanking new baby would make things all the more painful. But you encouraged me to say something anyway and I'm SO glad I did, it was SUCH a good thing and learning my friend's story and holding HER up in prayer has made this news all the sweeter: if everything goes as smoothly as it's going right now, she'll have a baby this year too. Every time I think about it I start to cry, so I'm just going to go grab a Kleenex and maybe another yogurt and call my mother. 


Sonya in San Antonio

Maggie, in that last paragraph, it sounds like you were supportive to a friend who was having trouble getting pregnant and is now looking forward to having a baby too. That is so wonderful. As someone who battled infertility myself before being blessed with my daughter, I can tell you it is a very lonely situation. Friends, especially those with babies and children, often don't know what to say, so they don't say anything and if they've never experienced it themselves, they have a hard time understanding why it's so hard for you to do something that most women do easily. I think it's wonderful you did speak up and talk to your friend and supported her in prayer...all those things, when offered to me by friends, were SO appreciated, because I felt isolated, angry, and sad most of the time. Yay for all of your friends and their great baby news!


Aw, this is so sweet. I'm thinking good thoughts for all these babies.


Awwww! I remember that friend and that other baby and I am SOOOOO glad to hear this news! I actually got happy tears.


Oh, and you can't find the link because you deleted that post. I remember that too. Also, I am not a stalker, I just seem to remember that for some reason.

Kate P

It all sounds good--hope "today's" baby is doing well. Yogurt is good for you!


Oh, I remember that friend, too! (And I remember you deleting the post, too, so Jen's not the only one!) I'm so glad you reached out to her and thrilled about the baby! And I'll pray for the baby arriving today, too. Procedures on babies are just plain scary.

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