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Thanks for all the nice things you said about my house. Me and my desperate for affirmation neuroses are all aflutter. However, since none of you are actually IN the market for a Seattle townhouse you are no good to me whatsoever. 

I have a mommybloggish post stewing in my brain, but I am EXHAUSTED (they said the "brokers' open" - an open house for agents - would last till 1:30, but when I came home with my crazy tired kids at 1:30, two more agents showed up and said, no, it goes till 2. Have I mentioned my kids usually take their naps at TWELVE thirty?) and also I have eaten about half the cookie dough I am storing in the fridge for Sudden Potential Buyer Appearances. I have eaten half of it (and I am not, unfortunately, exaggerating) because there haven't BEEN any Sudden Potential Buyer Appearances. 

BUT! I am tired of talking about my house. I bet you are tired of it too. So. Herewith: some really excellent things I've read this week, online and off. 

I just finished this article in the New Yorker today about how we treat depression (and mental illness in general, and I suppose that's the point of the article: is depression mental illness?) Is it a purely biological thing? Are pills the only/best answer? I've read a handful of these articles over the last couple years, mostly book reviews I think, and I find them FASCINATING. I can't decide what I think about this issue (and neither can the people who are supposed to be figuring it out) but I love reading about it. The bummer thing about most articles I read on this topic (and, now that I think of it, that article in the Atlantic a few months ago about the happiness study - also a good read) is that there's no discussion of the effect religion/spirituality has on psychological conditions. I don't know what that effect IS, if any, but I always think it's odd when a writer leaves it out of the article entirely. 

I finished the recent Atlantic article about how the recession will affect us at my parents' house over the weekend and HOO BOY was that depressing. Also in the FASCINATING category, but you'll need to go to the liquor store afterwards. 

I tore the Washington Diarist column (by Leon Wieseltier, who I don't normally like to read because he always seems to be competing in the Erudite Olympics) out of the February 18 New Republic. I was going to write about it, but I couldn't think of anything to say (surprise surprise). But I've kept it in my desk drawer and I THINK about responding to it. It's about the Haiti earthquake, but also about the existence of God, our collective reaction to disaster, suffering, fatalism and the [crappy] nature of men. GAH. Pretty intense and ultimately a total bummer of a read, yes, but (am I using this word too much?) FASCINATING. Also: short! I promise! 

WOW have I been reading DEPRESSING STUFF. 

My dad also emailed me Ten Rules For Writing Fiction which he found linked on Arts and Letters Daily, a FABULOUS spot for online reading. Basically it's a bunch of famous writers giving their ten rules, which aren't always that helpful. For example, Margaret Atwood's first rule is to take a pencil to write with on airplanes because pens leak. 

Oh, and I might as well link to MYSELF: tomorrow (Thursday) at Parenting you can read about my yesterday, which involves vaccinations, flu shots, screaming children and (of course) cookie dough. I [spoiler alert!] survive.



I'm bummed to see that at 8am EST the Parenting post isn't up, because my kid is heading to the Dr this morning for her 2 year annual and I wanted to see how you survived your own. :) And then I realized that I really needed to hurry up and get dressed because otherwise I'm going to be late. :)


That Atlantic article sounds fascinating, but you're right, I'll need fortifications before I can read it. Now is not the time. Maybe tonight!


Wait a minute! Is the "old lady" across the street selling her house?

I remember trying to sell our townhouse...not fun...but we did...and you will, too.


When do you have TIME to read these things? With the house on the market and all. I am very impressed.


I read an interesting article a while back about how our kids are going to be affected by the recession. http://www.newsweek.com/id/229959


Your post showed up brilliantly while I am going through finding various and sundry articles to present to my psychology classes. Thanks! :)

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