Global warming my ass
Hark the herald angels sing / Snow will ruin everything

It doesn't show signs of stopping

I know you're probably all sick of the blogger types in the Pacific Northwest going all Snowpocalypse on you, but DOOOOOOODS. This is nuts. And it's supposed to snow more tonight, which: YAY. CHRISTMAS IS CANCELED.

Phillip and I can't remember the last time it snowed like this. We both have pictures of ourselves as very small people playing in heaps of snow, but it's not like we remember that. Every year we have one or two snowfalls and breathless local news reporters film their segments on some hill downtown while cars slide into each other. People "work from home" and there's excitement in the air and everyone talks wistfully about a white Christmas. But it almost always melts by morning and we're back to our same old same old dreary gray rain. The end. So this - this inches and inches and INCHES of snow for DAYS ON END - is totally something else. It'd be nice if, you know, a rather important holiday wasn't coming up, the kind where people like to visit family. My family has now put off Christmas till Saturday. YIPPEE.

That actually doesn't bother me too much (I'm all for prolonging the present getting as long as possible) but I AM starting to get a little stir crazy. It's been me and the boy and the baby in this house for way too many dull-as-dirt hours. Yes, we've had our bit of fun outside (he FINALLY agreed to try on the mittens and the boots last night, and then screamed when I made him come inside for dinner) but it's freaking COLD out there (sorry Midwest, I know you've got your subzero temps, and I would surely die if subjected to that) and also, there's just only so much you can DO. We can't even make a proper snowman because the snow is too powdery. We delivered cookies to the neighbors and cajoled my sister into visiting more times that she really wanted to, but I am going through Target withdrawal here, people. THINGS ARE GETTING DESPERATE.

I am running out of ways to entertain us. We have found all the Santas on the tree. We have identified all the babies in the Christmas cards. (Hi Eli! Hi Camilla! Hi Asher!) We have read the Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer book 837 times. Today I think we might make some fudge, but I'm out of ideas. Even if Jack cooperated on getting out of the house, the snow is too deep for him to walk anywhere and the stroller gets stuck.

AND I've been forced to snack on Christmas cookies since I'm too much of a wuss to drive to the grocery store and stock up. If I am not Hot By Thirty I am blaming the snow.

Anyway. That's what's going on in my neighborhood. We're going to try and drive down to my mom's tomorrow anyway, even though our rollicking Christmas Eve has been postponed. I have to get out of here. Anyone own a helicopter?



Yay for snow! Boo for being cooped up with kids. I went to college in the Midwest and not for one second do I miss the winters!


I made it out for two whole hours today on foot. Without the kid for most of the time, thankfully, because pushing the stroller through the snow and slush when he was with me about did me in.

I made banana bread today. Yesterday i dusted my baseboards. Running out of activities. Ethan has played with every toy he owns. Which means we're going to have to open presents very early tomorrow to get him some new toys if it snows anymore.



I think the home boundedness hit everyone at the same time. All my Portland mom friends are emailing saying "I CAN'T DO THIS ANY LONGER!"
Eli says hi back :)
I'm trying to think of my most fun in the house idea. Standing on a chair turning on and off the lights? Sesame Street? Sitting in the sink running water on yourself? Watching truck races on You Tube? Dancing around to loud music in the living room?


I have been entertaining the 2 yr old in my life by hooking him around the belly with a giant yard ornament candy cane. It's a big hit, and I can do it while lying on the couch.

Yay you for your consistent blogging over the holidays. Muchas gracias.

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