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This post is an exercise in brain cleansing

I'm trying to write a post for Parenting about the differences between my kids... it's hard. I feel like I have a gazillion examples and things to point out, but my brain feels fuzzy and I'm getting that awful blog feeling, the "oh, I am SO not explaining this right" feeling. I hate that. Time to write something else. 

Thanks for your thoughts about what to throw out. To be honest, I am VERY much a Throw Out kind of person, but I blame the internet for my indecisiveness. I am constantly reading posts about stocking up on the next size of clothing, or saving this or that for the next baby, or Gift Closets and stuff like that. And I am, like, the OPPOSITE of someone who buys the next size up. It just sounds so stressful. Where would I store it! What if I forget what I already have and buy more of the same! What if I don't like it! What if it's the wrong season! What if it never gets worn! GAK! 

I didn't pack at all today. I didn't even think about it. (Much.) My neighbors came over for our second (and last) playdate. And then I took Jack to an emergency doctor visit. (He's fine.) And then they napped while I 1) did my yoga video for the first time in weeks, I will now wait for the applause, and 2) ate chocolate chips. WHAT. And when the kids woke up we raced over to visit our friends who've been (how dare they!) out of the country and too busy to hang out with us. WHATEVER. 

In case you didn't catch it - it was a lovely day. In a frightfully messy house. 

Speaking of the frightful, I've just given up. You know how they say married women Let Themselves Go? Or older women? "Oh, she's just let herself GO!" (This needs to be said with an upturned nose and scandalized tone.) Anyway, that is what I've done with my HOUSE. I went from crazy insane people-could-be-showing-up-any-second! mindset where every toeprint on the floor was reason for Utter Despair, to "Eh! If I leave those noodles on the floor they'll be all dried up and easier to sweep up tomorrow!" BUT THEN I DON'T SWEEP THEM UP TOMORROW. 

The fact that I've decided to hire professional cleaners (even though this was an inspection stipulation about which I fussed big time) makes it all the worse. Why clean the toilet if a PROFESSIONAL is just going to clean it again next week? I mean, really! 

So I SHOULD have been ashamed when my neighbors came over this morning and I hadn't swept the floors let alone replaced the empty toilet paper roll in the bathroom. I just didn't care. "We're moving!" I said, using this to explain and excuse the total devastation that is my living space. I did manage to load the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and find an acceptable blanket for their baby to sit on, but that's about it. I didn't care. I honestly didn't care. And I'm the freak who sterilizes the counters and dusts the flower pots before anyone whose last name isn't Cheung shows up at my house. 


Totally Random Question: what do YOU do with the child who is screeching for a drink of water a full hour after he's supposed to be asleep? When you are EXTREMELY sure that he is not thirsty because you ALREADY gave him a glass of water when you put him to bed? When you know beyond a doubt that he is just being Bloody Minded? 

(My dad uses the phrase "bloody minded" in reference to my two children quite frequently. I think it is APT.)

I suppose I should march up there and dutifully offer the single swallow of water. If I don't there will be no peace in the house. If I do, it is guaranteed that he will do it again tomorrow night. BLEARGH.


Amy J

Would he respond to a routine that involves a "Last drink"? He gets a glass and you emphasize it the the last one until morning? It has worked in my family.

Sarah in Ottawa

I have not yet encountered the "delay sleep by asking for water" tactic, but am anxious to see ideas.

I am one of those annoying people who has a gift closet, saves stuff for the next baby, and buys the next size up. This is entirely because of my Mom. We're Italian - you cannot go to someone's home without a gift, so the gift closet is essential. Also - you save SO MUCH MONEY doing this. I generally stock up on baby/kid clothes at outlets (this is for other people's kids; my Mom gets great clothes for T at the 2nd hand store where she volunteers), but when I have to pick up stuff on the fly, I am shocked by the cost of stuff (even stuff on clearance).

Wendy Lai

DO NOT GIVE IN NAGGIE! You know he is not thirsty, so you just gotta tough it out one night (or two) so he'll get the message that delay tactic won't work! It's us against them! DO NOT GIVE IN!!!


Moving IS an excuse for your house to be in total disarray. And the professional cleaners only make that excuse even MORE airtight.


When my kids start in with craziness at night (which I can say with righteous indignation doesn't happen often) I turn off the monitor and wait for them to get the point that no water is going to be had. I go up there and deal with the situation if it gets crying. But even then. Keeping themselves up during the night is no biggie to me- just means they'll sleep in a bit in the morning. Waking up during 2 hour naptime? Not so much.


I agree, moving is an acceptable excuse for a messy house. :) People should expect it. :)

No ideas on the water, since we have yet to encounter such things (we don't give her anything after her teeth are brushed - not even water) but if/when we do I'll probably ignore it if I'm sure she is just delaying. But then, I'm all for the fuss-it-out with her and I know it works. I also know it doesn't work with all kids, so when baby#2 arrives, I may change my tune.

Grew up w/ a gift closet in my mother's house, but we seriously don't have room for such things in this house and I think it would drive my DH crazy (his mother is of the opinion that you don't throw anything that MIGHT be useful SOMEDAY out) so no gift closet for us!

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