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Today was going to kick my butt. I knew this when I went to bed, I knew it when I woke up, I could barely speak civilly to my husband because HE was going to be lounging about a classroom in a building of Higher Education while I took care of the kids, cleaned the house, cleaned up after the kids, took them out and KEPT them out until TWO FREAKING THIRTY when the last realtor was supposed to be gone. Useful information: my kids wake up at six, if I'm lucky, and I usually put them down for naps at twelve thirty. Two thirty is BEYOND pushing it.

The plan is basically to not HAVE the kids around on the weekends because it's IMPOSSIBLE to keep the house looking nice with them around. Well, I can deal with picking up the toys, it's the FLOORS. The crumbs and the footprints and the splatters and the play dough and spilled milk and oops, there goes the enormous spoonful of mac and cheese that was never going to fit in Molly's mouth anyway. 

But because I had a dentist appointment Friday morning and we have a dinner tonight and various other Schedule Issues, we decided it was best not to shove them off to grandparents and do our best on our own. 

So this morning I was hauling ASS. Cleaning bathrooms, hiding laundry, making beds, sweeping, swiffering, dusting, washing, running my gloved finger along the baseboard, not to mention picking up after the kids. I mean, when I'm scrubbing the kitchen, they have to be occupying themselves somehow, right? 

I'm running around, trying not to forget everything in the diaper bag or the flyers to leave out on the counter or the shoe covers, and are the lights on and the shades up, what about putting the jackets and the shoes away, do I have fruit snacks to keep them awake till two thirty... and we've finally gathered at the bottom of the stairs to put on our shoes and the door is open because THANK YOU GOD it was sixty freaking degrees out and Jack says, "Hey! Who's dat!"

I poke my head out the door and there is a familiar looking Chinese man standing in my neighbor's yard, but only familiar looking because he looks like he'd fit right in with FIL's crowd. And behind him are two very young Chinese kids. They look like the international students in my beloved NDCF. In a split second I've decided they're a very young and just married couple, their parents still live in Hong Kong, but the guy's father knows a local real estate agent - they probably went to junior high together, or he's some distant cousin - and THESE are the people who are going to buy my house. (My brain: leaping to conclusions in a single instant!)

But what are they doing here? As far as I know, no one is coming until the ultra convenient hour of TWO. 

I say hi, because I'm friendly. The agent (it's obvious he's an agent) says "Hello!" And, probably because I keep looking at him like, "Uh, so what are you doing here?" he launches into this loooong explanation about how he called my agent, but he didn't call me and honestly I barely understood a thing he said, which just cemented the FIL relationship even further. He was lucky I was 99% finished with my house and he only have to wait ten minutes, because then I'd be happy to let him and his buyers inside. 

I ducked back into the house to finish finding all the things I'd forgot, but we left the door open (sixty! degrees!) and they were still huddled on the corner and Jack was still anxiously hanging out on the door step and at one point he announced, loudly, to the neighborhood, "He looks like Ye Ye!" 

And the agent said, "What did he say?"

And I said, "He said you look like his grandfather!" which I thought was adorable, because I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING. And the agent laughed and I laughed and the very young couple tee heed into their hands and then I watched this very young and very adorable couple walk into my house while I strapped the kids into their car seats and I floated up a little prayer that they have a FIL who thinks this house is better than all the others, just like mine. 



I hope they are the people who are going to buy your house! If they do, you'll have to buy Jack a prize, as it is obvious that he sold it.


Fingers crossed!


Cutest story ever.


I love this story - so cute. We unpacked the last box today. I feel like I'm staying in a really nice hotel and I'm going to be kicked out at any second.

It is so weird.

ccr in MA

Ooh, let's call it a good sign, shall we? I hope so!


"tee heed into their hands" - HAAAAA. Hilarious. and also very accurate.


Oh my gosh I totally do that, writing backstories for people based on first impressions. So fun. :) I totally think your son just sold the house for you... you'll have to give him a cut. (He'd probably be willing to take it in fruit snacks or a similar form of currency)

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