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It starts with a dishwasher and goes nowhere

Our first apartment didn't have a dishwasher. I didn't use the dishwashers in the apartments before that, since I never dirtied enough dishes at one time. And I grew up in Europe, where no one (at least then) had dishwashers in their weird little out-of-an-Ikea-box kitchens. In other words, I know how to wash a dish, and it's hardly my least favorite chore. No dishwasher, no problem.

Of course, this is my first dishwasher-less experience as the mother of two small children and HOLY HECK, Internet, not having a dishwasher is THE WORST.

It broke Friday morning. "La la la!" I sang to myself. "I am going to the Blathering! Phillip's problem! Phillip's problem!" But as far as I can tell, Phillip went above and beyond what was necessary to avoid washing a dish (hello refrigerator full of ancient leftovers!) and only got around to calling a repairman TODAY. And the repairman is not coming until NEXT WEEK.

Next week is suddenly feeling like next YEAR. I thought constant bottle washing was bad, but now I have sippy cups/toddler utensils/frillion little snack bowls/breakfast, lunch and dinner prep, and that's before I even get to MY dishes. I felt like I was constantly loading and unloading the dishwasher, but I can now confirm that task requires less than half the time needed to hand wash every little spoon. My hands are destroyed, my back hurts and all this dishwashing is seriously cutting into my internet time.


Oh, but I have MORE. I found the absolute most perfect office furniture (filing cabinet, wall shelf, small set of drawers) on Craigslist. The exact same color and style as Phillip's desk, almost new and about 90% off the original price. But I was too late. The furniture is gone. I'm now back to deciding between our old ugly stuff or shelling out the cash for exactly what I could have bought on Craigslist if I'd only been a day or two earlier. WAH.

IN ADDITION. I am having company for lunch and it just occurred to me that they might still be here when the cleaning service lady comes to check out my house and give me an estimate. Gak. There are about twenty-five embarrassing things going on in that one sentence, and that's before I tell you that I'm pretty sure I ruined what I'm serving for lunch. DOUBLE GAK.

AAAAND. I am in a ROTTEN mood due to the fact that Phillip has been messing around with TiFaux and suddenly we only have ONE tuner which means I can only record ONE show at a TIME. I hope I don't have to tell you that that is UNACCEPTABLE. Phillip keeps talking about acquiring another little box and dual tuners and I am all, "Didn't we HAVE dual tuners LAST WEEK?" and he is all, "Why don't you ever pay attention to me, woman? We are in the process of an UPGRADE" and I am all, "All 'upgrade' means to me is NOTHING WORKS" and... you're probably done with this little dialogue, aren't you. Sorry. All that to say: I haven't seen Grey's Anatomy OR The Office. WEEP.

I can't believe I'm about to publish this sorry excuse for a post, but I'm TIRED and it's getting LATE and my kids are STILL making noise and I have to watch the end of The Biggest Loser so I can find out if everyone hauls out their shotguns and puts Tracey back in the hospital where everyone liked her best.



I run the dishwasher twice a day sometimes. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT!


Yeah, I'd die without my dishwasher. It's a major point of contention in my family- my husband doesn't understand them and can't load it right. And my mother-in-law watches me load the dishwasher and makes comments like "if you use the dishwasher, then you can't use your dishes for more than an hour." I still don't understand why that's a problem!

I hope all the technology in your house starts cooperating soon.


Well, considering that we don't even have one TiVo, you're still one up on us! And for the love of Pete, woman, you've never heard of Hulu?


I am not done with that dialogue, I LIVE IT. GAH! Every freaking time the husband HAS to upgrade something, install something, download the latest yadda yadda? I know that it is going to break something and I am going to be the one put out by it. Drives me farking mad I tell you.

C @ Kid Things

Try not having a dishwasher with 3 kids. It's just as fun, if not moreso! Truth is, though, I've never had a dishwasher. I've never had TiVo, either.


I would be pissed about not having a dishwasher too. And I don't even have kids. AND not having all your shows to comfort you? Doesn't your husband know anything about how to TIME an upgrade? Messing with the DVR while the dishwasher is broken is like saying the office network will be unavailable between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

She Likes Purple

I could not live without a dishwasher. I should send you vodka to get you to next week.


I have 4 kids aged 4 and under. My dishwasher broke a couple of weeks ago and I went through withdrawal. I made my husband pay to overnight the part because I was so lost without it. Kids + dishwasher = happy mommy (making it near a necessity by my definition)


My dishwasher broke at Christmas, when I had a three week old baby and ten houseguests. I am still not over it.

We have the DVR in the living room with two tuners and the DVR in the bedroom with one. Three tuners is just barely enough for us to get everything we want. (WHY must things be on all at the same time?)


Same thing goes for a microwave. You don't know what you've got...til' it's gone (what 80's rock band sang that?). It's hard to make (easy) mac n cheese without a microwave. I have a 10-2 window today...yeah me!


Oh how I feel your pain. I run my dishwasher at least once a day.


For the first 2.5 years of my married life, I had no dishwasher (well, there was one in our apartment, but it put sand and silt on everything, so we used it for a large drying rack instead. When we bought the house, it didn't have a dishwasher. BUT when we got pregnant, I insisted that we figure out a way to install the barely-used dishwasher my mom had given us when she had her kitchen remodeled. I am so glad we did it - there is no way I could keep the kitchen remotely clean without it.


No dishwasher? Um,that would be automatic eating out or paper plates, until further notice. Because I care about the earth *that much*.

And that dialog about the upgrade? I'm right there with ya. Hubby tells me he wants to put new software on my computer and I'm like "NO! Don't TOUCH it!" I don't care if I'm running software from 1997, I know what it does and it WORKS!

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