Off we go
In which we get there. Eventually.

In Summary

I don't even know what to say, you guys. Yesterday was... KERAZY. There are so many ELEMENTS that make up the KERAZY a true How We Got To Vegas post would take up the entire internet. 

First there was the Parking Garage Mix Up.

Then there was the Flight Time Mix Up. 

Then there was the Driving To The Hotel Mix Up. 

Then there was the Hotel Parking Mix Up, combined with an Are We Even At The Right Hotel Mix Up.

Then there was the Hotel Room MIx Up.

Then there was figuring out when and how to get to dinner. This took a good half hour, and is worthy of its own entry. 

Then there was the Casino Valet Parking MIx Up. 

And we went to bed thinking it couldn't possibly be more mixed up today. TODAY WILL BE BETTER.

It has to be, because you should see where we're staying. And if we get around to uploading pictures you WILL. This place is insane. It's some time share vacation club property thing and my brother and sister-in-law used up all their points or whatever to snag us all AMAZING ROOMS. We have a suite, which is actually a suite plus another ROOM. So we have TWO huge jetted tubs, two bedrooms, a living room, bathrooms with multiple rooms and a kitchen nicer than any apartment I've ever seen, with freaking granite countertops. The only complaint I have is that the hotel staff appears to be down on trash cans. Where I am supposed to toss the diapers?

I think my favorite part was getting to the hotel. I will have to write about that later when I have time to do it justice. I will have to break a few Blog Policies, but I doubt my in-laws will be reading my blog on vacation. Right? 

So this is just to say: We are here. We are in some fancy digs. We slept well. We have grand plans for swimming. And after the kids go to bed we're going out with SIL and BIL to dinner and a show and I'm sure there will be much raucous discussion of Yesterday. I will make sure to add, several times, that I have more sense of direction in my little finger than the entirety of the Cheung Family.



So many mix-ups! I would like details, please. But in the meantime, I'm glad everything is going well!


I cannot wait to hear all of these stories. You do not have permission to taunt me with them and then not tell them.


I'm so glad you made it there- was wondering how things were going for you guys all day yesterday.


I am very much looking forward to hearing about this. I thought of you often yesterday, trying to figure out how you were getting along.

C @ Kid Things

Sounds like the suite completely makes up for any mixups.


I can't wait to hear more. Vegas is my hometown, and I love to see what people think :)

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