This will be quick
In which I reduce Easter to More Stuff. Oh, and chocolate too.

A Delicious Seven Takes

I'm nervous about what Easter is going to do to Hot By Thirty. I can easily drown out the voice that shrieks, "LOOK! BREAD!" but I am a slave to the voice that trills, "A SOLID CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNY? DON'T MIND IF I DO!" No seriously. I have ALREADY eaten Jack's Easter candy- I broke into it specifically to snarf it down during naptime. Most days I don't have solid chocolate Easter bunnies in my house, you know, so Easter just might kill me. I'm going to be just like those dorks on the Biggest Loser who ate 15 cupcakes for a stupid so-not-worth-it prize. Seriously, what a bunch of IDIOTS.

That said, let's discuss exactly what we are doing for Easter. Which is going to my parents' house and feasting on turkey and broccoli casserole and weird jello salads and sweet potatoes etc. And now a whole bunch of you look confused because, um, isn't that THANKSGIVING FOOD? Why yes, yes it is. Apparently my mother decided to have Thanksgiving for Easter, since my brother was deployed for his favorite holiday.

Maybe Hot By Thirty won't be so doomed- I don't really like Thanksgiving dinner.

Except! I volunteered to make some treats for the Easter Vigil reception, which means I am going to get my sweet fix on a whole two days early. I mean, can YOU resist cookie dough? I was going to make Easter bunny sugar cookies, but then I realized I have to frost them and I HATE frosting sugar cookies (the first two or three are fun, but after that SHOOT ME) and Future Pastry Chef Sister is not available to talk me down from my powdered sugar ledge. So now I'm thinking some other kind of cookie (lemon bars!) (oatmeal raisin!) (HELP) that I don't have to decorate.

Which reminded me of the cookie my family used to eat every Easter when my grandma was still doing stuff in the kitchen. They're called ginette and made out of Italian sawdust. You either love them or hate them- plain dry cookies with a dollop of pastel-colored frosting. I happen to love them, but it's true that you need an entire pot of coffee to wash down each cookie.


Beat 5 eggs. When foamy, gradually add 1 cup sugar.
Add: 1 stick melted butter, 1/2 cup canned milk, 2 tbsp vanilla
Then add: 5 cups flour (WAS NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE COFFEE, PEOPLE) and 5 tbsp baking poswer

Knead a few minutes. Shape into small doughnuts. (Warning: this was hard. It made me ALMOST swear never to eat them again. Unless someone else made them, of course.)

Place close together on a baking sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for 6 minutes.


Powdered sugar, canned milk, vanilla, butter. Of course I have no measurements for any of those things, so, you know, mix and add till desired consistency. Which should be frosting-ish.

I found another recipe here. It's similar. I bet mine is better. If you like Italian sawdust.

I had an interesting Lent, which I may or may not write about. I don't know. I'm not going to Good Friday mass tonight, which is weird. Should I watch it on TV or something? I'm hoping for a low key, happy baby day. So far so good, and I'll see you ten chocolate-related pounds from now.



I think I gained 5 pounds just reading your post! Happy Easter to you guys!


Ya I had a really good week, all kinds of progress and then seriously it's just been chocolate chocolate chocolate EVERYwhere since 6 pm yesterday. I even got an email from my boss today inviting us to his office for chocolate. Mehh, it IS Easter.

Sarah in Ottawa

Ginette sounds a lot like my Nonna's Chambele, though hers do not have the frosting. You are so not kidding about the dry texture! I will eat them, but they are not my favourite of her Easter things. Sadly, I will not be able to partake in the Italian Easter feast as the baby and I are both sick (and travel is not in the cards during 'Baby's first cold'.

Good luck resisting the chocolate! I, too, will attempt to hold off since I have pretty much lost all the baby weight (at 11 weeks postpartum?). I am attributing it to the VICIOUS oversupply, because I have done NO EXERCISE, though that is about to change. I look forward to chiming in on HbT!


Easy, non-decorating cookies: those peanut butter ones with the kisses on the top. Delicious and they look fancy without all the work of frosting. I only make them if I'm going to give them away though because the recipe I have makes like a million. Seriously, it makes like 9 dozen. It's crazy.


I manage to not eat cookie dough by looking closely at how slimy and gross looking the raw eggs are when they go in. I have to imagine them cooked before I can eat them.

I didn't notice that was Thanksgiving food until you pointed it out. It sounded perfectly logical to me. (And delicious. I LOVE Thanksgiving food.)

Kate P

"Thanksgiving food"--yeah, that is! My mom must've picked up on the vibe because she made mashed potatoes and that's not a typical Easter thing at all for us. Weird.

You don't need me to tell you that you're free to observe Good Friday in your own way, especially when you've got family obligations. :) Happy Easter, Maggie & family!

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