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Seven quick Big Questions. Sort of.

In which I actually follow up!

I thought I'd try out this new idea where if I don't have anything to write about on my blog I just... don't write anything. But I've decided that's no fun. I mean, I might be waiting FOREVER.

Phillip is working. I think he is rebooting a server? That's what he's usually doing when he has to "do work" at 9:45 at night. But that's okay, I'm frantically trying to finish a photo book on Shutterfly before my coupon expires in the next two hours and 15 minutes. I love this photo book thing. I know it's not the cheapest route, but DUDE is it easy. And, you know, much nicer than my scrapbooking abilities would produce. I just captioned one of the photos: "Viva Las Vegas!" So you know in 15 years my kids are going to pull it out and look at the pictures and go, "GAAAAAWD Mom, you are SO LAME." Except there will be another word for lame, and I don't know what it will be and I'm SURE I won't know then. 

So you are probably wondering why I'm over here dorking around if I'm supposedly finishing this photo book thing, and the reason is: the photo uploader. I'm doing the Picasa to Shutterfly trick and it's only slightly faster than the regular uploader, which is about the speed of me running lines. Which is SLOW. Sigh. I think all this photo stuff would be fun if I didn't have to sit around waiting for things to scan and upload and resize. Oh wait. It's finished. Back later.

It is now later. Don't you love it when people are all "JUST A SEC!" in the middle of a post, and then they come back and write some more, but it's not like YOU went anywhere and you wonder why they even bothered to SAY anything. Yeah, I hate that.

Oh, I know what I can tell you about. Those books I checked out of the library. Ahem.

1. In The Woods by Tana French. MOST EXCELLENT. Until the last chapter or so when you realize you're not going to get what you want and you entertain dark and gruesome fantasies of what you might do should you encounter Tana French in the woods. 

2. The Luxe by Anna Godbersen. LOVE. You kinda have to be into YA lit or teenage romance or Gossip Girl, but since I am all of those things this book was a very quick, very fun, very crushworthy read. And now I'm on the second book and after that I'll probably read the third book and then I don't know what I'll do because I don't believe there is a fourth book. HORRORS.

3. The Miracle Detective by Randall Sullivan. PEOPLE. This book. Gah. Super fascinating. I love reporters who go into a project thinking one thing and finish in a completely different place. 90% of this book is about Medjugorje so if you're not into that, go ahead and skip. But I learned a lot of history, a lot of science, a lot about the church and, most interestingly for me, a lot about the social aftermath of "miracles". My brain was twisted in all different directions, which is always fun, don't you think? And pretty much the entire time I'm reading I'm also thinking, "Holy CRAP, I had NO IDEA THIS WAS HAPPENING." Not the apparitions so much as the details of the war in Bosnia. I mean, that IS the reason my family got to move back to Italy in 1995, so my parents could teach the frillion new kids living on the base where the planes bombing Bosnia lived. It's horrifying. This book puts you in a bit of an apocalyptic mindset, I think. Don't you want to just rush out and devour it?!

The only book I'm reading now is Rumors, the book that comes after Luxe. But I discovered something: I like reading. Well, I've always liked reading. What I mean is: when I have good books lying around I choose to hang out with them over 1) exercising 2) eating 3) sleeping 4) taking care of my children and, most shockingly, 5) the internet. SRSLY. And I was staying up waaaaay too late. Yay, Library! Now that I've figured out how to actually use you, think of all things I am never going to accomplish!

Aaaand this concludes the millionth entry in the Pointless Post series. I'm going to bed. Sort of. I do, after all, have a book to read. 

P.S. I took your cake comments into consideration. Also the email from Nessa in which she seemed rather concerned for my mental health should I undertake the cake pop project. Believe me, I AM ALSO CONCERNED. But I have scheduled it out, acquired an assistant and am working on the Flexible and Just Having Fun! Frame of Mind. It will be a stretch, but I have a few days to get there. And never fear- I shall report back!



Amen sister. I posted a to do list today 'cause I was just itching to post something. Anything apparently.

Angela Noelle

Oh man, I wish I could get a library card... Note to self, when buying next house ensure that it is within a library district and will not charge and arm and leg for library card!

As for the cake pops, I have heard from a number of sources (that are not future pastry chefs) that they are really quite easy. I mean, unless you try to turn them into cats... I think that would be kind of not easy. But the pops themselves, easy. And I can vouch for the deliciousness!!


I do that when I have books around too. What, you want to watch more cartoons? Cool. My poor daughter.


I did the same thing yesterday with the photo book. I spent ALL day working on the darn thing. I did the first 6 months of my daughter's life and let me tell you, it is SO hard to pick what photos will make it into the book! Aren't they awesome though?


So have you read the Gossip Girl books? Are they any good? Because I like the show more than I should probably admit and I've wondered about the books.


I'm really trying this 5-days-a-week-post thing on my own blog, and girl! I don't know how you do it! I'm pretty consistent at 4 times per week, though! Not too shabby, I think!

Anyhow - have you read the Something Borrowed, et al books by Emily Giffin? Totally pop lit, but fun, nonetheless. My BFF gave me one for my birthday after reading them herself (she bought this book new, it wasn't used, but I really don't care) and I am enjoying it.

I also discovered Christian author Karen Kingsbury recently (see my blog - a week or two ago, I think) and I think you'd like her books, too.

How do you get these photobook coupons? I'm dying to do one (12?) but I think I'll need the coupon to justify it to my darling budget-conscious hubby.

Thanks for posting - I missed you yesterday!


I really want to do one (or lots) of those photo books, but I haven't gotten around to it. Maybe you'll do some for me?

C @ Kid Things

I would probably print out a lot more photos if I didn't have to wait around for them to upload. Well, no, actually probably not. Because there's still the whole browsing through thousands of image files, editing them all, and then uploading.

Sarah in Ottawa

I shall have to try "The Luxe" - it sounds right up my alley. I read Meg Cabot (from the library) on occasion, but I've found her stuff hit and miss. One that I loved recently was "Pants on Fire". Oh, books. I must have 8 on the go. God bless our library, and the branch within walking distance. It loans out new release movies, too - I just picked up "Rachel Getting Married" for free. Gotta love free!

morgan s

I am reading the Miracle Detective right now. Pheow....tough reading, the horrible things countries do each other. But it is a fascinating read. Also, Book 4 (the final one) of The Luxe comes out any day now!

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