Someone please tell my husband about this thing called MOVERS
This post is an exercise in brain cleansing

Things I can't decide

The giant Nordstrom shopping bag full of cups. Starter sippy cups, straw cups, handles, no handles, cups with nine different pieces, expensive, cheap. Right now Jack and Molly are using those Take and Toss plastic cups from Target (or regular plastic cups if I'm feeling brave), but I feel compelled to save our Sippy Cup History. You just don't KNOW with sippy cups! Molly liked some of the ones Jack flat out rejected. I don't want to buy another sippy cup inventory for Third Baby. On the other hand, THERE ARE A LOT OF SIPPY CUPS. 

I'm saving the bottles, but the pump parts - what to do, what to do. I barely pumped at all with Molly, mainly because she wouldn't take a bottle so why suffer? And I'm just going to stand atop my I Nursed But I Didn't Like It pile of posts and say that I don't WANT to pump again. Nursing was tolerable but I haaaated pumping. My thoughts with Third Baby are 1) I will nurse, if it works out, because it is free and convenient, but I will not knock myself out with the pumping/storing/thawing. So I don't want to keep these. I would throw them out right now except for the fact that 1) I DON'T KNOW and 2) I can't remember if they were expensive and/or hard to find. (Somewhat relevant information: I had to give the pump back to the friend I borrowed it from, who had to give it back to the friend SHE borrowed it from. I think you are not supposed to do that? Oh well! It worked for us!)

Kitchen things I never/rarely use. The ice cream maker. The fancy wine bottle opener that's been sitting in a box for about a year, never opened. Fancy chopstick set. Fancy sushi set. (Wait, I'm keeping that one. It's PRETTY. Also, what if we have another sushi party!?) Random number of Christmas plates I bought at the BX (Air Force holla!) on Christmas break one year, that I only use at our Christmas party, and then only when I've run out of the prettier plates. Immersion blender I bought so I wouldn't have to bust out the blender every time I made butternut squash soup, but takes forabsolutelyever and gets so hot I can't even hold the handle and was a HUGE disappointment. College era mixing bowls. Knife block we don't use. Silicone cake pans. One of those little as-seen-on-TV vegetable chopper things. 

All the teeny tiny syringes and medicine droppers and various supplies we brought home from two hospital births and one lactation consultant visit. Suffice to say we haven't used any of these things in a very very long time, but we still have them lying around. You know. JUST IN CASE.

Satiny pillow covers gifted to me by one of the random Chinese aunties, which I never liked and do not match anything in my house, but were exclaimed upon by a Stylish Friend who pronounced them, "Gorgeous!" I don't think so, but Stylish Friend is stylish enough for me to think maybe I should be displaying these babies front and center. 

The mini crib and bedding. WHAT TO DO. The nice thing about this house is that we have the room to store it. The other thing is that by the time Third Baby comes along, even if we were to have Third Baby NOW (WHICH WE ARE NOT) we would have a full-size crib available. And yet, I'm loathe to get rid of it. It's adorable. It's way cuter than the pack and play. I bought special pink bedding! 

All the itty bitty baby stuff. The bouncy chair, the Bumbo, the mobiles, the bathtub. These things are not hard to find or purchase, and you can always get them on Craigslist and in secondhand stores. So I don't know. We don't have a LOT of this stuff, but we have enough to make me think we don't NEED to keep ALL of it. 

Books. I've already decided on this one, actually. I decided that keeping every book I've ever purchased does not make me a better person. It also does not make everyone who comes to my house think I am Brilliant and Well-Read. So bye bye entire Jeanette Winterson collection! (Except for Written On The Body, that's mine.) So long assigned college reading! Au revoir book about what to do when the zombies invade and where did you come from anyway? I did, however, keep quite a few, including ALL my middle grade novels. Speaking of, I am still mad that Phillip wanted to see Hot Tub Time Machine instead of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. HTTM was... well, I'll just say that just because John Cusack is in something doesn't mean I'll love it. (Which was how Phillip got me to see it in the first place.) 

The treadmill. It's still broken. I thought we were getting rid of it, but Phillip says he just hasn't had enough time to fix it. I call BS, Internet, because he's spent HOURS (and MANY DOLLARS) attempting to fix it. At this point I feel like we should junk it, but we also have a nice garage for it to live in if we get it running. Hmm.

The huuuuge candleholder thing I bought from Crate and Barrel back when I had no children and kept my house looking pristine. I don't like it so much anymore. Well, I KIND of like it. But I don't think we'll be hanging it in the new house, just because it's so heavy and hard to hang. I don't know. Will I like this in another year or two? Will I want to hang it in the new house? Is it horrifyingly ugly, so much so that you cannot comprehend why I bought it in the first place? Sigh. 




THROW IT ALL OUT. Good lord woman, no wonder you need a bigger house!

Except maybe the mini crib. Maybe that I would keep - or else sell on Craigslist. But the rest of it? GET RID OF IT.

