Feeding your family, at least, the ones who are willing to eat
In which I actually follow up!

Fruits and kitties

This is when I write something terribly profound and moving and inspiring, but I'm actually just killing time before I jet over to a friend's house. This is my newish and preferred mode of socializing these days: weeknight-after bedtime-get togethers. I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out. Maybe because most of the time I'm so tired after the kids go to bed I can't bear the idea of putting on real clothes and leaving the house. But it works really well for us. Phillip doesn't feel deserted in the witching hour with two children and I still get to have some grown up time. He occasionally goes out for his own fun, but I'm married to one of those minimal people-seers. I believe this is part of the male DNA? Maybe once a month, maybe less, Phillip emails The Guys and suggests a movie he knows I will never agree to see, with a detour at IHOP before heading home. Yes, IHOP. We are GOOD TIMES, people.

Anyway. I've got a friend who's suddenly single parenting for a week and heading over to her house to help her finish homemade peach pie is the least I can do, right?

Speaking of peaches, Phillip and I are waiting with Bated Breath for these delectable lumps of scrumptiousness known as Rama (as in the farm, I think, is called Rama) Peaches. A few years ago his old boss told us about these famous peaches, appearing for one weekend only at the U District farmers' market. We bought a flat, of course, and I'm not really one to wax rhapsodic over fruit, but WOWIE. These were amazing peaches. So then we bought some last year, with a weeks' old Molly in tow. I'm following the local farmers' market organization on Twitter (LOVE TWITTER) and they keep advertising where the Rama Peaches will appear each weekend. They have yet to make it to a farmers' market near me, but when they DO, I'm inviting all of you for peach cobbler. Then you will die happy. 

Watermelon is my favorite fruit. Is it even a real fruit? It's more like sugary water. And it's so sugary I've stayed away from it for the last two years because it's got, like, giant red circles and angry faces all around it in my low glycemic cookbook. SIGH. I'm realizing I didn't even eat the watermelon at the family reunion this weekend because it's so ingrained in me: DO NOT EAT THE WATERMELON. But really. Watermelon + Maggie = 4Ever. I recall many a summer in the backyard feasting on watermelon and spitting out the seeds at my brother when my parents weren't looking.

Man, this blawg is going downhill. Not that it was ever really going uphill, but you'd think I'd shoot for something more interesting than these random String Of Consciousness paragraphs. How about tomorrow: tomorrow I will write Something of Substance. HA. Suggestions? Perhaps a manifesto on my favorite vegetable, the French Fry?

I finally sent an email about Molly's birthday party today. (SORRY MOM.) I think that means I need to make a cake. I want to make a Hello Kitty cake. Not because Molly loves Hello Kitty, but because *I* love Hello Kitty and what if wait till Molly can ask for a Hello Kitty cake but it turns out she's one of those girls who'd rather die than be seen anywhere near a Sanrio store and threatens to boycott her own party if I make a Hello Kitty cake? My heart will break into a zillion tiny pieces. UNFORTUNATELY: the future pastry chef is out of town this weekend and therefore is unavailable for tending to 1) the inevitable disaster of a cake and 2) her sister's inevitable breakdown over the disaster of the cake. Anything other than a box cake in a 9x13 glass dish is unwise.

And you know what I want to do when the playgroupers come over? Make these. AMBITIOUS MUCH? It's like I'm TRYING to give myself a panic attack before our Disney trip. No really. When I am going to make the CAKE let alone the CAKE POPS?



Yes, make the cake pops! So, so cute! You could make a 9X13 glass dish cake and stick the Hello Kitty cake pops into it. Two birds, one stone!

I don't think you are going downhill. Of course, I'd happily read the manifesto about the french fry.


I hate watermelon. I don't know what's wrong with me. But apparently this is a good thing?


I'll come over some evening and help with the cake pops! But only if you let me watch Mad Men while we do it! :D


Caroline loves watermelon, too. I do too, but i haven't had much since she discovered it because, well, she eats it all!
I feel the same way you were describing your cake choice about her halloween costumes - I want to choose her costumes now because what if she doesn't want to BE a ballerina when she's old enough to protest? I'll never get my ballerina.

Write what you want - we're not going anywhere. I will still check and read your blog 5-6 days a week, no matter what.


Those cake pops are super adorable, but wouldn't hello kitty sugar cookies be less panic attack inducing?


On the topic of the Husband and the lack of social engagements, I think it may also have to do with the "tech" type of guy. I have one of those too and he's also not a big people-seer. He prefers to play "let's build a new computer and make it AWESOME" than spend an evening with friends. I suppose it works because his friends are all tech-types too.

P.S. I was also the proud recipient of a TiFaux a few years ago...until I was sick of him always tinkering with it and deleting my precious shows. We now bow down to the DirecTV gods.


Love the idea of going out after kids in bed - I usually wouldn't feel like it either but every now and then - to dress up in something that makes me feel like a woman rather than just a mommy. To take an 8:00 class or bookclub.... I'm going to do that. Thanks for the idea.

I'm a new reader - found you from The Parenting blogs.com. I'm enjoying your writing.


Admission: I'm 31 years old and I love Hello Kitty. I have a HK keyboard that I am typing on RIGHT now. And a HK mouse pad. I may even own a pair of HK underwear (that I've never actually worn, so don't roll your eyes at me!):)

Anywho....I think the HK cake would be great - and not too hard! A circle with little triangles stuck on for ears. And a bow made of icing. You should do it!

(And for the record, no, I'm not Asian!)

Sarah in Ottawa

I am such a sucker for summer fruits and vegetables. There's an organic farm in the Ottawa greenbelt and it and its fruit stand are only 5 mins from my house. Mmm - produce. How is your garden going?

I LOVE the after-bedtime outings. Except that I am a nerd and I use this time to run errands and grocery shop. Most stores are empty and it is so much faster.

Good luck with the cake making! Teddy is being baptized this weekend and I am not even attempting a cake. Cake purchase, here I come!


Watermelon is good for you it has lycopene :)



Oh! Maggie! Check out this website - cakecentral.com they have photo galleries of the cakes that people have made...from really awful to professional....and you can search for hello kitty or starwars or cars or nemo or YOU NAME IT THEY HAVE IT. Maybe it will give you some good ideas.

And Also? MOLLY'S BIRTHDAY PARTY? I take this to mean that she has now been around for a whole entire year?

Good grief. When did that happen.

Kate P

My sister informed me that our five year old niece has fallen in love with Hello Kitty. I'm glad she is in good company!

The cake pops are so detailed! How do people come up with these things?

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