Seven Quick Things I'll Miss About My House
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Someone please tell my husband about this thing called MOVERS

So, um, you guys, I am sort of FUH-REAKING OUT. We just brought our first [very tiny] load over to the new [very old] house and do you know how much is left? SO MUCH IS LEFT. And I am sitting here on the couch feeling totally weirded out by my naked walls and empty bookshelves and OMG THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.

And because that is the case I'm going through a lovely little bout of Second Thoughts. Wanna hear them? 

  • The new [old] house smells funny. Kind of a combination of Must, Paint and Feet. I am chalking this smell up to 1) old house 2) getting fixed up for new tenants 3) no fresh air in a long while but what if that's just how it smells? WHAT IF? 
  • The house in which I'm sitting right now is neeeeew. Our new [old] house is oooooooold. Why are we selling again?
  • I have no idea where we're going to put the TV. Which, why this matters I'm not entirely sure, since we are going to GIVE UP CABLE OMGGGGG, but I'm finding it necessary to Obsess Over anyway. 
  • I just scheduled my second playdate with my neighbors. SECOND. A week before we MOVE.
  • I have no idea how we're going to carry that giant Expedit bookcase down two flights of stairs and into a truck. None. Obviously it has to stay and I will have to stay with it. 
  • The new [old] house has no coat closet. Panic!
  • We will be sleeping on a different floor than Jack. This was totally okay with me yesterday and the day before that. Today? PANIC!
  • The house is officially ours on Thursday. Which is great! Except it's Holy Thursday. And the day after that is Good Friday. And those are both days that Grown Ups Go To Work and therefore are unavailable for suckering into helping us move. And the day after that is Phillip's First Day Of Saturday School. And the day after that is Easter. AND HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS GOING TO WORK?
  • The carpet is blue. Didn't I notice that? BLUE. I can't live in a house with blue carpet. What was I thinking? Obviously this is a ridiculous idea. Let's just call the buyers and say, "Never mind!" and we can be DONE with this insanity!

Yes. Well. Perhaps I am a leeeetle nervous. 

The best part is that the kids are staying with grandparents tonight which means I can freak out all day long tomorrow, completely undisturbed. I AM SO EXCITED.



Blue carpet con: It's ugly, and won't match your furniture.

Blue carpet pro: People will never, ever know where your children sit at the table. That carpet will hide every. single. stain.

Speaking from the-apartment-I-rent-has-blue-carpet-WTF experience.

(This is assuming your carpet is dark blue like mine. If it's pastel, well, all bets are off)


We don't have cable and it's totally fine. We have a gigantic antenna in the attic and I'm sure Philip can hook you up with the same.

Dude, movers were the ONLY option for us. I knew they'd do it in a tenth of the time, better, and safer. Best money I ever spent; I literally BOUGHT my way out of a stressful situation.

Yay! GOOD LUCK! I'm so excited for you!!

Sarah in Ottawa

We moved all the small stuff (and all the stuff we inherited from my Aunt and was in storage) with the help of a rental van and friends. The big stuff - couches, beds? We hired movers for a couple of hours. We had a really tight squeeze in a stairwell (we barely got the love seats IN) and so we figured it was worth it.

Maybe you can do something similar?

Also - no need to panic. It will all work out! :)

Dr. Maureen

Maggie. It will be OK. It will all be OK. You will get moved somehow, because everyone always gets moved. It works out! How? We don't know! But it does! And the new old house has so many pros! Close to school! Big yard! Awesome cool neighborhood you love! MORE THAN TWO BEDROOMS!

In fact, that last one shall be your mantra. Whenever you start to freak out, repeat, "Three bedrooms. Three bedrooms. Three bedrooms." It will calm you.


We also don't have cable. We have rabbit ears and a vhs hooked up to the 46" HD flat screen my husband HAD TO HAVE! But we do have netflix, and stream it right to our TV. I love netflix!


It sounds like the new [old] house, while excellent, isn't perfect. And that's OK! It's good, really! Because you don't own this house. Make a list of the things you wish were different, and that will help you as you search for a new house to BUY. It gives you a good sense of what your dealbreakers are and what will turn it to be totally fine after all.


We did what Sarah in Ottawa did, and it really wasn't very expensive.

Three bedrooms will be worth it!


When we moved in town, we spent literally weeks going between the houses, one car load per day.

Our last "professional" move was done by the local high school football coach who does moving on the side. He hires (or makes) his football players help him. They are good at carrying stuff, and terrified of breaking things or the coach will get them.


Take a deep breath, M. :)

You don't have to move out by Easter, right? So there is no hurry to move the stuff right this minute. Take loads over, open windows while you are there, think about the TV options, and move next weekend. And plan on using the baby monitor on Jack's room for awhile until you get used to the idea.

And I like what Sarah did - hire movers for a short time to move the big stuff (like the IKEA bookshelf and your couch and bed) and do the smaller stuff yourself.

And giving up cable isn't so terrible. You get used to watching movies and you sign up for Blockbuster online and rent TV shows, etc. We did it for several months and are about ready to do it again.

And remind yourself why you are moving tomorrow night when you are moving Molly out of the pack'n'play into the crib in her shared room with Jack. :)


So when/where can we have a "FUH-REAKING OUT" about moving party? Because I want to come! :) My move is 54 days from now, and I am also beginning to freak out. Thankfully this time the husband's company is paying for professional movers, which is great because I have other things on my mind. Like finding a pediatrician in the Natick/Framington MA area? Can anyone can help me out there? Please? Or the fact that I am moving into a new place sight-unseen (only husband was able to go apartment hunting)? Or the fact that the new place is 1/3 smaller than our current rented townhouse? Panic ensues.


I lurve movers! Of course, at this stage, with five kids, we have so much crap that it would take us 75 years to haul it all out of here without movers. It will all work out! Take a deep breath (or seven).

Marie Green

This is good, I think, getting the panicking out of the way now. Allot yourself the time, panic a little, and then get a good night's sleep. It's going to be fine. It's going to be fine. It's going to be fine.

Also, our (OLD) house has a slight old-house smell that was very strong when we first moved in. Now I only notice it when we've been gone for a long time and the house has been un-lived in for a week. I'm guessing that's the case with your place too. Airing out will do wonders.


I am also a card-carrying member of the ohmygoshmycarpetisblue?!?! club. Throw and/or area rugs are your new best friends. After a while, blue carpet becomes like a pair of dark-rinse blue jeans - an easy neutral in your palette. (c:

Happy New[old]House Week!


We don't have a coat closet either. It is my only problem with this house. But originally the fact that the boys' rooms are downstairs was also a problem. I had massive freak outs about it because 1.) they're all the way downstairs and 2.) I have a bit of a stair phobia. Mainly that I will fall down them. This phobia is based in reality as I could win an olympic gold in Stair Freestyling and that's just during the DAY when I'm walking at a normal pace! Not during the night when I'm half asleep, someone is screaming and I'm wearing jammie pants that are 4 inches too long. The best solution we've found is in the video baby monitor. It has been the key to my sanity because now I can see them even though I'm so far away. Well, that and making sure to pull up my pants to my neck before racing down the stairs when someone is crying.

Happy move week, friend! Just think of the SPACE!


everywhere smells weird when you first move in. that will be gone in no time.

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