Also am not a fan of wall candle holders but it seems really really expensive. Maybe you could put it outside! Or sell that too.


My opinions:

Sippy cups: Toss! Not worth toting and storing when they aren't all that expensive and you don't know when/if they'll get used again.

Pump parts: Toss! You can buy a pump parts supply kit if you actually do decide to pump next time around. Again, not worth storing when you don't when/if it will get used again.

Kitchen things: Sell on craigslist.

Hospital supplies: Toss! If/when 3rd baby arrives, the hospital/lactation consultant etc... will give you that stuff again if needed.

Mini crib and bedding: Save or sell or loan to a friend.

Itty bitty baby stuff: If you have the storage, save it. Otherwise sell it on Craigslist and re-invest in it when the appropriate time arrives.

Treadmill: Keep it only if your hubby is really and truly sure he can fix it. It's worth having if you have the space, but only if it works.

The decoratey stuff: I have no idea. I am seriously style challenged!


Toss or donate anything that you wouldn't personally buy on Craigslist.

Ice cream maker, knife block, candle-ma-bob, wine opener and baby stuff go on Craigslist, priced to move. You can use the money for stuff for the new house that you never thought you would need but suddenly do.

Keep the satiny pillow covers because Chinese auntie gave it to you. Doesn't take up too much space, sentimental value, and so on.

Have a treadmill deadline. If it isn't done by your birthday it sees Craigslist or the curb.

You're not keeping your books? That's a bit surprising. You won't organize them by color and put them in the Expedit bookcase as a design-y thing that doesn't require actual designing? You could always make a fair market value spreadsheet, donate them, get a receipt and declare it as a charitable deduction. Providing you have the time and haven't already chucked them.


You should buy an airplane so you can just tell your husband to "take it to the hangar." BEST PART ABOUT BUYING AN AIRPLANE.

And then, voila! Not a problem any more!

Sarah in Ottawa

Donate - all the kitchen stuff you don't/won't use, the decorative stuff, the books, and the stuff from the lactation consultant.

I would keep the pump parts (not THAT big) and the baby stuff, if you have the storage space. Maybe not ALL the sippy cups, but the seats, etc.

As for the treadmill - can P really fix it? If not - see ya!

Good luck!


I might be inclined to keep the kitchen stuff you use once a yr. It is still being used afterall.

Get rid of the grownup books to make room for all the exciting kids books that will be making a debut in your house in the next few years. Now THAT is exciting (to me).

I'd keep the baby stuff too. It might be cheap but as a whole is it cheap?


Husband and I are applying the rule that if we have not used it in over a year, it goes to Goodwill- for kitchen stuff, random car parts and tools, etc. Baby stuff- a colleague is having a baby, so we gave her everything (tub, bassinet, play mat, swing). The only exception is the baby clothes. I am keeping all of them for sentimental value as my 86 year old grandmother bought quite a bit of it and the women has good taste. Books are the only issue with us, we're not tossing them... not sure how we will make that work but we will! Probably will end up with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in my bedroom maybe? Somehow, someway. :)


Sippy cups and pump parts: Toss! Both are reasonably cheap and if it's going to be some time before you even need to consider using them again, who knows what kind of deterioration the plastic will be going through by then? And, personally, I think the kit that goes with the pump is cheap enough that I plan on getting a new one with each kid anyhow.

I weed out my books somewhat regularly lately after having so many when I moved both times that I didn't realize what I had and many were never unpacked.

If you can't think of a time when you did use it (satin pillow things) or will use it (candle holder that is too heavy) dump it. Give it to Goodwill or have a garage sale.


If you are planning to have a third baby, then I would keep the baby stuff that you found absolutely useful with the first two and get rid of the rest (and narrow down the sippy cups and just keep the ones that BOTH of the first two kids liked). Get rid of any kitchen things that were a huge disappointment. The wall candle holder? Honestly? Just looking at the picture of it online makes me dizzy. But that is my issue.

Marie Green

I'd keep a handful of sippy cups- the ones that didn't leak- and get rid of the rest. Get rid of the pump parts; you might have a different kind of pump next time. I'd also get rid of all the other baby stuff b/c it's easy to borrow buy for very little $$. I actually love the candle holder and would keep it. I don't know what I'd do with the treadmill...

I find moving to be an adventure- a new place! A fresh beginning! But reading this reminded me how much I hate the PACKING and MOVING OUR SHIT part of moving. Ugggg.


I don't have a solution to all of your packing problems, but check out...'s my favorite way to exchange books with readers across the country.


Keep the mini crib. That will be useful if you are on the other floor of the house and need a place to stash third baby.
Other baby stuff...toss up on that. Depends on how much you want to lug across town (I also second hiring movers for the big stuff. You can hire by the hour and they'll just haul as much as you need them to haul in that amount of time, so be sure to have some super heavy boxes ready to go, too). Fifty million trips gets old fast, especially with kids in the mix.
Treadmill: only if P brings in an expert for a consult who swears it can be fixed. Otherwise, toss.


