I am now going to spend entirely too much time deciding on MY favorite character
What is it they say about Catholics? Something about GUILT?

Obviously I need to get out more

I took Molly to the doctor today and spent some time explaining Molly's frat boy lifestyle to the doctor. The doctor was all, "Well DUH she's obviously OVERTIRED" and I was all, "DUH, I read that book TOO" and possibly there was some totally transparent and embarrassing-in-retrospect posturing on my part because it's not like I can have my doctor think I might not KNOW something. I don't want to look like a stupid fluff-for-brains stay-at-home-MOM.

INSECURE, MUCH? Jeez, self. Drink some wine already.

So this afternoon I let Molly sleep as long as she wanted and do you know how long that was? Nearly five hours. FIVE. HOURS. And then I am 99% sure she was ready to go back to sleep two hours later, but silly me I tried to change her diaper first and completely missed that thirty-second window of opportunity. However! I kept on keeping on and tonight is the first night my girl has gone to bed before ten. That beautiful ethereal sound you hear is ANGELS SINGING.

I am fully expecting to be woken up before I finish this post. OOOH, DRAMATIC TENSION!

And while we're waiting for that, I will tell you who my favorite TV character is. Because I spent an awful lot of time thinking about it. The answer is:

YEAH RIGHT. Here is my list of Favorite [Current] TV CharacterS. PLURAL.

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I didn't like Gossip Girl when it first aired, mostly because I am SO OVER the wild rich kid thing, but then Blair goes on about how hard it is to find minions and acts like a twenty-first century Amber-from-Clueless around boring Dan Humphrey and I start to swoon. She gets all the best lines. I'd list Chuck as well if he did anything other than squint and brood and disappoint Blair all the time. Stop making Blair cry!

Kevin from Brothers & Sisters.
I read some review somewhere that complained Kevin is too whiny and bitchy and may I just say that this is why I love him? HE gets the best lines on that show. I sometimes don't get the interactions between the Walker siblings, but I always believe Kevin. (Special note of concern: What are they doing with Amy Abbott? Why are they making her so irritating and boring? Remember when Amy Abbott went all hysterical about the hooker thong? THAT WAS AWESOME. I mean, she can do something other than provide reasons for tedious scenes with Holly. Ugh.)

Barney from How I Met Your Mother. Everyone loves Barney, as evidenced by the comments, Saturday Night Live and the show turning him into a Hopeless Romantic.

Ummm, Everyone on Mad Men? Can I do that? Especially Don and Pete and Joan and Francine, but not so much with Betty.

Andrea on Samantha Who. The show is sort of dorky sweet, but Andrea (and Samantha's mom, now that I think of it) are the funny ones. Are you noticing a trend? The sassy characters with the good lines? I think they're the characters *I* would want to play were I an Actress with any sort of Talent.

Marc and Amanda on Ugly Betty. The writers on this show must have the best time with these two. There were a couple of Marc- and Amanda-centric episodes earlier this season and they were so. good. They've always been evil but now they're evil with a little bit of human thrown in and I LOVE IT.

I KNOW there are more, but Molly is squeaking and I'm having trouble remembering my many many television loves.

Oh wait! Special You-Are-Awesome Bonus! PHILLIP'S Favorite TV Characters!

Admiral Adama from Battlegeekistar Galactigeek. Quoth Phillip, "Because he's tough and in command."

Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales. "Because he loves his lips."

This is why Phillip doesn't do the blogging around here.

Aaaaand, there she goes. I'm back on baby duty. See ya



I can't believe I forgot Ugly Betty on my list. Good call, Marc and Amanda are fabulous!

Congrats on the 5 hour nap. I hope Molly settles in to a better routine soon that allows you some rest too!


Love Mark and Amanda but Betty and los Suarezes are beginning to grate, no? I think I'm just dumbfounded by the writers' decision to make it seem as if anybody trying to succeed is a terrible, neglectful, superficial prat.

I would kill for Molly's sleeping habits. Kill.


I don't WATCH any of these shows so I can't relate. Nobody on House? No? Damn.


So I had Barney (one of yours) and Adama (one of Phillips)and we live in the same time zone (I'm in So Cal) so our TV's are the same on Monday and Friday nights. EMBBRACE THE GEEKINESS! It's a good show!


Ack! I don't watch any of those shows. (My husband hogs the TV.) Can we still be friends? Matt just bought me How I Met Your Mother on DVD (all three seasons!) because he said I would like it.


Barney is good... he's definitely gotten better over the past seasons: i.e. less cheesy and more funny.

I am so jealous of your sleeper child. Van will not sleep today. WTH?!?!?!?!? I am seriously at my wits end. I may just take a nap with him because for some reason, he has decided co-sleeping is the way to go! bah.


"She had a beard...and it felt weird!"

Yeah. Loving Larry the Cucumber these days.


You crack me up - "That beautiful ethereal sound you hear is ANGELS SINGING." HA. I woke up last night at 3:30 and realized my daughter had been asleep for 7 hours straight. Of course I had to go check on her to make sure she was still breathing. She was, and I accidentally woke up her. Oh well.

AND Marc and Amanda on Ugly Betty have always been my favorites too. Hilarious!

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