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In case you didn't understand how much I love TV

The Silent Fashion Assassin

You don't know how embarrassed I am to say this but I missed the Project Runway finale.

IN FACT! I didn't even REALIZE I'd missed it till I got Leticia's comment. FOR SHAME.

My TiFaux is oh so sadly still broken. WEEKS ago we had a wind storm and a power outage and poof! There went my best friend. I've tried my very darndest not to complain too much to The Management because he is busy with his Real Job and also pitching in with the care of two temperamental small people. I didn't want to be all, "FIX MY TIFAUX OR I SHALL DIE." Or even, "I can only watch one show at 8:30 pm on Thursday. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT THE OTHER FOURTEEN SHOWS?" I do, Internet. I really do try my very best not to be a Big Fat Nag, but oh GOD the TRAUMA.

Phillip quietly told me how much parts for my new TiFaux would cost and I said, "Do you not think I would sell a kidney?" So the parts were purchased and Phillip is slowly bandaging up the TiFaux downstairs, while I watch shows in real time (HORROR) and completely miss out on pretty much everything that takes place when Jack is going to bed and the dinner dishes need to be washed up and Molly is spitting up over the entire living room. WHICH WOULD BE EVERYTHING.

But! I am nothing if not industrious, Internet! I ran to my trusty laptop (think of what I would do if my LAPTOP died?!) and looked up when the finale would show again because you know Bravo does nothing except show marathon after marathon of old shows. It aired again last night, and I made sure to tune in, and now I can give you my Very Important And Much Anticipated Opinion:


Everyone was saying this season was so boring, but I didn't really think so. Maybe because I like it when everyone is nice to each other? Kenley provided some drama towards the end, but it wasn't Awesome Drama, like Wendy Pepper, or even Santino. I eventually wanted to hook Kenley up with a good therapist and a nice cocktail.

Anyway, my favorite designer made it to the end: Leeanne, the Silent Fashion Assassin. And my second favorite, Korto, made it too, so I wasn't disappointed. Kenley should have been booted after she attempted "hip hop" so Kenley wasn't even for real. For me. Whatever.

So blah blah blah runway show. There were a couple things I liked in Kenley's collection, but I didn't Get It. Korto's was not my thing. And Leeanne's I appreciated as Art, but not necessarily Clothes Someone Could Wear. (Well, maybe a few, but not anyone bigger than those models, let me tell ya.) After listening to the judges give their spiels I was pretty sure Korto was the winner. But no! The Silent Fashion Assassin prevailed! Whoo!

I loved how Kenley was all, "Hmm, should have watched my attitude," when she found out Tim Gunn was replacing La Lopez as guest judge. (Which: good on you, PR honchos. Tim Gunn is the best thing about your show.)

But still: Meh. I wasn't wowed or in love with any of the clothes. (Not that I am into clothes. Seriously. I could totally use a few days with Tim. I just like SHOWS about clothes. See: PR, Rachel Zoe, Gossip Girl.) You didn't come away feeling like Leeanne was going to make it big (not until she at least does something about those bangs). You DID come away hoping that Lifetime can freshen up the show, while still keeping the bits that make it awesome. Which would be Tim Gunn.

We'll see, eh?

Speaking of clothes, I've got about 40 loads of laundry to do and heaps of baby clothes that need to be sorted, put away or shlepped to Goodwill. Later!



We have the DVRs through our satellite company. Plus we have one in the living room and one in the bedroom, just so that I don't die if one goes out.


I totally thought Korto was going to win! I wonder if the show will still feel the same on another network - you're right though, without Tim it wouldn't even be worth watching!
:) Becky


Thank goodness your TiFaux is getting fixed. Its one of those things that has become a NECESSITY now. Mine is through my cable company and get this... it records 4 shows at ONCE and allows you to view any of the recorded shows from ANY box in the house. I cannot even tell you my joy.

The finale...I actually really, really liked Kenley's looks because they were funky and playful but I couldn't STAND her attitude...so I did not want her to win. I was SOOO happy to see Tim be the judge.

I really didn't think it would be Leanne. All her looks really did seem the same to me, until they pointed out that she showed shorts and pants and skirts and dresses. Maybe the fact that they were all white and blue and too wavy made them all look the same. Then again, cohesive? Korto's looks were awesome. I thought she would win.

Holy crap, did you see the SHOULDERs on the model that wore Leanne's wedding dress? They were..."off" somehow. Big, bony, "off".

Thanks for the review. :o)


Dude, I so cannot believe you have a newborn and no tivo. That is not right.

I heard that Leanne's clothes looked way cooler in person than on tv, and I could appreciate them as sort of being art, and I did like her best, but eh. The whole thing was aqua!
That being said I loved Korto's clothes and I would have worn almost every single thing she put down that runway.
Let us not speak of Kenley. Boo Urns.


hmmm, we only had fake xbox tivo for a month before it died and it was no bigs for us. the other day though, when we thought our laptop died, well THAT was a catastrophe. Thank goodness it was just being temperamental and is now back in full form.

Kate P

I'll give you a little sympathy, but not much, b/c I have a *VCR* that is PART of TV so I can't record anything other than what I'm watching. Virtually pointless. And there was so much going on that night--PR, debate, National League Championships--I think people didn't know what to watch. I was totally prepared for a Korto win, b/c I wasn't sure why they'd let her in the final after that mess of a wedding dress. But good for Leanne. It was kind of a low-key ending for the show as it limps over to Lifetime.

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