I say TOSS to all of the above! Especially the baby stuff. I saved EVERYTHING from the twins- seriously, everything. And when we had baby number three, I ended up buying all sorts of stuff. Because the stuff from the twins was old and grody from sitting in storage, was WAY out of style already, and I just wanted new shiny things. That, and all the bottles from the twins were pre-BPA-national-freakout.
Half the fun of having a new baby is getting new baby gear! Even if it is off craigslist! So you may have to buy a few things- I'm sure it's better than having your old things follow you around like a little raincloud! Ditch stuff! :)


Much of this stuff is replaceable for relatively cheap. Sippy cups and pump parts? TOSS. Pillow covers and candleholders you DON'T EVEN LIKE? Definitely TOSS. Broken treadmill? GONE.

Maybe have a tag sale? Or sell this stuff on Craigslist? That way if you do have to replace some of it down the line you won't feel as bad about it.


I say throw it away. I've yet to miss anything I've ever thrown away. Plus, I move a lot and it is nice to not have STUFF to put away. (Not that there isn't still stuff.)


I'm going to take a slightly different side here, because I know how hard it is to get rid of stuff that you may possibly want to use in the next century (especially since you have storage space). Box it all up by category and clearly label it. Store it in your garage for the next year. I guarantee that when you go through your rental garage as you are moving into your fabulous new house, and you come upon the box of old sippy cups etc. that you never even opened in the entire year of living there, you will wonder, "why the F!*# did I keep this c$%!" and you won't have any feelings of remorse in throwing them out.

Jen @ The Short Years

Keep the baby stuff that really worked and got used often. Everything else? Toss. In all my life, there has only been one time I've regretted throwing away something I was on the fence about. And that's mainly because it was a pair of shoes that I (obviously) could live without but my husband (although he never mentioned it BEFORE) really liked on me. So the only reason I even regret that is because he mentioned several times how sad he was that they were gone. Everything else? You really won't miss it.


Ah, one of the eternal "joys" of moving: trying to decide if it's worth moving that one, two, or ten boxes AGAIN that haven't been opened since 1994. I wish you much luck in the packing.

With regard to that crazy candleholder thing that hangs on your wall...I always thought it was kind of cool. Hip even. Julia found something similar at Ross for a fraction of the price, only it's chinch and WAY ugly. I abhor it -- strongly. We keep playing ping-pong with it. She'll bring it out and ask, "How does it look here?" Sean: "" Then she'll wait a couple of weeks and bring it out, and ask again in another location as if the location the first few times was the actual problem... Maybe it'll just conveniently disappear tonight before she gets back from Michigan tomorrow. Hmm... Yes! I'll finally win! ;)

See you on Monday night for moving. Yes, this is my unofficial RSVP.


YARD SALE! What you don't sell you can toss. But keep the mini crib. SNIFF!

Kate P

Does everybody agree that if we advise Maggie to get rid of everything and she winds up needing something, we'll send it to her??? I think we could at this point, there are so many of us!

This indecisive Libra sends you a big virtual hug, Maggie.


I got rid of the Exersaucer after our first kid (who I was convinced would be an only), because i was SO TIRED of seeing that huge piece of primary-colored plastic around the house. There was no place to comfortably store it, and I put it out on the curb during our town's Annual Spring Clean.

My husband asked where it went. "I put it out." "WHY? I wanted to save it so we don't have to buy another one someday!" " was broken. Yeah, that's it." He didn't believe me, of course.

Fast forward three years later and my husband is cursing me under his breath while assembling the Exersaucer we bought for Baby #2. Baby #3 is now three years old and you can bet that Exersaucer is upstairs, smushed into a closet because I will never hear the end of how I Tossed a Perfectly Good Exersaucer.

Anyway, my advice on baby stuff is toss the sippy cups, because old plastic is Bad, and plastic degrades, you don't want kiddos drinking out of old sippys. And all the little bitty stuff like medicine syringes and whatnot? Toss, because you can always replace those cheaply. Stuff like Bumbo chairs, the bigger things? Keep. If you have the smaller stuff gone, you'll have more room for bigger ticket items. I would sell the mini crib, though. All my kiddos started out in a regular sized crib.

But the treadmill has to go. Even my husband finally let go of an old water heater he was thinking of fixing.

Dr. Maureen

I'm late to this party b/c I had to bail out the basement all day yesterday, but I'm with Elizabeth. PITCH IT ALL. Sippy cups are cheap, give yours to someone who needs them. Or toss 'em. Whatever. And any appliances and/or utensils you have not used in the past five years? You're probably never going to.

You have my permission to keep bigger baby things like the exersaucer, but remember that you can get used ones on Craigslist if need be.

KC at Best Cribs

If it still possible for you to have babies, then do not throw away or sell them. I have a feeling that you can buy every stuff you want. Then you can either make a garage sale for all those stuffs for a cheaper price than the second hand stores so that the can't afford ones to buy brand news will have those things that you did not need so far.

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